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When the Lich King was about to dismiss Lin Fan, it's purple eyes suddenly moved back onto Lin Fan's corpse as he felt the appearance of time laws.

This wasn't Angela's first time seeing this, so she wasn't surprised, but she did find it funny that the Lich King had the same reaction as she had.

Once Lin Fan had been revived, the Lich King asked, "Boy, who are you"

Lin Fan dusted off his clothes before saying, "It really is rude to interrupt someone before they finish."

The Lich King just stared at Lin Fan for a bit, as it looked like it was deep in thought. After a while, the Lich King suddenly gave a sigh and said, "Alright, I get what's going on."

Lin Fan was confused by this as he asked, "What do you mean"

The Lich King spread his hands as he said, "You're a lowly human, so you definitely can't control the power of the laws and this little girl is the Spirit Overlord, so she definitely hasn't broken through the mortal limit yet. The only explanation for the appearance of the powers of the laws of time is because there is someone else behind you. But that also makes sense since you're able to get the Spirit Overlord girl here to listen to you, which means they must either be someone from the God Realm or you have some kind of special illusion ability."

The Lich King had been born with the Lich's Necropolis, so he was the crystallization of wisdom over the countless millennia. The Lich King had already reached a degree of knowledge that could be considered unparalleled in the mortal world, so it was easy for it to see through this.

Lin Fan was more than glad to see this since it was always easier to negotiate with someone smart than with someone stupid.

But what happened right after that completely broke down Lin Fan's world views.

As soon as the Lich King finished his analysis, he waved his hand and the robe around him was changed into gym sweats. After his clothes changed, he turned in the throne and leaned back as he kicked his leg up on one armrest while lying on the other.

This completely shattered the view of the Lich King that Lin Fan had before, it even shattered the image of the serious Lich King that Angela had in her mind.

When she had faced the undead in battle before, they had all said that their king was the most solemn and powerful being they had ever met.

Even when she heard of the Lich King from the previous generation's Spirit Overlord, she heard them describe the Lich King as a being of absolute power and dignity.

But what she saw in front of her was the exact opposite of this.

As for Lin Fan, he was quite excited to see a kindred spirit since it was easier for him to talk to someone like this.

He already had a feeling that this was the case earlier when he saw the maid costumes the ghosts were wearing. Each one was uniquely designed and handmade, it was clear that this Lich King had his hobbies.

Lin Fan casually said, "To be honest, you really should have said omae wa mo shindeiru when you killed me earlier."

The Lich King looked at him with a confused look at first, but after thinking about it, he said, "I don't know what that means, but it sound like a good fit."

Lin Fan had tried testing him since he seemed like an otaku, but it seemed like he wasn't someone from his world. Still someone like this was much easier to talk to, so there was nothing to feel bad about.

Lin Fan just said, "Never mind, I was just talking to myself. So you seem like a smart person, do you know what we're here for"

The Lich King gave a shrug and said, "You have a master that can control the power of the laws, so it would be easy for him to destroy our world, but he doesn't choose to interfere. The only logical explanation for this is that he wants to mediate between our two worlds for some reason, which I agree with."

Angela couldn't help jumping up at this moment, "You agree with mediation Then why did you send your subordinate to attack us just now!"

The Lich King looked at Angela with a confused look before giving another shrug, "The undead aren't as you think, we're much more free without the fetters of life. I might be known as the king, but in reality they rule over themselves and use me to threaten others. The undead are split between many different local rulers and I am considered a figurehead that they hide behind, but I don't really care since no one comes to bother me that way."

Angela didn't back down, "Who can trust the words of an undead like you I'd rather talk with my fists!"

The Lich King ignored her and looked at Lin Fan who was holding her back, "So what does your master want"

Lin Fan revealed his usual smile which immediately put the Lich King off, but he also took out the delivery food that he had brought which had attracted the Lich King's attention, "How about we have a snack before we get down to business"

The Lich King stretched out his head as he looked over the food and took a deep sniff, "Oh, human food. It's been a while since I had human food, it really does seem much better compared to before."

One of the ghost maids came forward and carried a pizza over to the Lich King. The moment he took a slice and took a bite, his purple eyes lit up even brighter, "Oh, humans really are the best, they're so creative when it comes to making things."

Lin Fan didn't stop there and brought over a bucket of fried chicken which he offered to the Lich King.

And just like that, they binged on the junk food that Lin Fan brought out for while Lin Fan also showed the Lich King the various shows from the Blue Star Planet. After a while, the Lich King was completely hooked on these shows. His favourite seemed to be the Blue Star Planet's version of Madoka.

Angela had been standing on the side watching the Lich King with vigilance, but after a while, her stomach started to grumble from the scent of the junk food. Eventually she couldn't take it anymore and started fighting the Lich King for the junk food, but the Lich King was a gentleman and let her take it. Of course, he didn't let her take it for free as he had been staring at her the entire time, thinking about what kind of costume would suit her the best.

Once they cleaned up the junk food, Lin Fan got down to business, "So, what my master wants to do is mediate a peace between your two realms."

The Lich King had a casual attitude, but his words were quite sharp, "Basically your master is looking to unite the realms under him since he needs resources, right"

Lin Fan was taken aback by how direct the Lich King was, "If you want to put it that way, yes."

The Lich King's eyes turned sharp all of a sudden, "So, what is your master offering me"

Lin Fan calmed himself by taking a deep breath first before saying, "Well, how about a chance to enter the God Realm"

The Lich King stroked his bony chin, "It would be possible for someone at the level of your master to bring me to the God Realm, but the fact that he's gathering resources and not showing himself means that he isn't at his full strength. The fact that he's hiding also means that he could have enemies that want him dead, so even if there is a chance to enter the God Realm, it wouldn't be worth it to jump on a sinking ship."

Lin Fan really was in awe at the Lich King's wisdom, he thought of all this in just a few minutes, "My master can guarantee that he has no enemies, it was an accident during cultivation that caused him to lose his powers."

The Lich King gave a shrug, "Your word means nothing to me, we just met today. If you really want to prove it, show some sincerity."

Lin Fan racked his brain before he finally remembered who he was dealing with. After thinking it over, he leaned over beside the Lich King and whispered something into his ears.

The Lich King's purple eyes suddenly lit up and he said in an excited voice, "Are you sure!"

Lin Fan just gave a nod and a knowing smile.

The Lich King also revealed a smile and said, "Alright, since you have shown your sincerity, I guess I can accept your offer."

Lin Fan asked the system for an employee agreement, but the system's response surprised him.


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