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Chapter 855: Im Already Used to It

After he said that, Chen Feibai turned around and left.

His last sentence made Chen Shanhe and his wife so angry that they thought they would die.

They apologized to Jiang Yao repeatedly.

They also told Jiang Yao to look for them if she were in Jindo City during the winter break—they wanted to thank her properly.

If Jiang Yaos teacher, the Divine Doctor, were there, they also wanted to thank him in person.

Jiang Yao exchanged a few more pleasantries with Chen Shan and his wife before they left.

Jiang Yao was already used to Chen Feibais behavior.

Mr Zheng, on the other hand, was in a state of shock the entire time.

He could not understand why someone would treat their benefactor with such an attitude

“Thats the hero who helped in the flood I heard his family has quite an impressive background.

” Mr Zhengs face had darkened.

“Even though hes a hero, how could he behave like that Even if he has a higher status, he cant treat a doctor like that.

And why did he say hell look for you once he has recovered”

The last sentence was meant for Zheng Yi, while the first ones were because he was displeased with Chen Feibais disrespectful attitude toward Jiang Yao.

“Dad, this is between him and me.” Zheng Yi wiped the tears on her face before she smiled.

“Hes not as bad as he seemed to be, only his words sounded a little mean.

He always says one thing but means another.

He must have wanted to thank Doctor Jian, but he could not say it out loud.

“Theres such a person in this world” Mr Zheng did not really believe that.

“Its fine.

He used to be my husbands subordinate.

He treated my husband and me the same way, so Im already used to it.” Jiang Yao felt more at ease when Chen Feibai acted like that.

That was why she did not tell the Chen family to find a psychiatrist for Chen Feibai to guide his mental health.

After she saw Zheng Yi and her father off, Jiang Yao heaved a sigh of relief.

During that period, she had focused all her attention on those two patients.

However, she was delighted because both of their treatments had gone very well.

After everyone left, Wen Xuehui patted Jiang Yaos shoulder.

“Doctor Jiang, lets go back to the school.

The final exam is the day after tomorrow.

Are you nervous, Doctor Jiang”

“What do you think”Jiang Yao packed her things and hit Wen Xuehuis head with the medical records in her hands.

“This is for teasing me!”

“Why cant I say that You didnt even react when Chen Feibai called you that, but Im the one you hit” Wen Xuehui snorted.

“Im going to tell your husband that you look at other men multiple times!”

Jiang Yao rolled her eyes at Wen Xuehui.

After she packed up her things, she left the hospital with her friend.

The final exams were coming up, so Jiang Yao spent the remaining two days with her books to prepare for the final exams.

She did not know that the two newspapers in Nanjiang City had attracted the attention of all the citys inhabitants on the day of her exams.

The Nanjiang Morning Post had published a report about how a female police officer, who had caught the murderer of an extremely brutal serial murder case a few years ago, had finally recovered and discharged from the hospital.

When Zheng Yi was admitted to the hospital, a few smaller newspapers had reported that a heroic female police officer had been admitted to Shengqi Hospital.

No one knew how the news had spread, but they even reprinted the case from that year, and it included a photo of Zheng Yi with her injuries.

Mr Zheng was angry when he saw that.

Therefore, when Nanjiang Morning Post said they wanted to interview Zheng Yi upon her discharge from the hospital, the father-daughter duo agreed with that request.

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