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Chapter 810: Your Speech Is Over

“I understand.

Thank you, Uncle!” Jiang Yao thanked him and turned to Lu Xingzhi.

“Lets not go back to the dormitory for now.

Drive the car to the office building.”

Jiang Yao felt that it was strange.

Who would be so rude that they would come to the school to spread rumors about her

They even said that she had conned her way into the army and the hospital under the guise of a medical student That was really the height of a smear campaign!

Lu Xingzhi grunted in gratitude and rolled up the car window.

The wind blew into the car, and he always felt cold.

After he heard the security guards words, the first person he thought of was Lin Shunhe!

He followed Jiang Yaos directions.

Fifteen minutes later, Lu Xingzhi parked his car in an empty space in front of the office building.

The moment he got out of the car, he saw several students had gathered nearby to watch the show.

He did not know what was in the mind of the person who handled that matter.

He was supposed to have invited the complainant to the office, but they were still in front of the building.

It seemed like he had no intention of inviting the complainant to the office at all.

They were still outside, and that allowed other students to observe the situation freely.

Lu Xingzhi did not need to guess the reason for that kind of behavior.

They wanted to let everyone in the school think that Jiang Yao was a liar.

When he saw the person who was there to make that nonsense report, Lu Xingzhi was not surprised at all.

It was Lin Shunhe, indeed.

From the moment he heard the security guard mentioned the troops and the hospital, he was confident that it was Lin Shunhe.

“Pfft, didnt I tell you that Lin Shunhe is a petty person”Lu Xingzhi held Jiang Yaos hand as they pushed through the crowd.

Jiang Yao replied with a depressed hum.

She had initially thought that Lin Shunhe and his work would be fine, so there was no need to force him into a corner.

It was clear that she could not be too tolerant with people like Lin Shunhe, who had misbehaved.

“Thats enough, Lin Shunhe.

Your personal lecture is over.” Lu Xingzhi glanced around and saw Lin Shunhe with another man, who seemed to be in his forties.

That person was not Chancellor Wen.

“Wheres Chancellor Wen” Jiang Yao asked.

Did they not say that the chancellor had already made an appearance, and that was what attracted the attention of the whole school Why was there only one professor and Lin Shunhe

Jiang Yao was not unfamiliar with that professor.

He was the same professor who helped Zhang Xiqing smear her name when the school had just started.

He was not a professor from the medical school.

It seemed that he was one of the professors from the literature school.

“Chancellor Wen went to the city for a meeting with the school leaders this morning,” a classmate answered Jiang Yao.

Jiang Yao frowned.

She wondered if the door had crushed Lin Shunzhis brain It was the same when he was in the army.

The same thing had repeated again even after he had left the military.

There were always people who would do things that ordinary people would not be able to understand.

Lin Shunhe had seen Lu Xingzhi at the hospital the previous day, so he did not find it strange when he saw the man send Jiang Yao back to school.

However, it was Nanjiang City.

Lin Shunhe was not afraid when he saw Lu Xingzhi because he felt that the man could do whatever he wanted in Jin City—he had connections in the army and his brothers.

However, Nanjiang City was not a place where Lu Xingzhi could do whatever he wanted.

Therefore, after he saw Lu Xingzhi the previous day, all the anger he had in his heart could no longer be suppressed.

Lu Xingzhi had caused his departure from the Jin City Army and his resignation from his military doctor position.

He was also the reason Lin Shunhe could not return to the general military hospital.

He had no choice but to transfer to the unknown Nanjiang City to work.

If he did not take revenge for that, he would not be able to swallow the anger in his heart.

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