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Chapter 861: Sister-in-law Has Gained Weight

Ah Lu greeted Lu Haixing and his daughter.

Lu Xiaoxiao forced a smile when she looked at him.

Then, she hid beside Jiang Yao and whispered, “Sister-in-law, do all my brothers comrades look like him Like a tiger”

“You have studied for so many years, and yet you talk about people like that” Lu Haixing smacked Lu Xiaoxiaos head.

He glanced at Ah Lu; he wanted to say something to make up for his daughters mistake.

However, he could not find any.

His daughter did not enjoy studying, and he did not study well when he was young.

So the father and daughter duo did not know enough vocabulary to praise Ah Lu properly.

Lu Haixing could only chuckle as he led Ah Lu and Jiang Yao to the car.

Ah Lu had already arranged transportation to take him to his living space.

It was also in the town area and quite close to the Lu familys residence.

So, he greeted Lu Xingzhis parents when they arrived before he left again.

Lu Xingzhis parents school was not on vacation yet, but they knew that Jiang Yao would be home that day, so they waited for her.

They smiled when they saw her.

“Dad! Mom!” Jiang Yao got out of the car and greeted them.

Then, she went to the back of the car to get her luggage.

They spend a lot of time trying to fit all the bags into the trunk; they had to put one in the back seat.

When Lu Haitian saw that Jiang Yao had so much luggage, he rushed forward to help her carry them.

He had not said anything to Jiang Yao, and he was happy that she could be back for the holidays.

“Mom, Dad, I brought gifts for you from Nanjiang City.

I have one for you too, Second Uncle!” Jiang Yao was embarrassed.

“I accidentally bought too much!”

“Well, its quite natural for girls to like buying things.” Mrs Lu smiled and took Jiang Yaos hands as they entered the house.

She was afraid that Jiang Yao would overthink it, so she quickly answered her.

Then she asked, “Are you used to Nanjiang City”

“Auntie! Sister-in-law must be doing well in Nanjiang City.

Havent you noticed that she gained weight” Lu Xiaoxiao was a straight-forward girl.

She did not know anything about euphemism; she thought that Jiang Yao must have been quite well in Nanjiang City as she had put on weight.

“Brother often goes to Nanjiang City, and even Sister is in Nanjiang city now.

Im so envious.”

“I told you to study hard!” Lu Haixing reprimanded Lu Xiaoxiao.

“If you had studied hard and got into a university in Nanjiang City, then you wont have to be envious now.”

“How can you fault me for that Its not my fault that you are bad at studying too.

I was born without that talent.

I can only blame you for not giving me good genes.

Look at how Uncle and Auntie excel at academics! Thats why Brother and Sister are so studious as well!”

“You only know how to fool around.

Youre only stupid because of that!”

The father and daughter bickered behind them; they argued whether Lu Xiaoxiaos studies were terrible because she was born with bad genes or did not work hard.

Mr and Mrs Lu and Jiang Yao laughed so hard that they almost could not breathe.

They did not have to worry about quiet time whenever those two were around.

“Xingzhi said that youd only be staying for a short period.

He said that youd go to Jin City to celebrate the new year with him.” Mrs Lu said as she went to the kitchen to get some cut fruits.

“You dont have to stay at home either.

Your brother is getting married in a few days, so you should go home tomorrow and see if they needed any help there.

You can stay there for two days and then come home after the wedding.

Your father and I will also attend the wedding banquet.”

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