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Chapter 842: Threatening to Jump off a Building

“It seems that many seniors in our school went to Shengqi Hospital to report what Lin Shunhe had done to Jiang Yao.

Then, the hospital director issued a notice that he had fired Lin Shunhe.” Chen Siyang went toward them.

“When I heard the news, I felt so relieved.

People like this are not suitable to stay in the hospital.

If I were a patient, I would be worried that he would take revenge on me during the treatment process if I accidentally offended him.

The director made a very wise and correct choice when he fired Lin Shunhe.”

Wen Xuehui started the topic.

After that, everyone in the dormitory criticized Lin Shunhe as they enjoyed supper.

Jiang Yao did not care about Lin Shunhe and his dismissal, but she did not expect that Lin Shunhe did so much damage.

The next morning, Jiang Yao was woken up by Manager Suns phone call.

Jiang Yao looked at the alarm clock and realized that it was only seven in the morning.

If she had not stayed in the medical system for half the night most nights, she would have slept until eight oclock.

She would have been angry if someone woke her up at that hour.

As soon as Jiang Yao picked up the phone, she immediately heard the anxiousness in Manager Suns voice.

“Miss Jiang, something bad has happened.

Lin Shunhe is standing on the rooftop of the First Hospitals inpatient building; hes threatening to jump! He had also contacted the media, but Ive asked He Maoming to smooth things over with the reporters.

Currently, no one will interview him,” Manager Sun said quickly.

“What does it have to do with me if he wants to jump off the building” Jiang Yaos tone was full of doubt.

“He said he wants to see you and Chengqi Hospitals director, or he will jump to his death,” Manager Sun said helplessly.

“The hospital fired him.

Their reason was that he had bad conduct, and it was not acceptable.

When Lin Shunhe left the hospital, he probably did not look at his personal file that he took from the hospital.

Later, he went to the First Hospital to apply for a job.

When they saw his file, they rejected his application as he was fired for bad conduct.

Lin Shunhe probably only found out about this addition to his file at that time.”

Manager Sun felt that Shengqi Hospitals director had done an excellent job with that stroke to Lin Shunhes resume.

If other people saw Lin Shunhes resume in the future, who would dare to hire him

They had effectively cut off Lin Shunhes career as a doctor.

No wonder he wanted to jump off a building so early in the morning.

“He wants to jump off the building, but he wants to see the director and me.

Why does he want to see us” Jiang Yao said, “Does he want us to witness his death”

“He wants you to say that the things he said about you were a misunderstanding, and then ask Chengqi Hospital to change his resume.

He has no other way to do that, so he can only force you with his life.” Manager Sun looked down on Lin Shunhe, but he would not allow him to use his life to achieve his personal goal.

However, Lin Shunhe had chosen the First Hospital.

Many people went in and out of the building at all times.

There were also many families in that hospital.

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