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Chapter 986: To Reach An Agreement

“That sounds like him.” Jiang Yao knew that even Sergeant Ges mother would feel sorry for the money they needed to spend on medical fees.

“Not long after Sergeant Ge was discharged from the hospital, he disavowed his family and married the nurse who took care of him when he was hospitalized.

Old Liu said that the nurse was a widow.

Her husband died because he drank too much.

She even has a young son.

Her husband used to beat her and her son when he was drunk, so they did not feel much affection for that man.

After the nurse got married to Sergeant Ge, her son took Sergeant Ges surname.

He sees him as his father.”

“Sergeant Ge is a very nice person, someone who loves children.

It is that childs fortune that he has Sergeant Ge as his father.” Jiang Yao was sincere in her wishes; she knew that Sergeant Ge was a kind man.

She was happy to hear that he had disavowed his family; they would only hold him back.

“After they got married, Sergeant Ge stayed at home for about half a month.

When his injuries were almost healed, he went out to work.

On the one hand, he wanted to earn money to support his family, and on the other hand, he wanted to continue looking for Ge Wenwen.

Sergeant Ge planned to work and earn money while he searched for Ge Wenwen, his daughter,” Lu Xingzhi said.

“Even though he has another son now, Sergeant Ge didnt want to give up looking for Ge Wenwen.”

“Sergeant Ge has worked hard to find GE Wenwen.

Who knows if she is enjoying her life with her mother or not” Jiang Yao sighed.

She hoped that Ge Wenwen was enjoying her life with her mother.

“Old Liu said that he doesnt know what kind of work Sergeant Ge is doing to earn money.

But I heard that he had sent quite a lot of money to his family not long after that.

It seems that he is in business and even earned a lot of money.

Perhaps he is prepared to go back for the New Year this year.”

Lu Xingzhi straightened his back and continued to say, “Its good to do business.

Its expensive to find a missing child, and its even more expensive to provide for your family.”

“He would need capital to do business, right What kind of business can earn money so quickly” Jiang Yao was surprised by that.

“Trading stocks”

That was not possible.

Sergeant Ge did not have a high education; he would not be brave enough to use his money on the stock market.

He would not have traded stocks to earn a keep.

“I dont know.

Perhaps Sergeant Ge has his own ways to make money.

He did not make money initially, but for the sake of his family, it is possible for him to send some money home and say that he had earned it.” Then, Lu Xingzhi took the mop and went to the balcony.

Jiang Yao curled up on the chair like a cat.

She looked at her movements and suddenly remembered that Moe was still in her backpack.

She got down from the chair and returned to the bedroom hurriedly.

As soon as she opened her backpacks zipper, she realized that Moe was still sound asleep in it.

“Youve been sleeping since last night, oh, God of Slumber” Jiang Yao reached into the bag to pull Moe out of it and said, “Xingzhi hasnt seen you yet.

Come out and meet him.”

“No!” Moes four limbs clawed at the zipper; he shook his head violently.

“Either you let me follow Zhou Weiqi for the next few days, or you let me hibernate in your bag for the time being.

But you have to promise not to let anyone get close to your bag, not even your man!”

“Do cats hibernate” Jiang Yao was doubtful about that.

“Even if they do, isnt it a little too late for them to hibernate now”

“I can hibernate whenever I want.

Dont forget; I helped you in Yuan City.

So when I hibernate, youll have to take care of me!” Moe raised his head and looked at Jiang Yao.

“Lets shake hands and agree on that!”

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