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Chapter 925: Xiaoguang is Out

The three of them chatted in the living room when Jiang Yaos phone suddenly rang.

It was Mr Jiang, the lawyer.

“Director Jiang, I have managed to get Zhou Xiaoguangs release from the police station, but were in the hospital now.

Unfortunately, we were intercepted halfway out of the station, and both of us are slightly injured.”

Mr Jiang had never seen such a barbaric act in his life.

“I got some information from my friend to prove that Chai Xianglongs bodyguard was not injured by Xiaoguang at all.

Then, I brought Xiaoguang out of the station.

However, Chai Xianglongs men found us, and they beat me up.

They told me to stay out of the Chai familys business, or else I wouldnt live to see the New Year.”

Jiang Yao had seen proud men before, but she had never seen someone so blatantly arrogant.

Mr Jiang had just brought Zhou Xiaoguang out when the Chai family sent people to beat him up.

“Wait for me at the hospital with Xiaoguang.

Ill bring Ah Lu and Big Ke with me to look for you now.” Jiang Yao immediately ended the call and put on her coat hurriedly.

Then, she looked at Chen Jiaxian and Zhou Xiaoxia and said, “Mr Jiang has already got Xiaoguang released, but the Chai family found him and beat him up.

Hes in the hospital now.

Lets go and pick them up.”

“The Chai family really treats Yuan City as their familys territory!” Chen Jiaxian, who was still in his police uniform, cursed in anger.

Chen Jiaxian wanted to go to the hospital with Jiang Yao and Zhou Xiaoxia to pick up Zhou Xiaoguang, but Jiang Yao stopped him.

Chen Jiaxian was still in his police uniform, and he worked at the police station.

The Chai family might have someone at the hospital to spy on them, and if Chen Jiaxian was there, the Chai family might target the Chen family as a warning to everyone else.

Jiang Yao and the others found Mr Jiang and Zhou Xiaoguang at the City Central Hospitals emergency room.

Mr Jiang must have protected Zhou Xiaoguang because of his age since the boy did not look seriously injured.

However, Mr Jiang did not look well; he had a concussion, and he had a scary bruise on his face.

“Eldest Sister!” Zhou Xiaoguang immediately threw himself into his sisters arms when he saw her.

He did not cry, but his eyes looked red, and his shoulders shook.

It was obvious that he had been afraid when he was in the police station.

However, he did not dare to speak of that fear when he saw his family.

“Director Jiang.” Mr Jiang called out to Jiang Yao.

“The Chai family are barbarians; they are capable of doing anything.

Please keep Ah Lu and Big Ke by your side while you are here.”

“I know.” Jiang Yaos heart still had a lingering fear.

She felt guilty when she saw Mr Jiangs injuries.

Mr Jiang was only responsible for the Changkang Groups legal affair, but that was her personal matter.

He could have refused to go to her aid, but he was there to help her, and he even protected Zhou Xiaoguang, a person who had nothing to do with him.

After they saw Mr Jiang in the hospital, Jiang Yao, Ah Lu, and Big Ke sent Zhou Xiaoxia and her brother home.

Then, they returned to the hospital to see Mr Jiang.

Jiang Yao took some medicine from the system.

She was extremely glad that she had been studying the system.

She had also learned ways to concoct the medicine in the system.

After she had made them, she put them away carefully.

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