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Chapter 19 – Parent-Teacher Meeting (2)

Suddenly, the atmosphere became awkward.

In fact, Wen Ruan also felt that her answer was inappropriate.

But she had combed through her memory thoroughly and could not find any trace of him.

Qin Zirans expression stiffened for a moment then he just lowered his eyes and smiled helplessly.

Just as he was about to introduce himself to Wen Ruan, he realized it was time for the Parent-Teacher Meeting to start and many people had noticed their movements over here.

Since all the parents had arrived, it was not good to delay any longer, so he stepped onto the podium.

“I am very happy that all the parents can take the time to attend the meeting this year.  Today, I want to talk about……”


After a lapse of ten years, Wen Ruan returned to this kind of classroom once again.

This kind of desk and the teacher talking on the podium…….all of these reminded her of how she felt in high school.

For example, being sleepy and absent-minded.

After listening for about five minutes, Wen Ruan could not concentrate anymore.  With a hand supporting her chin, she picked up the pen on the desk and started to draw circles on the paper in front of her.

First, she drew a cartoon image of herself.

Then she drew a cartoon image of a handsome boy.

Then between the two cartoon characters, she drew two hearts with an arrow that pierced through them and strung them together.

Wen Ruan looked at her drawing with satisfaction and then wrote her name and Fu Zhihuans name above the heads of the cartoon characters.

So pretty.

“Okay, this should be all.  Parents of the outstanding student will have to get ready.   and when were downstairs, you are to give a speech at the flag podium later.”

An unknown length of time had passed before Qin Ziran finally finished his speech on the podium.

Wen Ruan straightened up and became spirited.

Finally, its time!  The emotional time!

She had already prepared a perfect speech on the way here and had even visualized the scene in her mind……as she reads out the touching speech, the parents in the audience applaud with tears in their eyes……

Qin Ziran looked down at the list and frowned as he read it out.

“The outstanding student selected by our school is……”

Everyone subconsciously turned around to look at Wen Ruan.

Since young, Jiang Zishen had never fallen from the top three positions.  In addition, he is the class monitor and his class activities have never declined.

Besides, the outstanding student has already been selected earlier, and basically, all the parents knew that Jiang Zishen must have won this award.

“Its our classmate, Wang Zhichen.  The parents of this classmate please come to me while the rest of the parents can go downstairs first and wait in the school playground.”

When Qin Ziran announced the name, an uproar rose around him and a rumble of discussions in low voices started.

Wen Ruan was also stunned.

How can the school suddenly make this kind of change

Then a middle-aged woman next to Wen Ruan got up from her seat and walked toward the class teacher with her chin raised high.

The woman was slightly fat, decked out in expensive jewelry and a pricey shawl, and looked like a proud bamboo rat.

“Why is it Wang Zichen  That childs performance is not comparable to Jiang Zishens performance, right”

“Thats right, I heard that he didnt participate in school activities much and that Jiang Zishen had won a lot of competition awards.”

“Its useless to mention it.  His family is rich and the Dean is his maternal uncle, so if this title is not given to him then who would it be”

“At first they thought that Jiang Zishens parents wont come, so they were prepared to take away the title righteously.  Who knew that Jiang Zishens parents would suddenly make an appearance, so now theyre snatching it away by force.”

It seemed that the words were not meant to be concealed and were spoken so loudly as though they were meant for everyones ears.

This group of parents has always looked down on Wang Zichen and his familys behavior and now they could not restrain themselves but discuss it.

Wen Ruan lifted her head and looked out of the classroom.

Jiang Zishen was standing near the door.  Although Wen Ruan could not see his expression, she knew that the child had heard everything.

Wen Ruan took a deep breath then stood up and walked towards the door.

She squatted down in front of Jiang Zishen then put her palms together to make an apologetic gesture and smiled helplessly.

“Im sorry I came late and didnt communicate with the teacher in advance.  So thats why they made this sudden change.”

Jiang Zishen sank into silence and after a long time, he said sadly.  “I know why.”

Wen Ruan was taken aback.

He lifted his head and hesitated for a long time before he said.

“Actually, I dont care about this title.  I just think that Father might feel happy when he knows about it, so I wanted it.  Now that Father is not here, it doesnt matter whether I get it or not.”

After speaking, he turned around and walked into the classroom to pack his schoolbag in silence.

Wen Ruan stood up and watched the back of the small figure in front of the desk.  The anger in her heart could no longer be restrained.

She stopped a teacher casually and asked for the location of the Deans office.  Then she walked forward and was prepared to seek justice.

But after walking a few steps, she stopped.

She can indeed give the Dean a good scolding but Jiang Zishen still had to study in this school for another three years.

Children will always listen to the teacher.

She did not want Jiang Zishen to be alienated for the next three years just because of her rashness.

By this time, Qin Ziran had finished dealing with the parents.

When he turned his head around, he saw Wen Ruan outside the door, so he adjusted his collar and walked toward her.

Qin Ziran came to stand beside Wen Ruan and deliberately softened his voice by a few degrees.

“Wen Ruan, dont worry.  Regarding this matter, Ill negotiate with the school on your behalf and give Jiang Zishen a good conclusion.”

Wen Ruan nodded.  “Thank you.”

In fact, a teacher has very little say in these kinds of matters but since he had said those words, it is already considered a consolation.

Qin Ziran hesitated for a while and then continued.

“You must have forgotten.  When you were in university, you participated in the guitar club and I was the Vice President of the club.”

At this time, Wen Ruan was a little irritated because of Jiang Zishens incident.

She tried to recall and seemed to have a vague impression.  Perhaps she was not in a good mood, so she just nodded politely.

“If thats the case, its been a long time since we met.  But now I have to go to the flag podium……..”

“Wait a minute.”  Qin Ziran frowned slightly and reached out his hand to grab her arm.  His tone sounded a little anxious.

“Sorry, Wen Ruan……I have something that I must tell you……because Im afraid it might be difficult for us to meet again……”

Wen Ruan was startled.

She lifted her head and carefully studied Qin Zirans expression.

His cheeks had turned red…….

Invasive eyes……..

Shy look…….

Can it be………!

She gritted her teeth and to avoid the embarrassment, she came to a decision and muttered.

“Sorry, I already have someone I like.”


Qin Ziran raised his head and his eyes had a blank look.

“I just wanted to ask whether you have Qin Sushans contact.  I wanted to pursue her when we were in university……”


This is truly embarrassing!

She suddenly understood the meaning of suffering revenge after doing something bad.

But a greater embarrassment was yet to come.

Because when Wen Ruan turned her head around, she saw Jiang Zishen standing by the door carrying his schoolbag on his back and looking straight at her without any expression.

She quickly broke away from the topic and tried to hide her fluster.

“Lets go downstairs to the playground.”

Jiang Zishen did not say a word and quietly walked alongside Wen Ruan for a short distance.  After most of the people had left, he suddenly asked.

“Auntie Wen, do you like Uncle Fu Zhihuan”



The sentence made Wen Ruan jump with fright and she suddenly froze on the spot.  Then she slowly turned her head to look at Jiang Zishen in front of her.

Is he a prodigy with heavenly abilities

Of course, Wen Ruan could only deny it for the sake of dignity.

“How can that be  Hahaha……I hate him the most.”

“But you just drew on my sketchbook.”

He put down his schoolbag calmly and took out a book from it.  After turning to a page, he held it up in front of Wen Ruan.

“Look, the wordsWen Ruan and Fu Zhihuan will be of one mind and be together forever are written on it.”

Wen Ruan was silent.

Sorrow is greater than the death of the heart…….it is only today that she finally understands the meaning of this sentence.

(Sorrow is greater than the death of the heart means the saddest thing is when a person loses the ability to think and becomes insensitive.)

“Can you give me this book”

“Then you will have to make me a promise.”

Is this kid is going to blackmail her and extort money

She gritted her teeth and agreed.  “Deal.”


Fu Zhihuan parked his car at the gate of Jiang City Primary School.

His work ended earlier than expected and it was estimated that the time would almost be the same as when the Parent-Teacher Meeting ended.

He did not go in and leaned against the car door to light up a cigarette as he watched the crowd moving around near the school gate.

Finally, the school gate opened and a few parents started to walk out.

A while later, the people poured out of the school gate like a gush of water.

He narrowed his eyes and looked carefully for a while.

Then finally, he could accurately pinpoint a figure from among the crowd of people.

Wen Ruan was very eye-catching among the group of parents and students.  At this moment, she had her head raised and was talking to someone next to her with her eyebrows curved and her eyes full of smiles.

Fu Zhihuan shifted his gaze.

A man was standing beside Wen Ruan.

The man was tall, about twenty-six to twenty-seven years old, and gave off a scholarly air.

The man was looking at the person in front of him with a touch of tenderness in his eyes and a little while later, he reached out to gently rub Wen Ruans head.

At this moment, the sun was setting and the sky was bathed in the sunsets glow.

This scene was filled with warmth and very beautiful.

Fu Zhihuan did not move for a long time but suddenly felt a little irritated.

He snuffed out the cigarette in his hand and threw the cigarette butt into the trash bin.  Then he straightened up from the door and stretched out his hand to slam the door shut before walking toward Wen Ruan.


“Ah, now I remember!  So it was you who asked others to send milk tea to Qin Sushan every day in our dormitory!”

“Yes, yes, yes…….was she touched”

“She gained ten pounds and in the dormitory, every day she would swear that she must find out the vicious villain who sent her the milk tea.”


During this short period, perhaps it was for the sake of her good sisters marriage, Wen Ruan and Qin Ziran had already advanced from the stage ofWho are you toBest friends.

“I should be calling for a taxi to take Jiang Zishen back first.  Dont worry, Ill take charge of this matter.  Ill definitely set up a meeting with Qin Sushan for you.”

Qin Ziran was so grateful that he bowed to her.  “Thank you.”

However, when he straightened up, he saw a leaf on Wen Ruans head.  Without thinking much, he subconsciously reached out to pluck the leaf away.

Wen Ruan looked on but didnt take it to heart.

“Then Ill leave this matter to you.”  Qin Ziran was extremely sincere.

Wen Ruan let out anAi as acknowledgment and waved her hand.

“Dont take it to heart.  Since were related in such a way, why do you still care about this”

“Related in what way”

A sharp male voice suddenly sounded.

Wen Ruan was stunned and felt that the voice sounded a little familiar.

Fu Zhihuan was leaning against a pillar not far away.  He raised his chin at her and asked with a smile.



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