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Chapter 13 – Zou Yinyun

Wen Ruan could not even smile.

Especially when Fu Zhihuan used a sexy bass tone to repeat the words she spoke just now.  Suddenly, Wen Ruan felt as if her whole face was put on a charcoal grill to burn in pain.

The most embarrassing thing in the world is to be caught red-handed on the spot by the person mentioned in the gossip.

 And he also repeated the shameful contents in such a straightforward manner.

Before her strategy plan had started, it had already been exposed.

No, she wont admit defeat so easily!

So Wen Ruan lifted her head calmly and pretended.

“Youre mistaken, I wasnt talking about you.”

She paused and then added very firmly.

“I was talking about Earl.”

Anyway, no matter what she had to blame everything on Earl.


Fu Zhihuan seemed to be smiling and the way he said those words was quite intriguing.

Faced with such great oppression, Wen Ruan forcefully suppressed the panic in her heart and pretended to be righteous.

“Yes, I just want to have a good relationship with Earl.  Im not interested in you at all.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she heard Qin Sushans refreshing voice from afar.

“Why did you take so long to pay the bill, Ruan Ruan  Do you want me to get someone to help you go to the prosecutors office to find out about that handsome guy……”

When Wen Ruan heard the wordguy she shivered and then turned around abruptly.  She walked hastily to Qin Sushans side and stretched out her hand to cover Qin Sushans mouth.

……So dangerous!

Standing not too far away, Fu Zhihuan watched her for a while, then slowly raised his eyebrows and narrowed his eyes and his smile became deeper.

Wen Ruan swallowed.

This is too much despair!

But fortunately, Fu Zhihuan did not seem like he wanted to continue teasing her anymore.  Instead, he straightened his body lazily to lean against the counter then raised his chin slightly at Wen Ruan and reminded her softly.

“Charge your phone.”

“Mm…….”  Wen Ruan nodded repeatedly.

Then he added another sentence.

“Remember to pay back the money.”

“……I understand……”

Stingy devil!


“So that pheromone-exploding little brother that I saw in the restaurant downstairs just now is the handsome brother youre staying with  Damn it!  No wonder you couldnt hold back!”

Qin Sushans voice became even more excited.

“But now I remember that our office is near the prosecutors office, so its not surprising to meet him here.”

Wen Ruan felt like her soul had left her body and after leaving the restaurant, she seemed to be floating.  As for what Qin Sushan said, she did not even hear a single word.

Always be cautious of ones words and deeds…….

After living for more than 20 years, finally today, Wen Ruan truly understood this truth.

Qin Sushan was walking when she suddenly remembered something.  She stopped and clapped her hands.

“Oh yes, you said Fu Zhihuan is also from the procuratorate, do you think he knows your cheap fiancé”

Her words pulled back Wen Ruans soul instantly.  She shivered and straightened up immediately before considering the seriousness of the problem.


After careful consideration, Wen Ruan said solemnly.

“From today onwards, my identity must be kept hidden from Fu Zhihuan and no one must know that I am the Wen Familys daughter.”

“Huh”  Qin Sushan was startled.

Wen Ruan gave a serious analysis.

“Just think, the prosecutors office is so close to our office……in case someone unintentionally had a slip of the tongue one day and that Second Young Master Fu comes to look for me, what should I do  What if both of them fight over me and refuse to give in…….”


Qin Sushan felt her brain starting to hurt.  She sighed and looked into Wen Ruans eyes solemnly.

“I would rather believe that the two of them will fight each other because the little brother selling stinky tofu downstairs only has one last bowl left……..rather than believe they will fight over you.”

“……Youve hurt my heart…….were over!”

The two of them talked and laughed as they made their way back to their office.  After they entered the office lobby and passed by the pantry, they heard whispers coming from inside……..

“Whats the background of that Lawyer Wen who came this morning”

“I heard that she is Professor Sus apprentice whom he taught personally and it seems she is regarded highly.”

“I dont care whose apprentice she is.  Who doesnt have to work hard to expand her network of contacts  Ive been working here for so many years but I havent seen Professor Su give opportunities to anyone.  Why should she be receiving Professor Sus care as soon as she joins the office  I heard Professor Su is planning to give her some contacts but I think all apprentices should be treated equally.”

Wen Ruan knew the person who was speaking.

Her name seemed to be Zou Yinyun.  When Wen Ruan greeted all her new colleagues in the morning, Zou Yinyun sneered and ignored her.

With a frown on her face, Qin Sushan paused and her smiling expression collapsed instantly.

“This Lawyer Zou Yinyun took three years to pass her exam before she got her certificate.  If it was not for her familys connections, Professor Su would not have let her remain in the office for so long.  Its not known how many complaints she had received from the clients over non-litigation cases and now she is even blaming the Professor”

In fact, although Professor Su appreciates Wen Ruan, he has always advocated that his students rely on their own strengths and communication skills to accumulate case sources and contacts.

Although Zou Yinyuns remarks were not supported by evidence at all, it would surely lower the colleagues impression of Wen Ruan instantly.

“That shouldnt be.  When Miss Wen greeted us this morning, she seemed to be an easy-going person.  I also heard that she was quite capable back then.

“Come on, just look at her appearance of a flowery branch swaying in the wind*.  She looks like an embroidered pillow”.”

(Flowery branch swaying in the wind means a graceful and gorgeously dressed woman.)

(Embroidered pillow means a brainless beauty similar to a pillow that has a beautifully embroidered pillowcase that covers up the cheap materials used to stuff the pillow e.g.

straw, cotton, etc.)

Qin Sushan felt very angry.  When she was about to step forward to teach Zou Yinyun a lesson, her arm was grabbed by Wen Ruan.

Wen Ruan let out a laugh.  “Forget it.”


Qin Sushan was already fed up with Zou Yinyun and could not stand her display of princess illness* all day long in the office.  And at this moment, when she heard Zou Yinyun criticizing her best friend behind her back, fury choked up her heart.

(Princess illness is a popular description of a female who constantly throws tantrums, blames others for problems, demands attention, shirks responsibilities, and expects others to show her good treatment.)

“Usually when you encounter this kind of matter, your temper has always been better than mine.”

Qin Sushan did not understand.  “What do you mean”

“My meaning is……”

Wen Ruan paused and then narrowed her eye.  The corners of her lips curled slightly and she said calmly and smoothly.

“If I havent just joined the office and need to establish a good image in front of the other colleagues, then right now, I will certainly let this rotten princess understand the meaning of sufferings in the world.  Ill make her perform the ritual ofsix kneels and nine kowtows at the door of the office and recites the laws as she cries.”

“Say that Im a flowery branch swaying in the wind  Isnt all that nonsense  Ive spent tens of thousands to adorn my body from head to toe and if Im not qualified to be a flowery branch swaying In the wind, then can it be that she is the flowery branch swaying in the wind  Does she have the princess illness  But my illness is even more severe and Im very revengeful!  She is Zou Yinyun, is that right  I have already saved this name in my contact list.  Anyway, I still have a long time.  After Ive bribed the other colleagues with milk tea and chocolate puffs, Ill take revenge for what transpired today.”

While speaking that long string of words without a pause, she even maintained a sweet, well-behaved, and perfect smile on her face.

After speaking, Wen Ruan took a deep breath and walked in briskly to greet everyone.

“What kind of milk tea do you all want  Its my treat.  Take it as a new colleagues meeting gift to everyone.”

“Want to go out for drinks tonight  Okay, okay, Ill treat all of you tonight.”

“Hahaha……it doesnt matter.  Since it is our first meeting Ill be generous but Ill be super stingy in the future.”

The colleagues who were still in the office responded.  Just now they were still feeling bored in the office but instantly became energetic.

Qin Sushan looked at the Wen Ruans delicate back and in her heart, there was only one sentence……

Women are terrifying!


“When our younger sister was killed that year, there was indeed another girl who happened to be missing on the same day.”

Fu Minghen sighed and said on the phone.  “But the two cases were not related because that kidnapper did it for money and later he committed suicide due to the crime.  It had nothing to do with our younger sister.”

Fu Zhihuans eyes darkened.  “What was that girls name”

“I dont know.”  Fu Mingheng tried to recall and then shook his head.

“It is heard that the girls parents didnt want their child to be affected by the public, so they applied to the police for non-disclosure of their names.”

Fu Zhihuan:  “I understand.”

“Why are you suddenly asking about this”  Fu Mingheng asked suspiciously.  “This case should have nothing to do with the death of our younger sister.  Its only a coincidence…….”

“After youve seen so many cases, youll find it hard to believe that there are coincidences in this world.”  Fu Zhihuan let out a soft laugh.

Although he was smiling, his tone seemed to be a little inexplicably low.

“Thank you.”

“Ai…….”  Fu Mingheng sighed and called out helplessly to Fu Zhihuan who was about to hang up.

“Wen Fengchen came yesterday and proposed to cancel the marriage.”

Fu Zhihuans movements stopped abruptly.  He lowered his eyelids and seemed to be calmly looking at the lights and shadows in front of the window……..but he also seemed to be in a trance.

After a long silence, he asked.  “Then…….what happened”

Fu Mingheng laughed.  “I thought youd be very happy.”

Fu Zhihuan did not reply to Fu Mingheng but just repeated his question.

“Then what happened”

“Dad didnt agree right away and only said that he wants to discuss it again tonight.  However, the cancellation should be confirmed.

“  Fu Mingheng laughed.  “Congratulations, youre free again.”


There was a long silence on the other end of the phone and even Fu Mingheng felt it was a little odd.

But before Fu Mingheng could ask, he heard a crisp low laugh coming from the other end.  The laugh sounded emotionless and he felt a chill run down his back.

Fu Zhihuan leaned back into the office chair lazily.  When he spoke again, he did not mention the engagement, and instead, he said lightly.

“Say hello to Grandpa for me.”


Fu Mingheng listened to the busy tone from the phone and a row of question marks slowly appeared over his head.

What kind of situation is this

Why does he feel that Second Young Master Fu is not particularly happy

Outside the window, the cicadas cries were making an irritating ruckus.


Fu Zhihuan casually threw the phone on the table.  He rested his elbows on the armrests then interlocked his fingers and placed them loosely on his chest.

It was extremely quiet in the office and one could even hear the sound of cool air flowing from the air-conditioner.

He stared fixedly at the second drawer of his work desk for a while.  After a long time had passed, he straightened up abruptly and stretched out his hand to open it.

Lying in the drawer was a ring box.

The ring is one of a pair……similar to the ring that Wen Ruan had thrown into the trash bin not long ago.

A knock sounded on the door.


Fu, its time for your dinner appointment.”

Fu Zhihuan lifted his eyes then grabbed the ring box, slipped it into his pocket, and stood up……..

“Mm……lets go.”

The dinner appointment lasted until 9 pm that evening.  Compared to other social appointments, it was more like a semi-working meeting.

Fu Zhihuan did not drink.  Fortunately, all the people present were respected and well-known, so they did not have the habit of urging others to drink.  After the normal dinner, the atmosphere was also very harmonious.

After an exchange of casual words, Fu Zhihuan sent off the few old gentlemen.  When he turned around to leave, he realized that his car keys were left forgotten on the dinner table.

When he returned to the hotel, he suddenly heard a familiar voice amidst the clamor of a crowd of people.

“Ai, I really cant drink too much, my alcohol tolerance is not very good.  And now its very late, I have to go home.”

“Its okay.  Its your first day at work, so if you dont drink youd be a spoilsport.”

Fu Zhihuan frowned slightly and looked over.

The door was ajar and Wen Ruan could be seen sitting in the middle of the crowd holding a hand to her forehead.  Her face seemed to be flush due to the alcohol reaction and she seemed to be in discomfort.

A woman with a high ponytail sitting next to her seemed reluctant to let her off and kept on toasting with her.


Fu Zhihuans eyes narrowed slightly and an inexplicable irritation rose from the bottom of his heart and even the air wrapped around his fingertips seemed to have turned hot.

This Missy truly makes others worry!


Act……..just keep on acting.

Qin Sushan puffed up her cheeks and looked at the actress, Wen Ruan, who was working hard on pretending to be drunk.  Not only was Qin Sushan not worried, she even yawned lazily.

She and Wen Ruan were playmates since childhood and she had already accepted many of Wen Ruans abnormalities.

For example, Wen Ruan looks like a good girl whowill get drunk after just drinking a little alcohol but on the contrary, alcohol has little impact on her.

At countless parties, Wen Ruan would always be the last one to remain sober and has always been responsible for kicking everyone awake and sending them home.

Zou Yinyun was tirelessly persuading Wen Ruan to drink and even playing the guessing game with the bet of you drink two glasses and I drink one glass to get her drunk.  Upon seeing this kind of disparity in punishment, Qin Sushan almost burst into laughter.

This Zou Yinyun is indeed ignorant of real power!

“Its almost done, dont make Zou Yinyun look too bad.”

“Its fine.  Ive been keeping count…….just let her have one more……..”

Just as the pair of best friends were whispering to each other, suddenly there was a knock on the door.

Everyone lifted their heads……..

Fu Zhihuan leaned lazily against the door with eyes that were smiling.  He raised his chin towards Wen Ruan and said.

“Its time to go home, little kid.”


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