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Chapter 801: He deserved it

“Chen Feitang, do you still have a conscience Tell me, do you still have a conscience What right do you have to say that Feibai deserved this Your actions harmed him to this extent, and still, he took the blame for you, the main culprit.

Chen Feitang, how can you have the face to say such harsh words to Chen Feitang” Chen Feibais mother scolded the young woman in anger.

“Its the truth! He deserved it!” Chen Feitang covered her face as tears fell.

“He wanted to get me eliminated first! He deserved it!”

“Thats enough!” Chen Shanhe scolded angrily.

“Get Out! Get Out!”

“No matter what, you cant hit my child!” Chen Feitangs mother hugged her daughter; her heart ached.

“Enough!” Chen Shanjin pulled his wife and daughter backward.

“These two children are not in a good mood right now.

Its not a good time for them to meet.

Lets wait for Feibai to finish his treatment before we let them see each other again.”

“Eldest Brother!” Chen Shanhe called out to the three of them.

“This is the last time I will call you eldest brother.

I can never forgive Feitang for the harm she has caused Feibai! Because it was Fathers decision, I cannot reject it, and as a father, I had to let my child go through physical and mental torture.

However, our brotherly bond ends here today.”

“Shanhe…” Chen Shans steps trembled.

“At this point, do you really have to do this”

“I cant let my son hate me.” After Chen Shanhe said that, he covered his face and suppressed the painful cries that burst from his lips.

“Dont go! I havent had enough.

Where are you going Do you want me to call the old man and ask him to escort you here personally” When Chen Feibai realized that Chen Feitang was about to leave, he shouted again.

“Yes, Chen Feitang.

I hid near you so that I could find an opportunity to eliminate you.

Because you are not qualified to be a soldier! You are not worthy of your military uniform!”

Chen Feitang struggled to remember, but Jiang Yaos icy glare suppressed him.

He chuckled.

He did not know whether it was meant for Jiang Yao, Chen Feitang, or himself, but he could not even move an inch.

“Chen Feitang, when you were in Rong County, you leaked the news about Commander Lus wife.

If it were anyone else, they would have been kicked out of the military.

But you only received a minor demerit—it was neither light nor heavy, neither painful nor itchy.

And you can still continue to participate in the Special Forces Assessment.

“Chen Feitang, you are not worthy of being a soldier! You knew that Commander Lu is already married, yet you keep visiting me because you needed an excuse to enter Jin City to pester him.

Youre shameless!

“Jiang Yao is my savior, so Im watching her husband on her behalf.

Theres nothing wrong with that! Its also not wrong to remove those who eye her husband covetously!”

After Chen Feibai entered the second round, he had followed Chen Feitang so that he could get her eliminated.

That was the only thing he had to do in the second round.

“Chen Feitang, as a soldier who has been in the army for many years, you dont even know how to judge your surrounding environment.

You even pretended to roast a rabbit to fill your stomach.

Youre so stupid! Tell me, whats the use of having a fool like you in the army You were the only one who made those mistakes, yet you think it was my fault.

Chen Feitang, not only do you not have any conscience, but you also have no moral values at all.

You even lost the ideological and political lessons that the school had taught you.

“An apology Whats the point of a fake apology If you sincerely think youre at fault, then go and tell everyone that you were the one who lit the fire and that it has nothing to do with me! Go! If you have the courage, go and clarify the truth with everyone!”

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