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Chapter 782: Who eliminated him

“You dont have a wife to meet in a hurry.

Why do you want a vacation”The bureau chief was so angry that he wanted to grab the pen holder on the table and throw it at Jin Mingdong.

Since he had said so, then the badge he got must have been made by Lu Xingzhi.

However.., the rules did not say that the owner of the badge could not be given away.

That was true.

There were only five chances in total, and they were facing all the examinees.

Who would have thought that there would be someone who would give up a chance so easily The bureau chief did not know whether to say Lu Xingzhi was crazy or stupid.

“I have two days.

Maybe I can go to the county town for a stroll and really meet a girl that I like.

Wont I have a wife”Jin mingdong retorted unhappily, he was bullying people like them who had yet to get a wife at their age.

After Jin Mingdong left, the chief thought that he could probably have a good rest.

However, in reality, it wasnt.

Two hours later, the second person to be eliminated appeared.

It was from the female corps.

Because the selection this time didnt differentiate between men and women, the chief wasnt too surprised to see that the second person to be eliminated was a female soldier.

It was not that he felt that the female soldiers were inferior to the male soldiers, but that the male soldiers had a natural advantage in terms of physical strength.

“Who was eliminated”The commander saw the person and asked casually.

“Captain Lu of the Jin City Army,”the female soldier replied.

The commander grunted and let his men go back to their dormitories to rest.

The commander originally thought that this was just a coincidence and an accident.

Lu Xingzhi coincidentally met a female soldier, so he eliminated the person he met.

However, one after another, the commander realized that something was not right.

When he woke up after a night of sleep, he was stunned when he saw the scene on the field in the command post.

Out of the 20 female soldiers who entered the third round of selection, 12 of them had already started jogging on the field.

In other words, after he slept last night, another 10 female soldiers were eliminated!

The bureau chief put on his clothes and ran down before he could even wash his face.

He asked, “Whats going on You all came back in one night”

“Were back.

Commander Lu said that we should come back early to wash up and sleep.”One of the female soldiers looked at Chen Feitang angrily as she spoke.

At this point, how could they not know the reason

At first, when they were ambushed by Commander Lu in the forest, they only thought that they were unlucky.

They hid at the place where commander Lu was hiding and were met by Commander Lu.

When they went down the mountain, they only found out when they went to the command post, it was not their luck that they met company commander Lu.

It was company commander Lu who deliberately found female soldiers like them and eliminated them one by one.

They were not stupid.

During the first round, company commander Lu did not compete with female soldiers like them, nor did he show any contempt or contempt for them.

There were even people who walked past company commander Lu, company commander Lu did not even lift his eyelids.

He had no intention of attacking them.

In the first round, the female soldiers who were eliminated seemed to have been agreed upon by the men and women on both sides.

Female soldiers versus female soldiers, male soldiers versus male soldiers.

In the second round, because of the limited quota, the mixed-gender situation was broken.

However, in the third round, company commander Lu directly competed with the female soldiers and began to eliminate them one by one.

Company commander Lus ability was there.

They would not be foolish enough to think that company commander Lu was afraid of encountering male soldiers, so he would find female soldiers like them.

After all, even if they were female soldiers, it would not be easy to eliminate them, there were even some female soldiers who worked together in twos or threes.

Lu Xingzhi still made a strong move against such a small team.

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