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Chapter 899: Complaints

“It was Auntie who had taught them well.” Wang Xian praised Mrs Jiang.

“Is that so Dont you think that your uncle and I are uncultured But our children are quite promising.

Which family in the village doesnt talk about our family with envy these days” Mrs Jiang said as she beamed with joy.

When Jiang Yao left the dining table, she deliberately walked in a circle in the direction of Jiang Leis room.

Her brother was crouched at the door; he had lowered his head as he smoked a cigarette.

When he heard the footsteps, he glanced at her.

Then, he turned around and closed the door as he went back into his room.

Jiang Yaos heart felt stifled again.

Her nose felt tight as she also returned to her room.

When she looked at the time, she knew that Lu Xingzhi would have already finished his work and returned home by then.

She took out her phone and called her husband to complain.

Ah Lu had told Lu Xingzhi that Jiang Yao had cried in the afternoon.

He guessed that his wife must have cried at her mothers house.

It was probably one of her family members who had caused her tears.

However, he knew that her family pampered her, so they might have said something that moved her to tears.

However, after he heard Jiang Yaos feeble complaint, Lu Xingzhi realized that his wife had quarreled with Jiang Lei.

That little girl had been pampered all her life, and no one had yelled at her before that.

Therefore, she felt very sad.

‘She cried because she quarreled with Jiang Lei Lu Xingzhi did not think that Jiang Yaos complaint about her quarrel with her brother was childish at all.

On the contrary, he liked to hear Jiang Yao complain to him in a coquettish tone; it was as if he was her biggest support and could protect her from all that.

“I was crying because I was angry.” Jiang Yao exhaled twice.

“Do you think that fool should be angry Im doing this for his own good!”

“If you want to vent your anger, then ask Ah Lu to beat him up.

With his skills, that silly boy Jiang Lei would not have the ability to fight back.” When Lu Xingzhi said that, he smiled lightly.

“This is quite a good idea, right”

Jiang Yao was speechless.

She paused before she rejected his idea.

“Bad Idea!”

Lu Xingzhi had only said that to tease Jiang Yao.

Even though he really loved his wife, he would not hit Jiang Lei.

After all, he was his brother-in-law and Jiang Yaos biological brother.

If he were to interfere in a fight between those two siblings, then he would be a fool.

“If you dont like staying at home, then wait for your big brother to get married and then come to the army.” Lu Xingzhi coaxed her.

“Your second brother may not care about you, but I do.

My dear wife, the market in Jin City is very lively these few days.

There are a lot of activities before the Laba Festival.

Do you want to come and see it”

Jiang Yao pursed her lips, but she did not agree to that.

Although she felt disgusted when she was angry, she was still worried about Jiang Lei.

“Im going to settle my second brothers matter quickly; I dont want to drag it out.

What if he likes that woman more and more Now hes even yelling at me for her.

I can no longer stand his low IQ.

In the future, he might even beat me up for that woman.”

“Do you think he would dare to do that” Lu Xingzhi raised his voice.

If Jiang Lei dared to touch his wife, Lu Xingzhi would still scold him even though he was his brother-in-law.

After the incident with her second brother, Jiang Yao felt a lot better after she had spoken with her husband.

So, when she heard Lu Xingzhis cold question, she immediately burst into laughter.

She always thought that her man was the best! He would always stand by her side and protect her!

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