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Chapter 831: Youre not growing

Youre not growing

“Oh, right! You told me that Xiao Yi went to Rong County as a volunteer, right” Chancellor Wen suddenly remembered about that.

He said, “Jiang Yao was also in Rong County, so its normal that you might have seen each other while you were there!”

“We met once.

At that time, she happened to come out of the Sacred Flag Hospitals relocation center.

The doctors there told me that you were the one who saved the hero that day.

So, you are also a hero,” Zheng Yi said.

“I know my injuries well.

My fathers decision to find you has made things difficult for you, so please dont mind him.

It has been so many years; Im already used to it.

But Im pleased to meet you tonight, and Im glad I came with my father.”

“Nothing is absolute! Dont I have a teacher who can create miracles Please give me your contact number.

Ill ask my teacher about it later.

Ill tell you as soon as I have some news!” Jiang Yao smiled.

Zheng Yis injuries were not something she had expected, so she needed to go back and check if there were any follow-up treatment plans for injuries by sulfuric acid corrosion.

Zheng Yi said that she was already used to it.

She and her father had looked for almost all doctors in the country because they wanted to treat her injuries.

They had even gone abroad a few times.

The doctors had tortured her face in the name of treatment, but there was no improvement.

Even though Jiang Yao could not confirm if there were any way to treat her injuries, the two still drank tea as they chatted.

It was still a good atmosphere.

Jiang Yao was great at chatting with the people she admired.

She liked heroines like Zheng Yi, so she would always find various topics to chat with her.

Mr Zheng sat at the side and watched as his daughter and Jiang Yao talked non-stop.

He even smiled at Jiang Yao.

As a father, he had not seen his daughter so happy and relaxed for a long time.

His daughter had been a lively girl before the incident.

It was not until nine oclock that Jiang Yao and Zheng Yi parted ways.

On the way back, Jiang Yao told Ah Lu to buy supper while she sat in the car and waited.

Suddenly, Moe emerged from her backpack and muttered, “If I had known that she was there for a consultation…” It did not come out while they were in the private room.

When Jiang Yao did not reply, Moe shouted, “I want a portion of supper too!”

“Youre getting fatter; why are you still eating” Jiang Yao reached out and poked Mos stomach.

“Tell me, why arent you growing since youre getting fatter”

When Jiang Yao first met Moe, it was already that big.

However, Moe had grown wider since then.

Moe grunted as its soft paws slapped Jiang Yaos presumptuous fingers on its stomach.

There was no way to explain to a stupid human.

Its lifespan could not be compared to that of an ordinary cat.

Its lifespan was so long that even it did not know how long, so it was normal for it to grow that slowly.

After they returned to the dormitory, Jiang Yao did not have supper with everyone else.

After she showered, she told them she was tired, so she laid on the bed to rest.

Then, her consciousness entered the medical system.

Then, she called for the system admin and asked, “Is the result for the patient I scanned just now out yet Show me, please.”

“The patients facial tissue is necrotic.

After being corroded, the scar left by the treatment is very pronounced, and its not a small area either.”

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