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Chapter 886: Sewing Machine

“Youre very well-informed.” Jiang Yao praised Yang Gaoshu with a smile that did not reach her eyes.

Then she continued to say, “I think theres something wrong with Chen Lanyings child.”

“Did you tell her” Jiang Jie asked.

“I did, but she didnt seem to take it to heart.

She just thought that her child had a normal fever.” Jiang Yao sounded a little helpless.

“Well, its her child.

If she doesnt take it seriously, theres nothing you can do about it.

Dont overthink it.” Jiang Jie patted his sisters head.

“My sister will become a doctor in the future.

If she doesnt want to listen to the doctors words, then she will have to bear the consequences herself.”

“Yaoyao, how many medical skills did you learn in the six months you went to school” Jiang Lei moved closer to Jiang Yao.

“Can you tell that theres something wrong with that childs body just by looking at him”

“That childs condition is obviously not right, and his face is also unusually green.

There are also some other symptoms, but you wont be able to understand them.”

If there were something wrong with a childs body, those who knew about medicine would be able to tell with just a glance.

A pediatrician would be able to tell too.

However, if the childs parents ignored the childs unusual condition, then the child would have to endure the pain from his illness.

Jiang Yao felt sorry for the child and sympathized with the childs mother.

Her husband had an affair while she was pregnant, and her husband even doubted the childs paternity.

The worst thing was that the husband had impregnated his mistress.

“My sister is amazing!” Jiang Lei was very proud.

“Then take a look at me.

Am I healthy”

“Dont worry, youre fine.” Jiang Yao scanned her family members as soon as she was home; the results were good.

Other than her mother and sister-in-law, who had mild anemia, most of them were very healthy.

Yang Gaoshu was annoyed when Jiang Lei praised his sister.

She knew that he treasured Jiang Yao as his sister.

The four of them got into the car together.

When Jiang Yao realized that Yang Gaoshu had gotten into the car with them, she knew that the woman would head home with them as well.

She wanted to ask why Yang Gaoshu was with them, but she decided not to say anything when she saw Jiang Leis happy expression.

Since they did not waste much time in the county, it was still very early when they reached home.

The sun was still shining at the Jiang familys courtyard, so Mrs Jiang and Wang Xian felt warm since they were in the yard.

Mrs Jiang really liked Wang Xian as her daughter-in-law.

She was always quiet and gentle.

No one would be able to say any harsh words toward her, so the two of them got along really well.

“Mom, are you nagging at my sister-in-law again” Jiang Yao pounced on Mrs Jiang as soon as she entered the door.

Then she leaned her head on Mrs Jiangs shoulder like a boneless woman.

“Mom, dont nag.

You might scare her away.

Eldest Brother wont be able to get married then.

Lets see how hell be anxious with you when the time comes.”

“No, mom didnt do that,” Wang Xian said with a smile.

“She was only telling me about the sewing machine.

She said that she told someone to get a sewing machine, and it will arrive tomorrow at the latest.

When it arrives, please put it in our room.”

“Sewing machine” Yang Gaoshus ears perked up again when she heard that.

A sewing machine was not cheap.

It seemed like Mrs Jiang was very good to her eldest son, Jiang Jie.

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