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Chapter 17 – Famous

Wen Ruan was sitting on the left side of the rear passenger seat close to the taxis door with her head lowered and pursed her lips as she kept swiping her phone screen with a serious expression.

At the same time, Fu Zhihuan was sitting on the right side of the rear passenger seat with his elbow propped on the window and his thumb and index finger placed on his forehead.  His brows were slightly wrinkled and his eyes were closed as if he was resting.

Both of them had consumed alcohol last night and to avoid the overnight effect of alcohol, they did not drive to work and instead, called for a taxi.

Since they work close to each other, they set off together.

The driver was a little nervous.

He felt that although the two passengers did not look unusually serious, they were exuding a cold air.  So he lifted his head frequently to peek at the two people from the rearview mirror.

The driver felt that the two people seem to be…….a little familiar.

Wen Ruan was completely unaware of this because, at this moment, she was reading the messages sent by Qin Sushan and the comments on Weibo concerning her.

The program that was just aired last night has now spread all over the world.  It was even divided into multiple clips and someone had even started to write fanfiction on Lawyer X and the Prosecutor.

In fact, it can be seen that this hot topic was secretly hyped as a promotion.

After all, this is a harmless opportunity to increase their ratings.  In addition, the Jiang City Public Security Department and the Womens Association have the intention to promote the awareness ofFight Against Violence andGuard Against Human Traffickers to the public, so there was increased enthusiasm.

Wen Ruan was immersed in reading the comments about her..……

[A Soft Bunny]:  Ahhhhh so Cute!  These two passersby made their debut, my God!  And little sister is bare-faced!  She looks so pretty!  Im so envious!

Very discerning!

Wen Ruan quietly gave this comment a thumbs up.

Her mood became better.

[Fatso]:  Although the two passersby do look good, why does it feel like they are recruited by the program crew  The key point is that this issue is too fake and that little sister doesnt look like a lawyer at all and she even acted coquettishly.  Isnt the acting a bit too inept

Hateful!  Who are you referring to!

Wen Ruans happiness which had increased a little was instantly beaten down.  She twitched her lips and then from the pop-up option, she chose…….complaint – false statements.

I will make a complaint against you quietly!

Anyway, no one will know.

[Where Had My Hair Gone]:  Its truly awesome!  I like this little sister so much!  Did you all see the video of her beating up the human trafficker  How can such a small person be so courageous!  Hahaha…..but when I was looping the video, I discovered that the ends of that little sisters bangs were turned up and she looked so cute!


Wen Ruan was stunned and then looked at the video very seriously again.

Sure enough, a handful of her bangs had turned up and it could be because she did not sleep well that morning.

She looked silly!  Not cute at all!  Image points deducted!

The thought ofthis matter must not be discovered by others rose in her mind so she quietly logged into her account and left many replies in the comment section to suppress that comment.

[Brother Sanshis Sweetheart]:  Oh, its sweet, so very sweet!  Im sincerely hoping for the pair of passersby to CP!  Didnt all of you notice that the eyes of the little brother were smiling when he looked at the little sister  Its the kind of smile that is not easily detectable but feels like a spring breeze!  Please hurry up and fall in love!


Wen Ruan quietly clicked on the screenshot and zoomed in on Fu Zhihuans eyes.  Then the picture was zoomed in and zoomed in again.

Why cant I detect his smile

Why do I feel that there is inexplicable and dismissive ridicule instead 

But anyway, since you supported us to fall in love, then Ill give you alike!

“What are you doing”

A sudden voice intruded and Wen Ruan stiffened.  Her hand holding the phone trembled and before she could collect herself, her voice replied in a panic.


At some time, Fu Zhihuan had opened his eyes and was looking at Wen Ruans expressive face.  Then he lowered his eyes and rested on the screen of her phone.

The enlarged picture on the screen had not been turned off.

Wen Ruans heart was a mess.

It was truly embarrassing to be caught by Fu Zhihuan on the spot for peeping at his photo.

He narrowed his eyes and lifted his head to fix his gaze on Wen Ruans face.  Then he chuckled lightly and said.  “Explain…….”

She swallowed then tightened her grip on the phone and her mind turned quickly.

“Nothing…….I was just checking it out for you……..”

“What were you checking for”

“Checking for eye mucus.”


Looking at Fu Zhihuans eyes, Wen Ruan did not have any doubts that she would be thrown out of the car along with her bag if she utters another word.

When the taxi stopped at the traffic lights, the driver who had been secretly looking back at them seemed to have finally recalled something.

He clenched his hand into a fist and punched it into his palm with an excited look on his face.

“I was telling myself that both of you look very familiar!  I saw you on TV yesterday!”

Wen Ruan was taken aback.

Is she so famous now

Is she going to turn into the queen of the entertainment industry from a lawyer

“I remember it very clearly.  At that time, my wife mentioned that the little girl was beautiful and funny, and she also said…….”

When he spoke up to this point, the driver paused and carefully tried to recall his wifes words.

Under Wen Ruans gaze which was full of anticipation to hearhow everyone is praising me, the driver finally did not disappoint her.

“…….She also said that you are very suitable to be that kind of comedian!  The kind that specializes in sketches!”

“……”  The anticipation in Wen Ruans eyes fizzled out.

Being a comedian is indeed amazing but any girl would want to be the heroine of an idol drama!

“And this brother……”  After the driver commented on Wen Ruan, he moved on to Fu Zhihuan.

Fu Zhihuan raised his eyebrows and his reaction was mediocre.

Wen Ruans interest was aroused and on her face was an expression that saidlet me see what they think of Fu Zhihuan.

“My wife likes you very much and said that you look like a celebrity.”

The driver scratched his head and when he saw the red light had turned green, he quickly held the steering wheel and added.

“Can I take a photo with you later  I want to make my wife happy when I go home later.”

Wen Ruan fell silent.

Differential treatment!

Sure enough, Fu Zhihuans face is simply a deadly weapon.


Fu Zhihuans tone had just the right degree of politeness, did not fluctuate much, and was not perfunctory either.

“I am not a public figure but an ordinary person.  Due to personal reasons, its not convenient, therefore, please send my apology and greetings to your wife.”

Although Fu Zhihuan refused his request for a photo, the driver did not seem unhappy.  Instead, he felt that this young man had spoken appropriately.

While they were talking, the taxi had arrived at their destination.

After an exchange of a few simple words, Fu Zhihuan paid the fare and got out of the car.

The Procuratorate and the Legal Bureau were in two different directions.

After being caught peeking at Fu Zhihuans photo, Wen Ruan still had not gotten over the embarrassment.  As soon as she got out of the car, she was prepared to sneak away.

“Stop.”  Fu Zhihuan stretched out his hand and placed it on Wen Ruans shoulder.  “Why are you running off”

“Im not running off, its just that I walked a little faster.”  Wen Ruan retorted with sophistry.

He looked at Wen Ruan and took in the little guilty expression in her eyes.

He laughed helplessly then withdrew his hand and asked.  “What time will you get off work”

“6.30.”  Wen Ruan replied.

In fact, Wen Ruan need not work in the office.  Even though she had not worked for the last three years, she still maintained some contacts.  No doubt it was not as good as before but if her comeback is publicized, she could still get some minor cases.

However, after considering the working environment and the need to get along well with her colleagues as quickly as possible, she decided to work normal hours alongside everyone for some time.

Fu Zhihuan glanced at his watch then nodded and said.

“Do you have an appointment after work”

Wen Ruan was taken aback and instantly her heart started to pound.

What kind of situation is this!

Can it be that this Prosecutor Fu is finally enlightened and wants to date her

She straightened up immediately and wrapped her fingers around her hair.  Her voice suddenly turned crisp and delicate.

“I dont have an appointment…….

whats the matter”

Naturally, he could detect the change in her tone.  He was silent for a while and then said.

“Attend the Parent-Teacher Meeting on my behalf.”

“Parent-Teacher Meeting”

Wen Ruan was so frightened that her voice instantly changed back to normal.

“Can it be…….that you already have children”

Fu Zhihuans temples started to throb.  He lifted his hand and rubbed his brows.

“Its Simon.”


Wen Ruan understood.

Before this, Fu Zhihuan had talked to her about Simon and when she moved into his home, she already knew about Simons arrival and his short stay in the future.

Wen Ruan:  “Ai  Simon is a special case.  Even if the parents dont understand, the teachers should understand, right”

He frowned.  “This situation is quite special.”

Originally one can avoid attending the Parent-Teacher Meeting today if an application is made.

However, the teacher mentioned that Simon is rated as an outstanding student at the school level, so his parents must make a speech on stage.  Although an application can be made to change it, his rating as an outstanding student would be affected and might change as well.

For a child, this would be a great blow to his self-confidence.

Fu Zhihuan and Simons father have a long-standing friendship and Fu Zhihuan had originally planned to go on his friends behalf but unexpectedly, he was suddenly given a case to investigate.

After listening to the brief explanation, Wen Ruan patted her chest and said.

“Alright, leave it to me.  Im best at public speaking, but……”

“But what”

Wen Ruan smiled and lifted her index finger.

“You owe me a favor, so you have to let me stay in your home for one more week.”

Fu Zhihuan was stunned for a while.  He looked fixedly at the person in front of him and then after a long time, he laughed and his voice seemed to have softened.

He said:  “Okay.”

It seemed he had no intention to drive her away.


When Wen Ruan arrived at the office, almost all the reporters had left and only a few of them were still talking to the Vice President in his office.

When Wen Ruan received Qin Sushans call, she told Qin Sushan to reject the reporters or Qin Sushan could inform them that she had gone on a business trip and would not be coming into the office.  The interview would be scheduled at a later date in the future.

Wen Ruan felt that it was originally a minor incident and the publics memory is very short.  Although it may be popular now, it would eventually be forgotten after some time.

She has no intention of becoming an internet celebrity or exposing herself in front of the camera and does not want this accidental popularity to affect her normal office work.

After sending the remaining reporters away, the Vice President gestured for Wen Ruan to come into his office.

“Little Wen, what do you plan to do regarding this matter”

The Vice President eagerly invited Wen Ruan to sit down.

The group of reporters probably got the leads from the TV station and based on the calling card she handed out, they found the legal office.

However, Wen Ruan did not sit down.  Instead, she bent her waist to perform a bow and said in an apologetic tone.

“Im sorry…….if this affects……..”

“Its alright, its alright…….Im not blaming you and this is considered something good.”

The Vice President waved his hand cheerfully and got up to pour a cup of tea for her.

“Actually, this is a good thing for the bureaus publicity.”

“Is it alright”

The Vice President took a sip of tea and sighed.

“As youre aware, in recent years, law firms have been springing up like bamboo shoots after the rain.  Many law inspectors have quit their jobs to work as lawyers for private firms and the competition pressure is tremendous.  Although our legal bureau has Professor Su, we cant depend solely on the old man for support.  This time, the incident is good publicity for us.”

She could understand the Vice Presidents meaning but she was still a bit hesitant.

The reporters were just chasing to get breaking news and most of them would go for gossip.  All these were meaningless to Wen Ruan and their behavior was just to gain hot spots.

It was as if the Vice President could see through Wen Ruans doubts and he laughed.

“I just talked to a few reporters and found out that one of them is from a magazine that is different from gossip magazines.  These past few years, they published articles on social issues and interviews and the questions asked were very appropriate.  The main reason they came was that they had targeted the recent trend and wanted an interview on womens rights.

It sounded like a good project.

Wen Ruan was a little moved by the project.

“Regarding this matter…….after I have found out more about this program, Ill think about it in detail.”

“Fine, its not urgent.”

When the Vice President saw that Wen Ruan was willing, he immediately felt relieved.  Then he seemed to have thought of something and suddenly said cheerfully.

“Oh yes, they have also invited someone in the same profession to participate in this interview.  It seems the name is……..He Ziqin!  Thats right!  A female lawyer who has gained momentum in the past few years and just returned to the country.”

He Ziqin

Wen Ruan frowned.

That name sounds a bit familiar……..


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