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Chapter 10 – Take Responsibility

Wen Ruan instantly blushed and felt that the surrounding had become ambiguous all of a sudden.

The water droplets that were rolling down Fu Zhihuan seemed to be moving in slow motion at this moment as they rolled down his angular chin and dripped to the floor.

The sound of the water droplets falling on the ground sounded very clear and crisp.

She took a deep breath and it seemed her pounding heartbeats were very distinct.  Her hand that was holding the doorknob trembled and before she could think, she subconsciously slammed the door shut.


The gust of wind that blew up when the door was slammed shut lifted the hair from Fu Zhihuans forehead.  His hand that was holding the bath towel to dry his hair paused as he stared at the closed door in front of him.

He was silent for a while.

About half a minute later, the door was slowly opened again.

Wen Ruan hid quietly behind the door and only revealed her eyes as she asked softly.

“The bed still has Earls smell, then……where do I sleep tonight”

Fu Zhihuan came back to his senses.  He lowered his eyes then casually adjusted the collar of his bathrobe and said slowly.

“There are indeed other rooms in the house.”

She breathed a sigh of relief.  “Then…….”

“But theres only one bed.”  Fu Zhihuan added lightly.

He was not used to having people sleep over in his house and for the past five years, he had not kept in touch with his family.  Although there were many empty rooms in the house, he did not prepare any extra beds.

The room that Wen Ruan was staying in presently was furnished because he knew Simon was coming to stay and made preparations in advance.

She lowered her eyes dejectedly.  After thinking for a while, she placed her hands on her waist and said.

“No matter what, that cat you raised kept me out of the bed, therefore, you will have to be responsible for me tonight!”

There was instant silence for a few seconds.

Why does this sentence sound a bit weird

Fu Zhihuan glanced at the angry expression on her face and leaning lazily against the door frame, he said slowly.

“Since its Earls responsibility, then you should go and sleep in its basket.”


Just listen to this!  Should these words be spoken by a human

“However, if you dont mind……”

Looking at Wen Ruan choking in fury, he suddenly chuckled and dragged on the words.

“……..You still have a second choice.“

Second choice

She pondered.

Now the only bed left in the whole apartment is the one in Fu Zhihuans room.

Can it be…….

Wen Ruan instantly trembled and retreated two steps in succession.  She raised her hand to her collar and her voice sounded flustered.

“Thats not good.  Weve just met.”


Upon hearing this, he was quiet for a few seconds.

What is inside the head of this Missy

He stretched out his hand to press on his aching temple and gritted his teeth as he said.  “My meaning is that you can sleep on the sofa.”

The atmosphere instantly became awkward.

Wen Ruan loosened her hand that was clutching her collar.  Perhaps it was due to embarrassment that she remained silent for a long time.  Then she repeated the sentence with some disbelief.

“Sleep on the sofa”

She was brought up as a spoilt and pampered precious daughter in her family, so Wen Ruan had never slept on the sofa all night before.

She retreated a few steps and looked toward the living room.

Although Fu Zhihuans apartment was not small, it was still incomparable to her villa after all…….and the sofa looked slightly narrow.

Fu Zhihuan raised his eyelids as he looked at the complicated expression on her face and suggested again.

“Or else, you can spend the night in your room.”

Who would want to spend a night in a bed that is full of Earls smell

Wen Ruan puffed up her cheeks and turned around.  It was as if she was venting her anger as she paddled off in her slippers and returned to her room.

Fu Zhihuan leaned on the door frame without moving as he watched her angry retreating back view.  After he heard the sound of the door closing, his lips curved and he let out a soft laugh.  Then he turned around and closed the door.

He guessed that in just a little while that Missy will angrily drag out her suitcase and go to a hotel.

Although she had torn off the packaging and tags of her new purchases, Fu Zhihuan could still see with just a glance that those items were expensive luxury goods.

Wen Fengchen is well-known for pampering his daughter.  Even if Wen Ruan ran away from home, he will surely not stop her cards and will be worried if his daughter lives in discomfort outside.

For a lady like her who grew up in a honey pot and was never short of money, she would definitely not be acceptable with the idea of sleeping on the sofa.

Just now when he was halfway through his shower, Wen Ruan had called him out, so now he went back to the bathroom and turned on the shower again.

Drops of water slipped down from the tips of his hair and he stretched out his hands to brush his hair back and raised his head.


Through the sound of the running water, he could hear the door closing very clearly.

It seemed she had left in anger.

Fu Zhihuan opened his eyes and there seemed to be a bottomless wave surging in his dark eyes.  Suddenly, he lifted his hand and turned off the shower.

There was silence all around.

After a short silence, he turned on the shower again.

In fact, it did not matter to him at all.

Since Wen Ruan had recklessly run away from home, she would not be able to endure it for long and would return home after a few days.  Moreover, Wen Fengchen had already given in and planned to cancel the marriage agreement.

So, there was no need for him to interfere anymore.

The sound of water splashing on the floor continued endlessly and it gave one an inexplicably upset feeling.

Suddenly he frowned and then raised his hand to turn off the shower.

To rashly run out in a hurry at this time of the night is truly wilful.

He turned around and came out of the bathroom.  Then he irritably pulled out a shirt from the closet and got ready to go out.

As soon as he reached the living room, he heard voices coming from the TV…….

~ “Do you love me”

~ “Who is this woman”

~ “I dont want to listen to your explanation.  I only believe my eyes!”

~ “I have nothing going on with Xiaohong, believe me…….  In my heart, theres only you!”

He turned around to find Wen Ruan had moved the quilt and pillow to the sofa.  She had curled up and wrapped herself into a ball while she watched the TV with concentration.

She was also wearing a sleep mask high on her forehead as though she was ready to go to bed at any time.

The TVs volume was turned on very low and she was watching with concentration without even shifting her eyes.

When she heard some movements, she turned her head around and looked at him.

“Its so late, are you still going out”

Fu Zhihuans hands that were clasping his collar paused and his eyes rested on Wen Ruan.

She didnt leave

It seemed that she easily accepted the fact that she had to sleep on the sofa.

“Are you sleeping on the sofa tonight”

“Or else”

Wen Ruan rolled her eyes angrily.

Earl was lying on top of her body and she stretched out her hand to rub Earls head.

“If I dont sleep on the sofa then should I squeeze into the bed with you”

He remained silent for a while then his eyes turned dark and his thin lips tightened.

At this moment, Wen Ruan turned around and yawned lazily.  Then she reached out her hand to pick up the remote control to turn off the TV and at the same time stretched her waist.

“Im going to sleep.  Help me to turn off the lights later.”


He walked over to the switches and stretched out his hand to turn off the lights in the living room.

Instantly, the room was plunged into darkness.

The moonlight streamed in through the gaps in the curtains and shone on Wen Ruans face.

Fu Zhihuan did not return to his room immediately.  He stared at the clean face lying on the sofa and his eyes wavered slightly.  After a long time, he slowly lowered his eyes and turned around to leave.


In the middle of the night.

A nightmare.

Fu Zhihuan was dreaming of his sister again.

In the layer of white light, a girls crisp laughter could be heard faintly.  Then bit by bit the white hazy mist lifted away.  As the hazy mist cleared, the face of a girl that was about five years old emerged.

She stretched out her hands to Fu Zhihuan and said in a sweet voice.

“Brother Ah Lu.”

Fu Zhihuan walked forward.  Half-dreaming and half-awake, he seemed to have returned to twenty years ago when he was six years old.

“Youre so slow, I wont wait for you.”

The girl withdrew her hands then pouted her lips and ran forward.

“Ill go to the cherry blossom tree first, you can walk slowly on your own!”

She ran forward.

All the way forward.

In the dream, the sunny day scene instantly changed.  The sky was churning with dark clouds and it suddenly darkened as dense rain started to fall.

The cherry blossom tree in the distance was getting closer and closer and the pink flower petals began to change color bit by bit.

It turned out that there were red spots on the petals and as the blood-red spots spread outwards, it looked like the branches were drenched in blood.

He stopped under the cherry blossom tree.

The rain poured down heavily and he was soaked through.

The girl was lying under the tree.

Her clothes could barely cover her and her body was covered in blood.  She opened her hollow eyes as if all her hopes had been forcefully crushed and all the stars in her eyes had extinguished.

“Younger Sister had left for many years.”

“Life is long…….you cant remain trapped in the past forever.”

The air seemed to have become thin instantly and the surrounding was like glass breaking up, splitting into thousands of cracks.

A huge roar and a sense of pressure surged into Fu Zhihuans head.  He opened his eyes abruptly……..only to find that his body was covered in cold sweat.

He lifted his arm to place it on his forehead and he slowly closed his eyes again.

The surrounding was surprisingly quiet.

A long time later, he got up to get a glass of water from the kitchen.

It was four oclock in the morning.  Even Earl who is forever spirited and lively was lying in the cat basket and sleeping peacefully.

After pouring himself a glass of cold water he turned around and leaned against the sink to drink.

His Adams apple rolled.

The cold feeling loosened his tight nerves a little.  Then he lifted his eyes and saw Wen Ruan sleeping soundly on the sofa.

Half of the quilt covering her body had fallen to the floor and her sleeping face looked peaceful and serene.

He put down the glass then walked slowly toward Wen Ruan and squatted in front of her.

She doesnt look like a lawyer.

And nor does she look like a delicate lady.

Looking at her, she seemed to be quite squeamish and needed others to worry over her…….but she is very much better than expected.

Wen Ruan frowned and then sneezed softly.  It seemed she was dreaming and subconsciously, she lifted her hand to rub her nose.

He sighed then picked up the quilt that had fallen on the floor and placed it on her to cover up her shoulders.

His fingertips gently brushed against her cheeks.

However, before he could withdraw his hands, Wen Ruans eyes suddenly opened.  Without looking clearly at the person in front of her, her first response was a defensive move…….


She raised her hand mercilessly and slapped him on his right cheek.

All of a sudden, it was surprisingly quiet.

Earl was also awakened instantly.

Fu Zhihuan hissed lightly and did not speak immediately.  Instead, he raised his hand to press on his cheek then slowly lifted his eyes and stared deeply at Wen Ruan.


Wen Ruan:  …….Im done for……..


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