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Chapter 22 – Judo Class (2)

“When school was over, I saw you glaring fiercely at our Teacher Qin!”

While saying this, Jiang Zishen was staring at Fu Zhihuans face without blinking and his voice was crisp and clear.

“The girls in our class said that when boys are jealous, they will do that!”


Fu Zhihuan laughed.  It seemed to be just a casual question.


Jiang Zishen was at a loss when he was asked this question.  He rolled his eyes and then raised his chin proudly.

“In the future, youre not allowed to treat me so fiercely like just now, or else, Ill tell Sister Wen Ruan about this!”

Finally, he had successfully gotten hold of something against this great demon king in his journey of growing up!

However, Fu Zhihuan let out a laugh and his eyes narrowed slightly but the expression on his face was surprisingly calm.

A while later, Fu Zhihuan shouted.  “Simon…….”


“In the judo class last time, you instigated Xiao Pang and Xiao Zhuang to fight.  While Zhao Zichen went to mediate the fight, you went to the toilet to play “King of Glory and also shared your teams record on my WeChat.”


“Then you lost four games in a row and that night you posted dirty words in your circle of friends but you forgot to hide it.  Sorry, I took a screenshot.”


“By the way, I also discovered that in your screenshots of several games, theres a girl avatar and youre using a couple ID.”


“And that girl is the one who went home with you in my car last week.”

Fu Zhihuan lowered his voice and said slowly.  “Today, I saw her holding the hand of a tall boy in a checkered shirt and they were going home together.”


Jiang Zishens pupils shrank and he froze on the spot as if struck by lightning.

It was about three seconds later that he recovered from the tremendous grief.  He lowered his head and kept kicking the ground with a depressed look.

“Child, have you learned to threaten me”


Fu Zhihuan stood up then flicked Jiang Zishens forehead with his index finger and said calmly.

“Well, this is called jealousy.”

Jiang Zishens mood became visibly gloomy.

He drooped his head without saying a word and at the same time, he tightened the belt around his waist.  Then he turned around in silence and walked out of the locker room.

He seemed quite traumatized.

Fu Zhihuan looked at his retreating back view and the corners of his lips lifted as he leaned against the wall lazily but did not follow up.

It was until Jiang Zishens figure had disappeared from view that Fu Zhihuan withdrew the smile on his lips.  Then he turned around and walked along the corridor to the window.

From his pocket, he took out a cigarette case then pulled out a cigarette and put it in his mouth.

Just as he had taken out the lighter and was about to lower his head to light the cigarette, he seemed to suddenly remember something and stopped.

He was silent for a while and lowering his eyes, his thoughts seemed to be surging.  After a long time had passed, he pulled out the cigarette and put it back into the case.

He could never be easily threatened by just a word from a little child.

However, some things in his mind became clear as if enlightened by those words.

The attention that he was paying to Wen Ruan seemed to be way more than he had imagined.


After Zhao Zichens father had chatted with Wen Ruan for a while, he stood up with his hands behind his back and continued to check on the progress of the students in the hall.

Wen Ruan waited for quite a while before she saw Jiang Zishen walk out of the locker room with his head drooping and a downcast look on his face.  He did not even lift his head as he walked to the junior class and stood quietly in the corner.

Whats the matter

Why did the child who was originally very happy become so listless after changing his clothes

After waiting for a while, Wen Ruan still did not see Fu Zhihuan come out.

“Little Sister, are you waiting for someone”

A guy about 1.8 meters tall who had been watching Wen Ruan for a long time finally could not help but come over to talk to her with encouragement from his companions.

He placed his hand on the railing for support with his chin lifted towards Wen Ruan and deliberately put on a dashing pose.

She turned her head around when she heard a voice and glanced at the 1.8-meter figure in front of her before she nodded politely.


Perhaps it was because Wen Ruans expression did not seem very cold, so the 1.8-meter guy became more confident.

“Are you interested in learning judo  I can teach you.”

“I dont have much interest.  Im afraid I wont be able to learn.”

Wen Ruan smiled and declined politely.

Instantly, roars of laughter sounded from behind……

“Just practice for a while.”

“Little Sister, give him a chance.”

“Our Xiao Zhang is the most sympathetic and is very gentle to ladies.  Hell teach you some basic moves and you can just pose a few stances, so you wont be hurt.”

Wen Ruan lifted her eyes and refused for the second time.

“Im sorry, I dont want to learn.”

But it was as if they felt they had lost face due to the rejection, so the group of people called out in unison and refused to give up…….

“Dont be like this, we wont make a move towards you.”

“Its just learning a trick or two and wont be embarrassing.  Even when others want him to teach them, he wont do it.”

She did not like this feeling of being cornered and in addition, they were taunting as a group, so almost everyone was looking in this direction.

Even Jiang Zishen who was standing far away raised his head to look over.

It was a bad feeling to be watched like this.

So Wen Ruan sighed then stood up and tied up her hair that was hanging over her shoulders into a high ponytail.

She bent over and then slipped under the railing to enter the training floor.  She lifted her head and said lightly.

“Okay, I can give it a try.”

After a few seconds of silence, there was a sound of exhalation that was similar to a sudden release of floodwater……..

“Wa, Little Sister is indeed giving face!”

“Xiao Zhang, you must seize the opportunity this time!”

The 1.8-meter guy exchanged a few glances with his companion and then said with a smile.

“Dont worry, I wont use a lot of strength.”

Wen Ruan glanced at him without speaking.  She just raised her hands to press on her shoulders and moved her arms a few times.

When the guy saw her movements, he also moved his arms to loosen his muscles.  Then he spread his feet apart to the same width as his shoulders and straightened his knees that were bent just now and looked like he was ready.

He moved his neck and said.  “Little Sister, first of all, you should…….”

Wen Ruan narrowed her eyes and did not listen to the nonsense the person in front of her was spewing.  Instead, she took a quick step forward and pressed her right shoulder against the 1.8-meter guy then grabbed his arm with both her hands and tugged downwards violently.

She simply pulled him over the shoulder and threw him to the ground.


A heavy sound erupted and it attracted the attention of numerous people.

After a few seconds of silence, the surroundings instantly exploded……

“Wow, what happened”

“Xiao Zhang was knocked down by a little lady  Not likely, right”

Wen Ruan straightened up then patted her palms together lightly and turned to look at the people at the side and politely apologized.


If she had not been forced into a difficult situation, she would prefer not to make a public show in someone elses judo hall.

The group of youths who had been taunting her just now swarmed up at this moment.  While they were helping the 1.8-meter guy to stand up, they teased.

“Little Sister, have you trained before”

“Just learned a thing or two.”

She was not interested to show off her skills here and smiled apologetically.  Then she turned around and was prepared to return to her seat to continue waiting.

But as soon as she took a step forward, she was suddenly stopped by someone.

“Wait a minute.”

Wen Ruan turned her head and saw a man who seemed to be a coach.  Just now he had been standing in the distance but now he suddenly stood up and walked in her direction with a gloomy face.

“Since this little lady seems to be very skilled, why not practice with me  What you learned should be judo, right”

Wen Ruan frowned.

In fact, if that 1.8-meter guy was truly competing with her just now, he would not be knocked down all of a sudden.

Anyone with a discerning eye would have noticed that Wen Ruan had made the move and taken advantage when he was still not prepared.

After all, there is a vast difference between the strength of men and women.  Not to mention they are the people who have learned martial arts seriously and at a glance, the winners and losers can be differentiated very clearly.

The coach seemed to feel that since his students have been taught a lesson, it was tantamount to shaming his people.

Although he said it was practicing, it was actually to regain face.

Wen Ruan was not ready to act brave, so she smiled and replied truthfully.

“Thats not necessary, I wont be able to defeat you.”

“I just saw that you were very powerful.”

The coach sneered and said with his arms crossed over his chest.

“I dont have any other thoughts.  For skilled people, theres always an urge to learn and exchange pointers with others when they see an opponent.”

While speaking, he had already moved to stand in front of Wen Ruan.  He reached out his hand and was ready to grip her shoulder and lead her to the center of the floor.

The atmosphere became tense instantly.  The people who were discussing just now lowered their voices but no one was willing to come forward to persuade this coach.

At this moment, a cold voice suddenly interrupted……

“Chen Jiao, theres no fun in practicing with a little lady.”

Fu Zhihuans voice suddenly sounded behind Wen Ruan.

It was still the same lazy tone and there seemed to be a bit of laughter in the tone as well.

He squinted his eyes with an arm casually resting on the railing while his other hand was placed lightly on the coachs shoulder.  His smiling eyes were full of warning.

“Why dont I accompany you”

An uproar exploded in the hall.

Numerous people focused their attention on Fu Zhihuan and whispered……..

“Who is that  He is so daring and even provoked Chen Jiao.”

“I heard that Chen Jiao is the citys runner-up.”

“I think this coach is quite a chauvinist, otherwise why would he allow others to bully the little lady  His students were improper and while they were practicing, they gathered into a group to tease the girl.  Then after getting slapped in the face, they couldnt accept it.”

Fu Zhihuan was standing very close to Wen Ruan and the distance was about the width of a fist.

While he was speaking, Wen Ruan could feel his breath on her neck very distinctly.

Subconsciously, she turned her head around and her gaze suddenly clashed with his dark eyes.

“Didnt I tell you to wait for me over there”

Fu Zhihuan let out a laugh and straightened up.  Then he bent down and entered the training floor.

“Why did you run around”

Her heart skipped a beat and she hurriedly looked away as she pursed her lips and said softly.


Fu Zhihuan was wearing a judo uniform.

The loose clothes on his body did not seem to be cumbersome at all instead, they showed off his outstanding temperament.  Under the lights, his clothes seemed a little translucent and the outline of his strong body was very clear.

At this moment, the two of them were standing so close that they could even feel their hot breaths spreading between them when they were talking.

Fu Zhihuan lifted his hand to pat her shoulder and gestured towards the rest area.

“Go over there to wait for me.”

Chen Jiaos complexion changed.  He reached out his hand to rub his neck and his tone did not sound as fierce as before.


Fu, is this your little lady”

Chen Jiao knew a bit about Fu Zhihuan.

If this gentlemans heart had been on judo, its afraid that he, Chen Jiao, would not be able to take charge and show off in this Judo Hall.


Fu Zhihuan stood up straight in front of Chen Jiao and as he tidied up his sleeves slowly, he added lightly.

“……..I brought her here.”


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