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Chapter 907: I Would Have Strangled You to Death

Jiang Yao remained silent.

Lu Yuqing had stayed at Changkang Group to help her with her work.

Her family did not know about that yet.

Lu Xiaoxiao was a chatterbox.

How noisy could she be

She was so noisy that even Jiang Lei, who had just broken up, could not stand it anymore and said, “Lu Xiaoxiao, can you be quiet for five minutes Can you Can you do that”

Jiang Lei had interrupted Lu Xiaoxiao, and she immediately exploded in anger.

“Youre getting a ride in my car for free, and you still dare to complain that Im noisy!”

“Free Its only one buck!” Jiang Lei took out a buck from his pocket and threw it onto the empty passenger seat.

“Driver, can you please shut up now”

Lu Xiaoxiao was dumbfounded for a few seconds.

She was angered, so she parked the car on the side of the road and unbuckled her seatbelt.

Then, she got out of the car and walked to Jiang Leis side of the door.

She opened it and reached out to pull Jiang Lei.

“Get out of the car!”

Jiang Lei hugged the back of the passenger seat.

“You want to chase me away after I paid the fare Im going to file a complaint against you!”

“Bullsh*t! Get the f*ck out!” Lu Xiaoxiao gritted her teeth in anger as she bent and stuffed a buck into Jiang Leis coat collar.

“I hadnt settled your debt when you ruined my date with my classmate, but I wont stoop to your level.

I give you a ride, and you still dare to complain about me!”

The two of them had never gotten along.

One was in the car, one was outside, and one wanted to pull the other out.

The other shamelessly grabbed the back of the car seat and refused to get out.

That fight had started from a mile away.

Jiang Yao was beside Jiang Lei; she wanted to facepalm herself.

The two of them were really fighting, and neither of them had any intention of giving up.

“When are you guys going to fight” Jiang Yao hid a little to the side.

Since they did not fight so fiercely, she had no intention of stopping them.

However, when she opened her mouth to speak, she felt a little helpless.

Lu Xiaoxiao had a childish temper, and Jiang Lei was even more immature.

“Hurry up and drive!” Jiang Lei urged Lu Xiaoxiao.

“Youre a 20-year-old girl, but you dont behave like one at all.”

“Sure, I may not look like a girl.

Im sure your cheating girlfriend does! Jiang Lei, you have such bad taste in women that its a fortunate thing that you dont like me at all.

Otherwise, I would have to start to doubt if Im a terrible person!”

Lu Xiaoxiao did not eject him from the car because she was in a rush to get home.

She could only scold Jiang Lei with resentment and stomp her feet back to the drivers seat to start the car again.

After the car started to move, Jiang Lei took the one buck that Lu Xiaoxiao had stuffed into his collar.

Then, he threw it at Lu Xiaoxiaos head arrogantly.

When Lu Xiaoxiao turned back to glare at him, he seemed relieved.

He smiled provocatively at Lu Xiaoxiao.

“Jiang Lei, if you werent my sister-in-laws biological brother, I would have strangled you to death a long time ago.

You must have accumulated many good deeds in your previous life to have her as your sister!” Lu Xiaoxiao grabbed the money that Jiang Lei had thrown at her head and stuffed it into her pocket.

However, she continued to curse Jiang Leis name repeatedly.

Jiang Yao sat there quietly and treated herself as invincible air.

She felt that Lu Xiaoxiaos talkativeness had its advantages.

At least she could get Jiang Lei to open his mouth and argue with her.

Perhaps he would forget the unhappiness in his heart after that argument.

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