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Chapter 922: Information About the Chai Family

Chu Shengs university specialized in criminal psychology, and she had also studied psychology.

There was a saying—doctors should not treat themselves—and if a psychiatrist were to have a mental illness, it would be even more difficult for them to receive treatment than ordinary patients.

Furthermore, she was quite capable in her field, so it was an even more difficult task.

“You have to be mentally prepared.

Her condition has nothing to do with her body.

It has something to do with her mind.

I just found out that she studied criminal psychology while she attended university.

I cant treat her.

Most psychologists wont be able to treat her either.” Jiang Yao sighed.

She had wanted to ask Chen Xuyao about his experiences with Chu Sheng when he was younger.

However, when she thought about how Lu Xingzhi told her that Chen Xuyao had also gone through a long period of psychological treatment before he was better, she did not dare to ask him about it.

Back when they were in Jindo City, Chen Xuyao mentioned that Chu Sheng had sung a short tune.

It meant that she could talk back then.

After the kidnapping incident, a grown man like Chen Xuyao had taken such a long time to recover from the ordeal.

One would expect that a girl like Chu Sheng would have an even more difficult time overcoming that.

Jiang Yao guessed that Chu Sheng was physically fine, but she had lost her voice for some reason.

It was most probably caused by the incident where she was kidnapped along with Chen Xuyao.

Since she did not receive counseling in time, it had caused problems with her speech.

Chen Xuyao was silent for a long time after he listened to Jiang Yao.

Finally, he said, “Please keep an eye on her for me.

Ill buy a flight ticket to Yuan City now.”

Jiang Yao had wanted to ask why Chen Xuyao would go to Yuan City since it was the New Year before she realized it was a stupid question.

Chu Sheng was there, and Chen Xuyao had been looking for her for a long time.

He would want to be there for Chu Sheng.

Zhou Xiaoxia knew that Jiang Yao was talking about Chu Sheng, so she asked, “Is Sister Chu unwell”

“Didnt you notice that she didnt speak to me after she entered the room She only greeted me with a smile.” There was no need to hide that fact.

Zhou Xiaoxia would discover the same thing when she spent time with Chu Sheng.

It was better to tell her before she expressed her surprise if she were to find out later.

Zhou Xiaoxia did not ask any further questions; she only nodded her head in realization.

Then, when the car arrived at the hotel, Jiang Yao pointed to a man at the hotel entrance and told Zhou Xiaoxia that he was the lawyer they would meet.

After Ah Lu and Big Ke parked the car, Jiang Yao brought them with her, and they followed the lawyer, Mr Jiang, up the stairs.

The lawyer, Mr Jiang, had acted very quickly.

He had only arrived in Yuan City for two hours, but he already had information about the Chai family and Zhou Xiaochengs case.

“This is the information on the Chai family.

The one involved is their only son—Chai Xianglong.

He is thirty years old, and he is also a deputy general manager in Chai Enterprise.

His mother owns the company, and his father is a matrilocal son-in-law.

However, he has been in a vegetative state since an accident a few years ago.

Chai Enterprise deals with oil and fuel, and Chai Xianglong has an excellent relationship with some people in the government here.”

Mr Jiang passed the information he had found on the Chai family to Jiang Yao.

“Chai Xianglong was at the Happy Gate Hotel when he assaulted the victim.

His uncle owns the hotel, so none of the staff dared to testify about what had happened that day.

The Zhou family could obtain very little evidence about the case.”

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