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Chapter 806: Warned

As a younger brother, Zhu Qianliang had been scolded for the stupid things that his sister, Zhu Qianlan, had done.

After so many days, he was no longer angry at his sister, but he was more worried about her.

He had lived a luxurious life since he was young, and he had never suffered for anything.

In the end, he was caught and sent to the police station.

He had to stay there for many days, and no one was allowed to visit him.

Zhu Qianliang had never been to the bureau, so he did not know what rules were involved.

However, he had heard of some things in the past, but he had never paid any attention to them.

That was why he was worried and afraid.

He was also terrified that his sister would be tortured.

“Director Ye said that the other party only has two requests.

They want us to disown your sister and send her away.

She will never be allowed to set foot into the country again.” Zhu Shisans face was as black as the bottom of a pot.

“Jiang Yao and her husband have gone too far! Whats even more hateful is that we cant find any information about the other party!”

“Father, didnt you ask someone in the Jindo to investigate that” Zhu Qianliang had previously investigated Jiang Yao and her husband, but he could not find any helpful information.

When his father was there, he mentioned that those might be related to the people in the Jindo, but it would not be easy to check that out.

When Zhu Qianliang heard his father say that he could ask the people in the Jindo to investigate the matter, his heart relaxed.

Things would be easier to handle once they figured out the other partys identity.

Even if the other party did not want to entertain them, they could still ask their family for mercy or perhaps find a middleman to speak on their behalf.

The Zhu family had money—any problem that required that would be easily solved.

“The person from the Jindo has gotten back to me.

He told me that if I dared to oppose Jiang Yao, I would be going against him! Its obvious that Jiang Yao is under his protection.” Zhu Shisan looked at the food on the table; he was so angry that he could not eat at all.

“I got the warning, but he did not say anything about the other partys identity.”

The Zhu family was quite influential in Ping City in Province A.

However, the waters in Jindo ran deep.

Zhu Shisan was furious that even though their family had worked hard, they had not been able to find a way in.

“Thats not even the most infuriating thing!” Zhu Shisan looked at his son, Zhu Qianliang—his heart was filled with hatred.

How could he have raised his daughter to be such an idiot in the first place If his daughter were half as smart as his son, she would not leave that mess for him to clean.

“Your uncle also did a stupid thing at YN, and someone used it against him.

Director Ye said that the other party is preparing to let your grandfather make a choice.

Your elder sister and your uncle—choose one or the other!”

Each move was more ruthless than the previous one.

The Zhu family had no clue at all, and they still had not found a way to deal with it.

However, Jiang Yao was able to use those moves against them.

“No wonder Huang Chengjing is so good with Jiang Yao.

The Huang family has a little network in Jindo, so he must have known about Jiang Yaos identity.

He treats him better than a simple benefactor.” It was not difficult to learn more about the incident where Jiang Yao had saved Chairman Huang in Nanjiang City; it was all over the news, and it was a sensation throughout the city.

That was how Zhu Qianliang found out about it.

Zhu Qianliang sat there and tried his best to recall the appearance of that woman, Jiang Yao.

He did not know that the plain-looking woman had such a terrifying background.

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