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Chapter 767: What Is there to Initiate

Reality was cruel, but the Chen family had to know these results.

“If the Chen family doesnt believe it, they can go to the doctor and ask the Doctor directly.

If the family insists on asking, the doctor will tell the family that the final situation they may face is the same as what I said,”Jiang Yao said, “So, I want to take over Chen Feibais treatment as soon as possible.

However, there will be a closed treatment period of about a week in the middle that the family members are not allowed to visit.

After that, Chen Feibai will need to be transferred to Holy Flag Hospital.”

Lu Xingzhi didnt ask Jiang Yao how she was going to treat him.

After hearing Jiang Yaos words, he directly agreed and said, “I will go and tell the old man.

If the old man doesnt agree, you can go and tell Chen Feibai directly.

As long as Chen Feibai agrees, its useless even if the old man doesnt agree.

The Chen family wont help with the transfer.

You can contact big brother and Uncle Liang to help.

Uncle Liang will arrange a helicopter to send you to Nanjiang city as soon as possible.”

After a pause, Lu Xingzhi said, “Its good to go back to South River City as soon as possible.

I can rest assured.

After Im done here, Ill go straight to South River City to look for you.

be good and take care of yourself.”

“Ill give you the same words.

be good and take care of yourself.

You only have five chances to resurrect.

Use It slowly.

Dont get eliminated later and come crying to me to complain.”A meek coax made Jiang Yao laugh.

She was probably in Lu Xingzhis heart, she was really a little girl who would never grow up.

“PFFT, if I pass, how will you reward me”Lu Xingzhi felt that his little wife had underestimated him.

“If I pass, when I go to Nanjiang City, you take the initiative.

How about it”

“Take the initiative to what”Jiang Yao asked back, not understanding.

Lu Xingzhi was silent for a few seconds.

Seeing that Jiang Yao really didnt understand, he changed his words.

“Its nothing.

If I pass, on the day I go to Nanjiang City, youll listen to everything I say, Okay”

The last sentence was okay.

Lu Xingzhis tone sounded a little meaningful.

“If I agree with you with such confidence, I will be a fool!”Jiang Yao snorted.

“Im hanging up.

Hurry up and call Old Master Chen.

I will wait for the news.”

After saying that, Jiang Yao put away the phone first.

She stood there and carefully recalled Lu Xingzhis “Okay”tone.

She had a feeling that this guy was setting her up.

If she had agreed just now, she would have fallen into a trap!

She had thought that the Chen family would not be easy to convince, but unexpectedly, half an hour later, grandfather Chen personally called her.

“I have already negotiated with the hospital.

We will transfer the hospital overnight.

Have you made the arrangements for the Holy Flag Hospital in Nanjiang City”Once Jiang Yao picked up the phone, grandfather Chen directly said such a straightforward sentence to Jiang Yao.

“I can make the arrangements immediately with just a phone call.

Ill bring my people to the hospital now.”Grandpa Chen made a quick decision.

Jiang Yao would be more efficient than Grandpa Chen.

After ending the phone call with Grandpa Chen, Jiang Yao immediately called the director of the Sacred Flag Hospital and asked the director to arrange the operating theater where Wu Zhong performed the surgery last time.

She would arrive at the latest in two hours, to use that operating theater, she needed the director to evacuate all the unrelated people from that floor in advance.

The helicopter would land directly on the roof.

Jiang Yao brought Ah Lu and Da Ke to the hospital.

In the hospital, besides grandfather Chen and Chen Feibais parents, Chen Feitangs parents were also there.

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