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Chapter 974: Behavior

Madam Chai moved—she crossed her legs before she said, “I dont know how Zhou Xiaocheng died.

I may be Xiaanglong mother, but he is almost 30 years old.

He is an adult, and he acts independently.

How would I know about his actions behind my back Im not the one who raped Zhou Xiaocheng.

I dont know anything about bribing any hospital doctors, and I didnt bring anyone to the hospital to take the Zhou family members.”

“First of all, you cant deny that your people took the Zhou family and their daughters body that day.

We have photos from the reporters that showed you at the hospital, even though you werent in the operating room.

You sat in your car, and you didnt go in.

Its obvious that you were there to wait for your son.” Inspector Liao took two photos from the table and showed them to her.

Lu Xingzhi glanced at Chai Manwen before he lowered his head to look under the table—he wanted to send a message to Jiang Yao.

Jiang Yao, who was still waiting for him at the hotel, called out to Big Ke and Ah Lu when she received the message.

The three of them immediately left the hotel and drove to the police station.

When the three of them arrived, they saw a few soldiers escorting three doctors and five nurses out of the car.

“Sister-in-law!” The leader of the group shouted and waved excitedly when he saw Jiang Yao.

Jiang Yao turned around—she recognized the person immediately.

He was one of Lu Xingzhis soldiers from the Jin City Army.

She smiled at them before she let them through first.

Then, she followed behind Big Ke and Ah Lu.

When Jiang Yao entered the police station, she saw Lu Xingzhi in the hall.

He strode toward her when he realized that she had arrived.

Then, he reached out to pinch her face and said in a low voice, “My dear wife, have you lost weight”

Lu Xingzhi had wanted to ask that question when he saw Jiang Yao, but he had not had enough time to ask that.

Jiang Yao swept Lu Xingzhis hand from her face and looked around them.

When she realized that no one paid any attention to them, she kicked Lu Xingzhi and asked, “Who was the one who said that one should behave like a soldier when they are in uniform Youre in uniform now!”

“Pinching my wifes face wont damage my reputation in the military.” Lu Xingzhi chuckled and then continued to say, “That woman, Chai Manwen, still thinks that she still has support.

She thinks that we cant do anything to her.”

He did not say anything inside, but Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao could talk about anything since there was no one there.

“Chai Manwen doesnt only have one son, Chai Xianglong.

She also has an illegitimate child with someone in Jindo City.

That child is already 18 or 19 years old this year.

The man adopted the boy, and his wife and daughter did not know that the boy was an illegitimate child.” Lu Xingzhi learned by accident—not even Du Chens network knew about that.

One could see just how deeply that man was hidden.

For the past few days, Ah Lu and Big Ke had been reporting to him about the situation in Yuan City.

So, when Lu Xingzhi confirmed that piece of news, he immediately reported the matter regarding the Chai family.

He had done that because they had threatened his wife in Yuan City, so he wanted the authority to punish the Chai family for harming a military relative.

Then, he reported the matter about Zhou Xiaocheng out of convenience.

He was not surprised that the incident attracted his higher-ups, and they had called for an emergency meeting.

They decided to appoint him to lead the operation and dispatched dozens of military helicopters for his usage.

As a result, Lu Xingzhi had managed to bring elite soldiers from Jindo City to Yuan City in only one night.

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