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She wanted to shout if she was in pain and cry if she was in a bad mood.

Lu Xingzhi was her husband and there was no need for her to pretend that she was alright in front of him.

Jiang Yao gave a seemingly distressed reply.

Her tone was partly coquettish, while at the same time, she was seemingly whining and complaining.

Lu Xingzhis heart wavered.

“I will take care of Zhao Zhuangzong for you.”

“He has been arrested.” Jiang Yao chuckled.

“Seems like he was in bad shape.”

Jiang Yao could tell that Lu Xingzhi had rushed back home through the night and had probably not rested as he was worried about her.

Jiang Yao looked at Lu Xingzhi, who was standing beside her, lost in his thoughts.

Then, she gave him a slight nudge in his palm by using her hand, which was being held in his.

“Get on the bed.

Cuddle with me and sleep for a while.

The doctor has asked me to lie on my stomach but its not comfortable.

I want to sleep on your chest.”

He would do anything Jiang Yao wanted, especially at this particular moment.

He would not only be her personal bolster, but even if she wanted him to fly for her, he would figure it out and grow a pair of wings to cheer her up.

Perhaps it might help ease the pain on her back.

Lu Xingzhi immediately went to the washroom and changed into his pure cotton clothing before getting onto the bed.

The bed was very small.

As soon as he got onto it, he reached his arms out and placed Jiang Yao in his arms to avoid squeezing her off the bed.

Then, he helped Jiang Yao adjust her sleeping posture and let her lie on his chest.

“Close your eyes and sleep.

Mom and the others will be delivering breakfast at around eight oclock.

There are almost three hours left, get some sleep.”

Upon hearing what Jiang Yao said, Lu Xingzhi only realized then that she was concerned about him not being able to sleep for the whole night.

Perhaps Jiang Yao was really sleepy, or perhaps it was because Lu Xingzhi was by her side, Jiang Yao was fast asleep in no time as she leaned on Lu Xingzhi.

However, Lu Xingzhi could not fall asleep despite not getting any rest throughout the night.

By listening to her gentle breath, Lu Xingzhi could sense that she was emotionally attached to him.

Perhaps her transformation was really sudden, but Lu Xingzhi was enraptured by that.

He used to imagine both of them as who they were at this moment, a lovely couple.

She would smile at him, act like a big baby in front of him, get angry and never hide her emotions from him, like a wooden puppet which had no true feelings.

However as time passed, he could only afford to imagine because he knew that it would never happen in real life.

But for now, what he had imagined became reality.

She gradually opened up to him and revealed her truest self.

Their relationship finally started to have a turn of events.

Lu Xingzhi had been very afraid that when he got back, Jiang Yao would cry and question him about where he was when she was in danger and why he never showed up

And other stuff like that.

He was a soldier.

He could not be like any other husbands, where he could stay by his wife and protect her at all times.

However, when he got back, she neither lost her temper nor questioned him or blamed him.

She was even concerned about him being worn out as he did not get any rest throughout the night.

Her thoughtfulness was way beyond his expectations.

When Lu Xingzhi was lost in his thoughts, the phone in his bag rang.

He used his leg to hook the bag over and picked up the phone instantly to avoid waking her up from her slumber.

“Are you there yet” Liang Yueze and the others were calling.

They were also told that Jiang Yao was involved in a mishap.

They gave him a call as they assumed that Lu Xingzhi had arrived.

“Ive arrived a few minutes ago.” Lu Xingzhi lowered down his volume and replied.

On the other end of the phone, Zhou Weiqi kept forcing Liang Yueze to ask about Jiang Yaos injuries.

Liang Yueze found him very annoying.

He picked up the phone, walked straight to the study room, and shut the door.

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