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Chapter 953: Alone And Not Afraid of Death

“Firstly, we are not here to cause trouble.

Secondly, the doctors in your hospital have killed people.

This matter cant be settled just like that!” Jiang Yao replied firmly.

The Zhou family stood at the side and cried when they heard the directors accusation.

Mrs Zhou almost fainted from her crying.

She hugged Zhou Xiaochengs body and continued to shout as if she wanted to wake her daughter, who had already died.

Perhaps it was Zhou Xiaochengs tragic death at such a young age.

Maybe it was the Zhou familys grief that made people pity her, or perhaps it was the unwavering determination on Jiang Yaos face that affected other people.

The old lady who had said that she trusted Jiang Yao stepped forward and said, “I am already old; Im not afraid of death.

Young Lady, I dont think that youre lying.

I believe in you, and I also believe in my judgment.

Ill be your patient!”

The old lady was about 60 years old.

She was probably afraid of the slippery floor, so she walked rather slowly.

As she walked, she said, “Young Lady, you dont have to be afraid.

I am alone in this world.

I used to have a daughter, but she died when I was still young.

My husband also died a few years ago.

I know the pain of losing a child better than anyone else.

That child looked so young.

She must have offended someone, so the doctors in the hospital were bribed to let her die.

So, Im alone, and Im not afraid of anyones revenge! My life will be worth it if I can trade it for hers!”

Jiang Yao was a little surprised that the old lady would trust her in such a situation or that she still wanted to help even though she had guessed that Zhou Xiaochengs death was because she had offended someone powerful.

Jiang Yao felt touched and grateful.

“Madam, thank you for trusting me.

Ill let you know whats wrong with your body later.

Dont worry; if I cant cure you, Ill get my teacher to help.

He appreciates kind and brave people!” Jiang Yao walked forward and held the old ladys hand.

Then, she said, “Oh, yes! I do have another way to prove if they did anything to save Zhou Xiaocheng.”

Jiang Yao felt stupid.

There was a quick way to solve their problem, but she had taken the long route.

Jiang Yao looked at the director and said, “If I were to ask the doctors from other hospitals for their opinion, you would say that they are working under my command.

You might even say that we are trying to blackmail your hospital.”

The hospital director choked.

He was confident that no other doctor would dare to step forward because of the Chai familys influence.

However, it seemed like the young woman was pretty tactless in her words.

Was she not afraid of the Chai family at all She had to use a few words to scold them in a single sentence.

That was too infuriating!

“You said that the doctors tried their best to resuscitate Zhou Xiaocheng.

Then, please show me those records in five minutes.

I want all the plans and records and a list of medications used during the treatment! Since it has been over for quite some time, the list should have been printed already, right Ill allow you to describe the deceaseds wounds one by one.

What they did, how they did it, and what medications were used.”

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