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Chapter 791: I Wont Go Back On My Word

Jiang Yao had agreed to it; she did not even stand up for herself.

She thought that there was no need to argue with Lu Xingzhi over an outsider.

After he got Jiang Yaos answer, Lu Xingzhi filled her tea with satisfaction.

Then, he continued to say, “Chen Feitang was eliminated in the afternoon when the round started.

She was the first person to be eliminated in the third round.

Shes probably very sick, so she might not have left the command post immediately.

Did you tell Old Master Chen that Chen Feibai wanted to see Chen Feitang”

“Yes.” Jiang Yao nodded.

“Old Master Chen also agreed to that.

He said that he would ask Chen Feitang to come to Nanjiang city to see Chen Feibai after the assessment process.”

“Since Old Master Chen had agreed to that, he wont go back on his word.

Just let Chen Feibai wait then,” Lu Xingzhi answered casually.

When the dishes were served, he put food into Jiang Yaos bowl and said, “Dont wait for me next time.

When its time to eat, you should eat first, and when I arrive, you can just accompany me.

Dont wait until its late; it will burn your stomach, and it might hurt in the future.”

“I only do that occasionally,” Jiang Yao mumbled.

“Oh, right, Fifth Brother called me the other day and asked me to take a look at Chu Shengs throat.

However, it has been three days.

Its a little strange that he hasnt come yet.

It turns out that he knows the alleys owner, and he told me that he has been looking for her for many years.”

“Maybe it has something to do with Fifth Brother being kidnapped when he was young.

According to Big Brother, it wasnt just Fifth Brother who was taken at that time; there were also several other children.

After he came back, he had been looking for a girl.

However, someone was brutally tortured to death during that kidnapping case.

Therefore, the Chen family doesnt know who he was looking for, either.

They searched for some time, but it wasnt her.

After that, the matter was considered settled.

It looks like Chu Sheng might be the girl that Fifth Brother has been looking for,” Lu Xingzhi said.

“What do you mean by torture” Jiang Yao noticed the words that Lu Xingzhi had used.

“I dont know.

None of us knows anything about that.” Lu Xingzhi glanced at Jiang Yao.

He had a feeling that ever since his brothers got familiar with Jiang Yao, they always talked about themselves whenever they saw her.

That made him very unhappy!

“Fifth Brother is old enough to arrange his own matters.

When he sees you, just try your best to help him.

If he doesnt come, then dont mind it too much.

Im going back to Jin City tomorrow.

Ill probably see you again during your winter vacation,” Lu Xingzhi said.

“Thats just before the new year.

Im going home to stay for some time.

I havent been home since I went to university.

I miss my family.” Jiang Yao corrected Lu Xingzhi.

She knew that he was jealous; he would do anything for her.

That was why she did not bother to mention anything that was not important to him.

He wanted her to have only him in her mind.

After dinner, the two of them went straight back to the hotel.

Lu Xingzhis room was still there, and the others were also in that hotel.

Even though they had found a room, it would take some time to repair it, so they could not move in so quickly.

When Lu Yuqing and Gu Haoyu knew that the two of them had returned, they went to their rooms.

Lu Xingzhi greeted the two of them as he paid attention to what Jiang Yao was doing.

When he realized that she wanted to help him tidy the clothes in his luggage, he hurried toward her.

“Wife, theres no need to do that.

Ill head back to the capital tomorrow.”

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