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Chapter 21 – Judo Class (1)

Jiang Zichen bit on a piece of pizza pulled the cheese into a long strand and then stuffed it back into his mouth.  He chewed contentedly and swung his pair of legs from time to time.  Then turning his head sideways, he gulped down a mouthful of Coke and beamed a happy smile.

But Wen Ruan was not happy.

She distractedly rolled up the pasta on the plate with a fork and stared at Jiang Zishens schoolbag.

That schoolbag is holding a secret that is detrimental to her!

Wen Ruan felt she must be at odds with this city, Jiang City.

She, who had always strutted around like a firecracker that struck fear everywhere in Tong City, felt a bucket of water had been poured on her, putting out all her fire ever since she set foot in Jiang City.

She could ignore the fact that she had lost to Fu Zhihuan.

But today, she had also lost to this elementary school student!

Today happened to be a weekend, so there were many people in the restaurant and most of them were parents who came with their children.

Not far away from their table was a family of three……

“Father!  I want to go to the amusement park tomorrow!”

“Father cant decide on this, you have to ask your Mother.”

“Mother, I want to go to the amusement park.”

“Hahaha…….alright, since our family hasnt been there for a long time.”

Jiang Zishen stopped chewing for a moment and his eyes darkened.  He quietly drank a mouthful of Coke then suddenly turned to look at Wen Ruan seriously and said in a soft voice.

“Sister Wen……..”

Wen Ruan shivered and then responded very quickly.

“Its best that you call me auntie.”

Nothing good happens once you call mesister!

Fu Zhihuan lifted his head and looked at Jiang Zishen sitting next to him.  With just a glance, he understood the childs intention.

“Tomorrow is the weekend, do you want to go out to play”

Jiang Zishen nodded his head like a rattle.  He pursed his lips and said in a very soft voice while showing an expression of grief.

“No one has ever accompanied me to play.  I have always been alone……”

Wen Ruans hand that was rolling the spaghetti stopped abruptly.  She raised her head and look at Jiang Zishen who was sitting beside her and showing a grievous look.  Her heart immediately softened.

Although his act of blackmailing her just now was considered abhorrent, this child truly makes others feel heartache for him.

She twirled the spaghetti around with a fork then sighed and said helplessly.

“Okay then…….Ill go out to play with you tomorrow.”


Instantly, Jiang Zishen became high-spirited and beamed a big smile.

“Then I want to go to the amusement park!”

Wen Ruan:  “…….”

She has the feeling she had been deceived by this little child.

When it comes to the amusement park, Wen Ruan was actually a little hesitant.

Because twenty years ago, she was kidnapped in an amusement park.

Although her memory of that time is very vague, there is still a nagging fear when she hears the two words.

Not to mention……

She is afraid of heights!

In addition, she is afraid to play on all the rides except for the carousel.

But since she had made a promise, she did not want to go back on her words.

Fu Zhihuan was deep in his thoughts.

Today, he received the news that Jiang Zishens father is out of danger but his condition is still not good and visiting is now allowed since he is still in a coma.

In fact, during this time, Fu Zhihuan and Jiang Zishens relatives had kept the information about his father from him.  Fu Zhihuan only told Jiang Zishen that his father had gone on a mission, so he could not come back or contact him.  Fu Zhihuan had decided to tell Jiang Zishen about his father once his condition stabilized.

Perhaps, letting Jiang Zishen go out to play and enjoy this weekend is considered something good for the boy.

At this moment, Jiang Zishens eyes rolled around and fell on Fu Zhihuan.

He lifted his head and called sweetly.  “Brother Fu.”

“Dont ask.”  Fu Zhihuan replied concisely.  “I have something to do tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow is the weekend.  Do you still have to work”  Wen Ruan asked suspiciously.

Fu Zhihuan:  “I want to sleep.”

Wen Ruan:  “……”

Did you hear  Are those words spoken by a human

Jiang Zishens eyes turned red.  He sniffled and his voice sounded a little like he was crying.

“But I want Brother and Sister to accompany me……”

Fu Zhihuan slowly pulled out a piece of tissue and said lightly.

“You can bluff her by putting on this act but not me.”


The young Wen Ruan who was deceived showed a puzzled expression.

When Jiang Zishen heard, he immediately stopped his tears and pouted.  Then he decided to change to another target to implement his plan.

“Sister Wen Ruan, please help me beg Brother Fu.”

Wen Ruans face showed an expression that saidyou still want to trick me but I wont be fooled.

“Its no use begging me.”

Jiang Zishen let out anOh, then turned around to take out the small school bag behind him.

Wen Ruan:  Why do I think this action is very familiar

She watched helplessly as Jiang Zishen unzipped the schoolbag then take out a sketchbook and lifted his hand to flip it……..

“Wait, wait!

She bit the bullet, turned around, and looked directly into Fu Zhihuans eyes.  She gritted her teeth and said.  “You must go.”

Fu Zhihuan:  “……”

Wen Ruan:  “Youre an adult.  Cant you agree to the request of a child  This is a childs pure and innocent dream.”

Fu Zhihuan was silent for a few seconds then turned his head to look at Jiang Zishen and suddenly said.



“Show me that book.”


Instantly, Wen Ruan froze like a statue as if she was struck by lightning.

But little classmate, Jiang Zishens response was very quick.  He put the sketchbook back into his schoolbag and hug it in his arms with a red face.

“This…….this is my diary, so I cant show it to you.”

Fu Zhihuan did not speak and just stared at him calmly for a while.

After a long time, he leaned against the back of the chair and let out a laugh.

“Alright.  Ill come and pick you up at nine oclock tomorrow morning.”

Looks like he agreed

Jiang Zishen was stunned for a moment then the corner of his mouth lifted and his face was full of excitement.

“Thank you, Brother!  Brother is so nice!”

Wen Ruan was still immersed in the fear offortunately Fu Zhihuan didnt get to see the book……..and when she finally came back to her senses, only then did she realize……

Can it be that she is going to the amusement park with Fu Zhihuan!

In the amusement park, there will be a Ferris wheel which is a lovers attraction……and to go to this place together, four out of five couples would get engaged!

Finally, after being bullied for a whole night, Wen Ruan ushered in the dawn of happiness.


Jiang Zishen had to attend a judo class tonight.

The Judo Hall which was founded by Zhao Zichens father was clean and tidy.

Inside the hall, some children were already waiting for the teacher to come to class and there were also some youths in judo uniforms practicing at the side.

Normally, Zhao Zichen would be present during this time to watch over the judo hall for his father.  At the same time, he would also teach the other adult students some techniques and skills as well.

But today, Zhao Zichen had temporarily changed classes so he was not present.

Fu Zhihuan had taken Jiang Zishen away to change into his judo uniform and Wen Ruan looked at the surrounding environment while she sat in the family area to wait for them.

Then she discovered that the judo hall was a place filled with joy.

For example, the group of youths who were chatting and laughing and warming up not far away.  Every one of them was about 1.8 meters tall with well-built bodies and their uniforms were tied loosely.

They looked extraordinary valiant and formidable and the most important point is that their butts were quite pert.

Her heart which had felt tired the whole day was now instantly healed.

So she immediately shared her happiness with Qin Sushan……

[Wen Ruan]:  Oh, oh, oh…….do you know how happy I feel now  Im now sitting beside a group of vigorous men whose bodies are exuding hormones.  When I look up, I can see strong muscles and full abs.  Im so happy that I cant stand it any longer!

[Qin Sushan]:  …….F**k, Im rushing out documents here and youre looking at handsome guys over there!  Are you human

[Wen Ruan]:  Ah, ah, ah…….two handsome guys are looking at me right now!  Damn, the peak of my life has arrived!

[Qin Sushan]:  Ke, ke*……..

The next second, when Wen Ruan sent over another message, she only saw a red exclamation mark.

……..This is probably an indestructible friendship.

At this moment, a middle-aged man in a judo uniform sat down beside Wen Ruan.  He coughed a few times and his tone carried a smile.

“Are you the friend Xiao Fu brought”

Wen Ruan was stunned.  She turned her head then put away her phone and nodded politely.

“Yes.  May I know who are you”

“I am Zhao Zichens father.”

Wen Ruan remembered Zhao Zichen.  He was the police officer who picked up Fu Zhihuan when she first arrived in Jiang City.

Wen Ruan immediately stood up and bowed respectfully to him.

“Hello, Uncle Zhao.”

“Fine, fine……”

Father Zhao waved his hand and then sighed meaningfully.

“After so many years, this is the first time Ive seen Xiao Fu bring a girl here.”

Wen Ruans face suddenly became red and then she immediately understood.

What does this mean

This means that Fu Zhihuan has never had a girlfriend until now!

Her gossip heart was stimulated.

“How did you get to know Fu Zhihuan”

“He was my student who learned judo from me since elementary school.”

Father Zhao patted his knees and there was some nostalgia in his tone.  A while later, he sighed deeply and said.

“Ai, he is much smarter than that son in my family and learns faster too.”


Wen Ruan recalled how Fu Zhihuan knocked down one of the human traffickers at the train station.

Judging from the smooth execution and level of his skill, he should indeed have undergone orthodox training in judo.

“Ai, actually I havent seen him for a long time.  But it just happens that my son is on duty today, so I can only trouble him to oversee the place this time.”

Father Zhaos words made Wen Ruan instantly spirited.

Fu Zhihuan is here to oversee

In short, she can see Fu Zhihuan wearing the judo uniform!


After Jiang Zishen had changed into his judo uniform, he walked out of the changing room and found Fu Zhihuan leaning lazily against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest.  Fu Zhihuan seemed to be waiting for him.

When Fu Zhihuan saw the child come out, he lowered his eyes lazily and rested his gaze on Jiang Zishens face.  After letting out a low laugh, he said.  “Come here.”

Although it sounded like he was laughing, it gave one an inexplicable sense of oppression.

With his head lowered, Jiang Zishen shuffled with small steps and slowly came to stand in front of Fu Zhihuan.

Fu Zhihuan bent down and placed one hand on his knee while his other hand patted Jing Zishens left shoulder and then he said in a light voice.

“Lift your head and look at me.”

Jiang Zishen raised his head and looked at the man in front of him as if being reprimanded by his teacher.

“I dont care about others……..although I dont know what youre holding against her……..”

There was no emotion in Fu Zihuans pitch-black eyes.  Although his voice sounded airy and light, every word fell heavily on ones heart.

“…….But dont make fun of her like that…….do you understand”

Jiang Zishen nodded like a little chick pecking at grains and pinched his fingertips.  After hesitating for a long time, he quietly said.

“Brother Fu, do you……”


“Do you like Sister Wen”


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