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Chapter 1 – Hailun Bar

In a neon light night bar in Tong City.

On this midsummer night, it was raining heavily and stuffy air flowed as the sky roared with the sounds of thunder.

However, all those noises were isolated outside the bar.

Inside Hailun Bar, the heavy black and gold designs on the display cabinet emitted luxurious cold lights just like the lights and shadows swirling in the wine glasses.

Near the bar counter, the seats were all reserved and were filled with men and women who were dressed up extravagantly.

They toasted and joked with each other as they sat lazily on the sofa while holding meaningless conversations and idle gossip.

“Do you think Wen Ruan will come today”

“Most probably, she wont come.”

“Thats true.  After being stood up by her fiancé during the engagement party last week, I guess shell be looking for a place to heal her emotional wounds.”

“I heard that the Second Young Master Fu wants to cancel the marriage.  Even though the Wen Enterprise is still the leading enterprise in Tong City, he still didnt give them face.”

“Second Young Master Fu is a prosecutor and has a temperament of a loner.  How will he have feelings for a delicate and pretty lady such as the young Miss Wen Ruan”

As soon as the gossip started, it was like a spark of fire that ignited the source, and the stiff atmosphere just now was instantly ignited.

The people all around started to discuss this enthusiastically without noticing that the person they were gossiping about was standing not too far away.

Wen Ruan was hugging her arms and leaning lazily on the bar counter a short distance away from that table.  Her eyelids were drooping while her index finger was tapping on her arm rhythmically and she even yawned.

She had arrived and heard them talking for the last five minutes.

In these five short minutes, the group of people had been enthusiastically discussing Second Young Master Fus maturity and exciting experiences.  At the same time, they lamented how unfair it was for him to encounter such a fiancée as her.

The gossip was truly amazing.

“This Second Young Master Fu quarreled with his family while he was still in university and even changed his name.   Even Old Master Fu couldnt do anything.  How will this kind of man like Wen Ruan who is like a vase*.”

(When someone is described as avase it means the person only looks pretty to be admired and has no other abilities.)


Wen Ruan tilted her head and glanced at the man who said that.

The man had a head of short hair that was dyed in eye-catching red color but it was obvious his temperament was unable to hold up to the overwhelming color.  At this moment, he was sitting on the sofa and stuck out like a matchstick.

Matchstick, right  Ill remember you!

“Its better not let those words of yours get to the ears of Wen Ruan.  Everyone knows that Director Wen dotes on this precious daughter of his.  Based on her bad temper, you wont be able to deal with it!”

The voice of the woman who said those words was laced with a sour undertone.  She was wearing a complicated frilly white gauze dress and looked exactly like a white baby cabbage.

Bad temper

Wen Ruan narrowed her eyes.

Watch out, Little White Baby Cabbage!   Ill remember you too!

At this moment, when the woman finally turned her head around, she caught sight of Wen Ruan standing at the far end.

Then she let out a deliberate cough and the sound spread among the group.  As a result, everyone suddenly stopped talking.

Immediately, someone said stiffly.  “Aiya……Ruan Ruan, why didnt you say anything when you arrived!”

The expression on Wen Ruans face did not show any annoyance and after thinking about it, she replied seriously.  “Its because I was eavesdropping so I didnt say a word.”


No one had expected that Wen Ruan would not even skirt around the issue and instead gave a straightforward answer.

When Wen Ruan saw the people around her did not speak, she sat down calmly then smiled and waved at the waiter to order a drink as though she did not care about what they were discussing just now.

“What are all of you drinking”

It seemed as though she did not mind.

Immediately, theMatchstick seized the opportunity to curry favor.

“Ruan Ruan, just now I was trying to fight for justice on your behalf.  That fiancé of yours didnt even turn up for his engagement party!  Is he a man!  He didnt even show the slightest responsibility!”

Wen Ruan blinked.  Her tone sounded rather pitiful as she said.  “I feel very sad too.  However, he is the Fu Familys Second Young Master……”

Matchstick who was fooled by a few words from Wen Ruan suddenly displayed his machismo.

“So what if hes the Second Young Master  To me, anyone who is irresponsible and wastes the time of others is a scumbag!  If I know where Second Young Master Fu is, I will surely teach him a lesson on your behalf!”

“He is in Jiang City.”


“Old Master Fu told me that Second Young Master Fu is in Jiang City.”

She turned her head around to look at Matchstick then beamed a very lovely smile and said in a voice tone that was dripping with charm.

“Thank you so much for standing up for me!  Ill book you a ticket to Jiang City right away!”

After that, she took out her phone, opened the ticketing app, and said solemnly.

“Tell me your phone number and ID number and Ill book you a first-class seat…….  It just happens that theres a seat available!  Youll reach there tomorrow, thank you very much!”

Matchstick was obviously embarrassed.  Upon seeing that Wen Ruan was really going to book him a ticket, he quickly reached out his hand to stop her.

“Ai, no, no, no……..I was just………”

Wen Ruan lifted her eyes to look at him.

Matchstick touched his head helplessly.  “……..I was just joking.”

Wen Ruan let out a light snort and sank into the sofa as if she was boneless.

“If you have any opinion or comments regarding my engagement party, you can hold up a megaphone to speak in front of Old Master Fu or you can post a banner in front of my door to protest.”

Speaking up to this point, she paused slightly and emphasized every word.

“If you dont dare then just stop it.”

Everyone knows that Wen Ruan is the Young Miss who is doted on and spoiled.  Usually, she looks soft and likable but when something happens, she would behave like a hedgehog with sharp needles sprouting all over her body.

Since she heard clearly what Matchstick said, she taught him a lesson right away.

When thatWhite Baby Cabbage noticed the situation, she hurriedly said.  “Ruan Ruan, he was only joking, so dont take it to heart.  Moreover, didnt Old Master Fu give you the engagement ring a week ago  How is it possible for the engagement to be canceled  In the future, you can rely on this golden mountain……”

(Golden mountain here means a gold mine or a very wealthy person.)

Wen Ruans head started to hurt.

Every word from thisWhite Baby Cabbage was stepping on her tail!

Wen Ruan let out a laugh emotionlessly and took out a ring box from her bag.

She raised her chin towards the White Baby Cabbage and casually tossed the ring box in her direction.

White Baby Cabbage was taken aback for a moment and then hurriedly caught it.


“It is the engagement ring that the Fu Family gave me.  Im giving it to you.”

Wen Ruan leaned her head on the sofas headrest and her tone sounded light and casual.

“From now on, you are Second Young Master Fus fiancée.  Congratulations, you can now rely on this golden mountain to raise you for the rest of your life!  Congratulations!”

Her voice had a slightly upward tone as she spoke in standard American English and instantly, the woman in front of her showed an embarrassed expression.

“Ruan Ruan, stop joking.  How would I dare to take this……..and I have nothing to do with the Fu Family……”

Wen Ruan cocked her head while her fingers twirled with her hair.  She yawned lazily then sat up and said with a slight impatience.

“If you dont dare to take it then why are you spouting nonsense  I thought you are unaware that this matter has nothing to do with you.”

White Baby Cabbage knew she was in the wrong so she lowered her head and did not say another word.

Wen Ruan scoffed lightly.  “Since all of you are so curious, then Ill just tell you.  I and Second Young Master Fu wont be getting engaged, so whoever wants this ring can take it.”

While Wen Ruan was speaking, the rotating lights of the stage fell on her palm-size face which made her exquisite facial features appear even more attractive.

The lights in her eyes were twinkling and it was the lights of an aggressive beauty.

At this moment, she looks like a soft and cute little kitten baring its fangs.  She had just ferociously bitten those people who had gathered around to ridicule her and now she is slowly licking her paws.

Everyone present knew that Wen Ruan could get along and play with anyone no matter who that person is but she has the gift of the garb and is revengeful.

Between the tables, the black and gold screens served as partitions.

The perforated designs on the screens gave out a luxurious feeling.   Through the small gaps of the screen,  a pair of cold eyes glanced over and swept over the group of noisy men and women at the table.  Then his eyes remained focused on Wen Ruans delicate pretty face.

Similar to the dim lights blending into the night, his eyes that were hidden in the dark mist seemed to swallow up every spark of light.

Fu Zhihuan pursed his lips, withdrew his gaze and his expression showed a little indifference.

“Ah Lu, we can leave now.”  Fu Mingheng walked over and glanced at his watch.

Fu Zhihuan lifted his eyes and put down the wine glass in his hand.

The hand holding the cup of the wine glass showed distinct knuckles and fingers that were long and strong.


Fu Zhihuan raised his hand then put his index finger to his lips and made a silent gesture.  His pair of cold eyes were full of indifference and seemed to be giving out a warning.

Fu Mingheng was stunned for a moment and then sighed.

“Im used to talking loudly and had forgotten you changed your name when you were in university.”

“Its okay.”

After speaking, he stood up and walked side by side with Fu Mingheng towards the bar exit.

“Why didnt you make a trip home since youre finally back from Jiang City”

“Its not necessary.”

“Ai……..as your Elder Brother, I still have to say a few words of persuasion.   That little lady from the Wen Family is quite well-behaved but you rejected the marriage…….”

“Is the car here”  Fu Zhihuan interrupted.

Fu Mingheng was slightly taken aback and obviously knew that his persuasion was fruitless.  Therefore, he shook his head helplessly and sighed.

“Ill go to the parking lot and drive the car over.  Wait here for me.”

The rain was getting heavier.

The rough surface of the road was waterlogged and the water splashed with the turning of the car wheels churning up splatters of mud.


Fu Zhihuan recalled his so-called fiancee in the bar just now……a sharp-tongued, merciless woman who could make one choke with speechlessness.

……Quite well-behaved…….

At this time, many cars were moving in and out of the parking lots.

After five to six minutes, Fu Mingheng was still stuck at the parking lots exit and could not get out.

At this moment, a familiar voice rang out from behind Fu Zhihuan.  The nice voice that sounded clear and crisp brought a slight frown to his face.

“How is this good fun  Initially, I heard that a handsome singer was going to sing in Hailun Bar today so I came over to join in the fun.  I didnt expect to hear my cheap fiances name again!  Damn!”

Wen Ruan condemned her so-called fiancé with eloquence and ambiguity without knowing that the man was standing like the great Buddha less than a meter away from her.

In reality, he should be regarded as a former fiancé.

A few days ago, Wen Ruan had kicked up a huge fuss and with Fu Zhihuans resolute attitude on not meeting her, their engagement was clearly a gone case.

It was only those elders who valued their elderly mutual affection and harbored a hope that was like a thin layer of paper covering the window and wanted to persuade both of them to mend the relationship.

Between both Wen Ruan and Fu Zhihuan stood a pair of lovers who were hugging each other waiting for the rain to stop.

However, Wen Ruans angry voice could still be heard…….

“Happy  Unless you can tell me that Second Master Fus grave has been bombed, otherwise Ill never be happy today!”

“Pei!  Do I look like a person who is obsessed with beauty  No matter how handsome he is, I wont like him!  Even if men are going to be extinct, Ill never like that Second Young Master Fu!”

“I wont marry!  I wont marry anyone!  I would rather marry the son of a stinky tofu stallholder than marry that dog!”

“Damn it!  Dogs and old men hinder my youth!  If my father doesnt permit me to cancel the marriage, Ill raise a young male star who had just debuted and cuckold that Second Young Master Fu!”

In the end, a string of impassioned remarks flowed continuously.

Fu Zhihuans eyebrows jumped and he lifted his hand to massage his temple which suddenly started to throb.  His lips curled up and he let out a low laugh silently.

Bad-tempered and stubborn as well…….

“Miss Wen  Does this belong to you”

At this moment, a waiters voice suddenly sounded from the rear.

A uniformed male waiter spoke in a polite tone and respectfully handed over a ring box.

Wen Ruan really did not take this engagement ring seriously.

However, she suddenly withdrew her arrogant tone.  Pressing on the earphone, she immediately put on a sweet smile and her voice became gentle and soft that seemed to drip with charm.

“Yes, its mine.  I had troubled you for bringing it back to me.”

With this tone, she seemed totally different from the person just now.

After the waiter left, Wen Ruan released the earphone again and said joyfully.  “I was just talking to the little waiter who is super handsome!  My heart that was hurt by that ‘dog* Second Young Master Fu had instantly healed.”

(Dog – It is degrading to be called adog and the worddog-man is usually used to describe a man who is hateful, nasty, or stinky.)

Fu Zhihuan:  “……”

While she was talking on the phone, she opened her umbrella and stepped into the rain.

It was only that as she passed by the trash bin, she raised her hand.

And the ring box flew into the trash bin in a perfect arc.

She continued to walk forward without a pause as if she was devoid of any feelings.

Fu Zhihuan glanced in the direction she left and his eyes did not show any emotions.

This marriage contract will very soon cease to exist totally.

Originally, they were both completely different people, therefore, there was no need for them to get involved with each other.

Fu Mingheng finally drove up.  He rolled down the car window and honked.

Fu Zhihuan stepped forward, opened the door, and got into the car.

“It seems I saw Miss Wen just now.”  Fu Mingheng looked around.

Fu Zhihuans voice was cold.  “Lets go.”

Fu Mingheng laughed and shook his head helplessly.  Then he skillfully turned the car around and after driving for a considerable distance, he suddenly thought of something and pulled out a document from the compartment at the side of the car door.

“This is what I extracted from the Public Security Bureau a few days ago.  Its about the case that happened more than 20 years ago.”

Fu Zhihuan reached out to take the document from him.

The first page of the document was a colored photo of a little girl about five to six years old.

“Zhihuan, you must understand that our younger sister passed away more than 20 years ago and according to the law, the retrospective period of the case had already passed.  The whereabouts of that suspect back then are probably unknown…….”

Fu Mingheng looked up to look at the person sitting in the back row seat through the rearview mirror and his tone sounded a little low.

“A lifetime is very long, dont be trapped in the past.”   Fu Mingheng said.

“To me, some things have no relation to the length of time.”

Fu Zhihuan looked down and his dark eyes concealed an imperceptible light.

“Even if he had turned into white bones or had turned into ashes, I will still personally bring him to court.”

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