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Chapter 14 – Drunk (1)

The voices were loud and the surrounding was noisy with the lights flashing.

The group of people was rowdy as they leaned back and forth to chat and laugh with one another.

And when Fu Zhihuans voice rang out, all the noises seemed to have been halted by the pause button.

Everyone turned their eyes on him.

However, Fu Zhihuans gaze swept past everyone and shot straight at Wen Ruan.  He squinted his eyes and his ink-black pupils seemed to be smiling.

“Little kid, its time to go home.”

The tail-end of the sentence seemed to have a slight numbing effect on Wen Ruan and it was like a three-pointer hit in her young heart.

The hand that was holding the wine glass tightened in an instant and her mind was blank.  Her heart was beating very fast and it felt like her heart was about to jump out of her chest.

This man is simply taking her life!

Some of the people who had been around for a long time could recognize Fu Zhihuan at a glance……

“Prosecutor Fu!  Why are you here”

A man sitting at the side straightened his collar, sat up straight, and said in a tone with a little familiarity.  “It has been a long time since we last met.”

Some people asked softly…….

“Who is he”

“Fu Zhihuan from the prosecutors office.  His background is not weak.  You just join the office, so you may not know him yet.  Dont think he is young, even Professor Su gives him face.  He is not someone easy to make friends with, so its better not to say anything wrong in front of him.”

Fu Zhihuan nodded slightly and after exchanging a few perfunctory greetings, he asked.

“Are you all here for a gathering”

“Thats right.  A new colleague joined our office so we are celebrating.  The little girl can indeed drink…….”

“Is that right”

Fu Zhihuans tone seemed to hold a deeper meaning.  He turned his head around and his gaze fell on Wen Ruans face.

Its over!

Wen Ruan felt a little timid.  She bit the tip of her tongue then leaned on Qin Sushan who was sitting beside her and whispered.

“Hurry, tell Fu Zhihuan that I am already drunk.”


Qin Sushan was stunned for a moment and then immediately reacted.

Thats correct, with such a good opportunity to create ambiguity, how can she not be drunk at this time

As a good sister of Wen Ruan, Qin Sushan took the responsibility of holding her shoulders and pretended to be worried as she said to Fu Zhihuan.


Fu, you came at the right time.  Wen Ruan drank a lot and seemed to be drunk.”

Fu Zhihuan frowned then lowered his voice to saysorry to the people around him and approached Wen Ruan to kneel beside her.

Wen Ruan immediately acted as if she was drunk and confused and leaned weakly on Qin Sushan.  Her small face was red and she looked dispirited.

Qin Sushan looked on coldly.

This little sister of mine can sure act!

Usually, at this time, Wen Ruan would be drinking straight from the bottle and also throwing out a series of arrogant remarks……..

~ What do you mean  Just now werent you very persistent when urging others to drink  Now you cant even drink this little bit

~ Bottoms up!  Are you raising fish*!  If youre bold enough to urge others to drink, you should be bold enough to drink!

(Raising fish here means holding onto a drink without the intention to drink it.  It is a sarcastic remark to point out that the liquid in the glass is for raising fish.)

~ Are you a man!  Ive already swigged a whole bottle and youre still sipping with that little glass over there!  Even water evaporates faster than you!

Just like this, a woman who cannot get drunk even after drinking a thousand cups of wine……at this moment, is showing a weak stance and an expression that everyone is familiar with which says…….I cant drink anymore, Im drunk.

Its a real shame she is not an actress!

Fu Zhihuans brows knotted up and his tone sounded a little unhappy.

“How much did she drink”

“Not too much.”  Qin Sushan pointed her finger at the glasses on the tabletop and lightly drew an invisible circle over them.  “All these……”

Fu Zhihuan turned his head around and glanced at the glasses that were neatly stacked up like a building and was silent for a while.  Then he lifted his eyes to fix his gaze on Wen Ruan and the pressure in his body lowered.

Wen Ruan:  “……”

Although her eyes were closed, she could feel that he was looking at her sharply.

Fu Zhihuan stretched out his hand to hold Wen Ruans arm and gestured to the people around him.

“Im taking her away first.  Is it okay”

Is it okay

Since this great Buddha who should not be provoked had already spoken, who would dare to sayNo

Moreover, it seemed that the relationship between Wen Ruan and this Prosecutor Fu was unusual.  Everyone present did not wish to offend this powerful figure, so who would dare to urge Wen Ruan to continue drinking

Since the words were already spoken, who would dare to stop him

But someone actually did!

Perhaps, Zou Yinyun had also consumed a lot of alcohol just now when she persisted in urging Wen Ruan to drink and it seemed that at this moment, the alcohol had gone to her head.

Upon seeing that someone was going to take Wen Ruan away, she did not even take a clear look at that person and shouted with a frown.

“No way!  She has yet to drink this glass!  She has to follow the rules so she must finish this glass before leaving!  Dont be a spoilsport!”


The room suddenly became quiet.  Someone immediately stretched out a hand to tug on Zou Yinyuns sleeve and signaled for her to shut up quickly.

However, its said that alcohol emboldens a person.

Zou Yinyun was unaware of the change in the atmosphere around her.  She pushed forward the glass of wine that was poured out just now and with her hands on her waist, she said.

“If you want to leave, you have to drink this on her behalf!”

Fu Zhihuan did not speak and just lowered his eyes to look at the glass of wine for a while.  Without a word, he picked up the glass and finished it up with a swig.

Then he put down the glass and straightening up he spoke in a cold voice.  “Can we leave now”

After drinking the glass of wine, Fu Zhihuans expression did not change but his eyes became colder.  Even Zou Yinyun, who was already drunk, shivered involuntarily and shrank her shoulders.


Without saying more, Fu Zhihuan left with Wen Ruan.

Putting on a pretense of standing unsteadily, Wen Ruan was supported by Fu Zhihuan as they left.  At the same time, she quietly raised her eyelids to peek at Fu Zhihuans face……..

His complexion did not seem to change or show any redness.  It looked like he does not have any reaction to alcohol.

Anyway, the alcohol content of that glass of wine is not very high.

Therefore, it shouldnt be a problem!

Fu Zhihuan seemed to feel Wen Ruans eyes on him and shifted his gaze slightly.

Wen Ruan reacted quickly and squinted her eyes to avoid his gaze.

That was close!

When they reached the entrance of the hotel, Wen Ruan heard the sound of a key turning.  She quietly opened one eye again and realized that Fu Zhihuan had taken out the car key.


“You cant drink and drive!”

Without a thought, Wen Ruan stretched out her hand to restrain him.

“Are you Mr.

Fu  I am the substitute driver you booked.  Here is my ID.”

Almost at the same time, a middle-aged man standing beside the hotel walked over.  He handed over his document for inspection and his tone was polite.


This is truly embarrassing!

Its over!  This act of pretending to be drunk is going to be exposed!

The atmosphere instantly froze as Wen Ruan and Fu Zhihuan looked at each other.

Immediately she clarified.  “I just……..when the wind blew, my mind suddenly seem to clear up a little.”

Just as she thought she would be exposed mercilessly, Fu Zhihuan turned his head away without a word and calmly handed the key to the substitute driver.  Then he turned around and got into the car.

It seemed that he did not place importance on Wen Ruans performance just now.

This is very strange.

Why didnt he question her about this

She could not figure it out and taking small steps, she got into the car as well.

The driver started the car and asked warmly.

“Where is Mister going

Fu Zhihuan who was sitting in the back seat with his head leaning against the glass window replied in a cold tone.

“Back to the apartment.”

There was a moment of silence.

After about five seconds of silence, the driver asked again.

“Then where are we going”

“Back to the apartment.”

“I mean what is the name of our destination”


The driver took a deep breath and it was obvious that he was on the verge of collapse.

“I know youre going back to the apartment but where is the apartment”

“Ai, dont be anxious, I know!”

After listening to them for a while, she could not stand it any longer and sat up.  Then she helped the driver to set the destination in the navigator.

“Its here…….Mingchen Garden.  Its about half an hours drive.  Thank you for your hard work.”

Finally, when the car started on the journey home, she breathed a sigh of relief.  Then when she turned her head to look at Fu Zhihuan beside her, she saw that his brows were knotted up and his eyes were closed.

It even looked like he had fallen asleep.

Wen Ruan stretched out her hand and held it next to his nose to test his breathing.

……Still alive.

Just now she already felt it was very odd.

Why does she feel something is very wrong with Fu Zhihuans reaction the moment they left the hotel

What is the matter  Can it be that he is drunk

Wen Ruan thought for a moment.

That shouldnt be…….

The glass was not even full and the alcohol content was not high either.

Can it be that Fu Zhihuan could get drunk with just a glass

Wen Ruan was silent.

She had planned topretend to be drunk and let Fu Zhihuan take care of her to produce love sparks and stir up his feelings through the influence of alcohol.

However, this thought fizzled out at this moment to announce its premature death.

How can this kind of cool guy who looks like he frequents the pubs and would not get drunk even with a thousand cups……..be knocked out with just one glass

This simply is not consistent with his personality!

Twenty minutes later, when they were about to arrive at Mingchen Garden, Wen Ruan spotted a small pharmacy on the side of the road.  Although the shop front looked dilapidated, the lights were still on and the door was not closed.

Wen Ruan called out to the driver to stop.

“Please stop the car, I need to buy something.”

No matter what, Fu Zhihuan had drunk that glass of wine for her.

Be it sentiment or rationality, she still has to take good care of him tonight.

When Wen Ruan was about to open the door and get out of the car to buy hangover medicine, her arm was suddenly grabbed.

She was slightly startled and turning her head around, she found that Fu Zhihuans eyes were opened.

He was still leaning against the door with the moonlight shining on the hair on his forehead while his gaze had turned sharper.  Although there was no change to his complexion, his eyes were already covered with blood-red veins.  From head to toe, his body emanated an aura that made him appear like a drowsy wolf, full of hostility.

“You……you are sober”  Wen Ruan was stunned and then asked softly.

Fu Zhihuan did not speak and his hand was still holding onto Wen Ruan.

She leaned forward slightly.  “Are you drunk”


He pressed his lips tightly and his indifferent eyes were filled with coldness but he still did not speak.

It looks like he still hasnt sobered up yet.

Wen Ruan sighed and said.  “I have to get off the car and buy you some hangover medicine.  Let go of me first, okay”

Fu Zhihuan did not move but tightened his hold a little bit more.

She became worried.

After frolicking in the drinking arena for a long time, she has seen all kinds of drunks but she has never seen anyone like the present Fu Zhihuan.

He was obviously drunk but his eyes were still clear and looked even more daunting than his usual self.

No matter what questions were thrown at him, he refused to say a word and seemed to give out an inexplicable sense of oppression.

But being held by the arm like this was not good, so Wen Ruan twisted her arm and said slowly.

“Ill be very quick.  Wait for a while, Ill get it done.”

After she finished speaking and just as Fu Zhihua loosened his grip, she quickly slipped out of the car


The car door banged shut.

Fu Zhihuan leaned on the seat and looked down at his hand.  Then without saying a word, he lifted his eyes and looked in the direction Wen Ruan had left.  The darkness in his eyes surged.


The night breeze was very cold.

Wen Ruan rubbed her arms and pushed open the door of the pharmacy.  She looked around and then walked straight to the front counter to ask.

“Hello, is there any hangover medicine”

No one responded.

Wen Ruan frowned and lifted her head to find that there was no one in front of her.

Then her gaze fell on the two boys playing games impatiently while squatting beside the table behind the counter with cigarettes dangling from their lips.

One of them spotted a tin-foil perm while the other boy……looked somewhat familiar……

It seemed the boy was the Yellow Hair who she met in the supermarket last night.

At this moment, Yellow Hair also heard her voice and raised his head.  His eyes that looked at Wen Ruan instantly narrowed and he seemed to remember her too.

Suddenly, he smiled with the corner of his lips curled up and threw away the cigarette.

“Ai, look…….this is the Little Miss I told you about yesterday.”

The Tin Foil followed Yellow Hairs line of sight and his eyebrows curved with delight.

“Your eyesight is not bad.”

Wen Ruan frowned.  She tapped her index finger rhythmically on the counter and suppressed the impatience in her heart.

“Is the Boss in”

“I am the Boss.  Im looking after the shop for my father.”

Yellow Hair stubbed out the cigarette butt then got up and placed his hands in front of Wen Ruan with a sly smile.

“What do you want, Little Miss”

“Hangover medicine.”

“Oh, hangover medicine.”

Yellow Hair leaned closer and put on an act of sniffing before he said in a provocative tone.

“Little Miss had drunk a lot…….didnt you bring your boyfriend with you”

She lifted her eyes and her tone could not be any colder.

“if the medicine is not available, Ill be leaving.”

“Ai!  Why leave  Of course, there is!”  Yellow Hair immediately called out to Wen Ruan.

He turned around then pulled out a box of medicine from a shelf not far away and placed it on the counter.  Then he pushed the box of medicine toward Wen Ruan.


After she had scanned the QR code to pay, she reached out to pick up the box of medicine and turned to leave.

However, Yellow Hair did not loosen his hand on the box.  Instead, he raised his index finger and pressed it gently on the back of Wen Ruans hand.

Then he ambiguously drew a circle on the back of her hand with his fingertip.

She froze and could no longer hold back her anger.  She pursed her lower lip then raised her eyes to look at him calmly.

Then she slowly spat out two words.  “Let go.”

“Why are you in a rush”

Yellow Hair smiled and teased her.  He turned his head back to glance briefly behind to exchange a look with the Tin Foil and then he chuckled.

“Lets be friends.”

As he spoke, he stretched out his other hand to touch Wen Ruans chin.


Just as he stretched out his arm, he was suddenly grabbed by a powerful hand.

Feeling shocked, Wen Ruan turned her head…….

She did not know when Fu Zhihuan had arrived to stand beside her with his thin lips pressed tightly together.  Although he did not say a word, an inexplicable aura surrounded his body from head to toe that sent chills down ones spine.

Yellow Hair was so scared that his pupils shrank and behind him, Tin Foil who was watching the show instantly straightened up with a nervous expression.

Fu Zhihuan lifted his eyes and released his hand.

Before Yellow Hair could catch his breath, the next instant, Fu Zhihuan raised his hand suddenly as if he was going to grab Yellow Hairs chin…….

“Damn it!  Brother, dont be too much!”

Tin Foil who was at the back panicked and moved a few steps forward.  But he did not dare to come any nearer and only tried to persuade.

Wen Ruan was also shocked.

The drunk Fu Zhihuan seemed to have become even more irritated.

She hurriedly held on to Fu Zhihuans hand and pulled him back a few steps.  Then she hurriedly stood in between him and Yellow Hair and said anxiously while facing Fu Zhihuan.

“Dont do it.”


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