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Chapter 896: Dont Call Me Second Brother

Mrs Jiangs heart ached when she saw that.

She hugged Jiang Yao in her arms and coaxed her gently.

“Yaoyao, dont cry.

Your second brother is only bullying you.

Let your father take care of it!”

Mr Jiang was also furious.

He picked up the feather duster in the corner and waved it at Jiang Lei as he scolded him.

“You dare yell at your sister because of an outsider Do you think youre all grown up now I can beat you to death, and Id still have a son and a daughter.

I dont lack sons, but I only have a daughter.

How would you compensate me if you upset her”

“Jiang Yao! Wow, you cant win in a quarrel, so you complained about it How old are you now Dont you have any shame!” Mr Jiang beat Jiang Lei until he had to hide in the yard.

Mr Jiang was an old man, and he did not dare to retaliate.

What else could he do except to hide

All that was left to do was to curse at Jiang Yao.

“You still dare to talk about your sister.

It seems that Ive beaten you too lightly!” When Mr Jiang heard that, he became even angrier.

Initially, he was only willing to use 50% of his strength, but then he decided to use his full force.

How could Yang Gaoshu not understand that Jiang Leis father had deliberately said that to show her.

At that moment, she felt extremely wronged.

She did not care about Jiang Lei; she turned and left.

Mr Jiang continued to chase Jiang Lei, so the latter did not notice it when Yang Gaoshu had left.

When his father stopped hitting him, he had only realized that Yang Gaoshu had disappeared.

He wanted to chase after her, but it was apparent that he would not be able to catch up to her.

“Jiang Yao! Youre good! Dont call me Second Brother in the future.

You can think of me as an ungrateful wretch from your past!” Jiang Lei pointed his finger at his sister from afar.

The anger on his face made Jiang Yao wonder if Jiang Lei would hit her if their big brother were not there to protect her.

Jiang Yao felt wronged when she saw the fury on Jiang Leis face.

She felt angry and aggrieved.

“Jiang Lei, just be stupid! Ill see when you wake up from your foolishness!” Jiang Yao was so angry that she stomped her feet and ran back to her room.

Wang Xian immediately chased after her.

Jiang Lei walked toward Jiang Lei with a cold face and raised his hand to slap him.

“Jiang Lei, youve crossed the line!”

“Eldest Brother! It was Yaoyaos fault!” Jiang Lei had felt guilty when he saw the tears on his sisters face.

He regretted his harsh words.

However, when their big brother scolded him, he had refused to accept it.

“I dont bring Gaoshu home with me often, but you guys have driven her away! You guys just want me to be single for the rest of my life!”

“How can you say that Why would we want you to be single” Jiang Jie felt that his brother had crossed the line with his words.

He slapped Jiang Leis head.

“Yaoyao grew up with us, and shes even like a twin to you.

Has she ever lied to you”

“You said that shes like a twin to me.

Who knows if shes jealous of me being nice to other people” Jiang Lei scratched his head at the place where his brother had slapped.

“Do you really think Yaoyao is someone like that Your sister-in-law and I are getting married.

Have you seen her go and mess with your sister-in-law Doesnt she treat her like family Besides, she has Lu Xingzhi to pamper her; why would she need you to dote on her” Jiang Jie understood better than Jiang Lei; he knew that Jiang Yao did not like Yang Gaoshu because that woman had toyed with Jiang Lei.

“Jiang Lei, Mom and Dad dont like your girlfriend, and Yaoyao doesnt like her either.

And to tell you the truth, I dont like her too.

Think about why we dont like her; what do we dislike about her”

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