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Chapter 760: Arent you a doctor

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How\'s the situation insideWhen Lu Xingzhi asked this question, his eyes were fixed on Jiang Yao.

It could be seen that although he was worried about Chen Feibai\'s situation inside, he missed his little wife even more.

Thinking about it, he felt sorry for Jiang Yao.

Jiang Yao came to province a with him, but he returned to the team the next day, leaving Jiang Yao alone.

She was lonely and had no one to accompany her.

She even had to help him take care of Chen Feibai\'s parents.., she helped him take care of Chen Feibai\'s side.

The results from the hospital are out.

The burns are serious and will leave him disabled,Jiang Yao said helplessly, However, the most important thing now is not Chen Feibai\'s physical illness.

Right now, the most important thing to worry about is his mental illness.

Chen Feibai\'s mental state is now very serious.

The most important thing now is to find a psychiatrist for him.

Aren\'t you a DoctorLu Xingzhi was stunned.

You can\'t Cure Him

Lu Xingzhi\'s expression was that if even Jiang Yao couldn\'t cure him, then Chen Feibai was most likely really done for.

I\'m a doctor, but I\'m not a psychiatrist.

Other than physical illness, mental illness can also occur.

This requires a psychiatrist to treat mental illness, such as Chen Feibai\'s current condition,Jiang Yao explained patiently, Logically speaking, a patient with severe burns like Chen Feibai would normally be in a coma at the initial stage.

Even if he wakes up midway, he should only be awake for a short period of time.

However, when old master Chen came, Chen Feibai woke up.

After talking for so long in there, he said that he was still awake.

What does this mean Chen Feibai is a soldier.

He has extraordinary...

A soldier is also a human!! Could a soldier be a transformer Could it be UltramanJiang Yao interrupted Lu Xingzhi\'s disapproving words.

A person needs to drink water when he is thirsty, eat when he is hungry, and rest when he is sleepy.

This is normal!! But Chen Feibai is holding on.

He is fighting against his own body.

He is using this method to pursue death.

Do you understand He is trying his best to exhaust every bit of his body\'s functions.

He is waiting for death.

He is risking his life.

Do you understand now

Lu Xingzhi wanted to say that heart disease was nothing more than a heart attack

But clearly, he felt that it was a good thing that he did not say those words.

Otherwise, Jiang Yao would probably give him a disdainful look.

Alright, after hearing Jiang Yao say so much, Lu Xingzhi still felt that what mental illness This was just being spoiled!

Wait for me here, I\'ll go in and take care of him!Lu Xingzhi turned around and went to ask the nurse for a sterile gown.

Jiang Yao cried out a few times behind him but was unable to stop him.

helplessly, she could only watch as Lu Xingzhi changed into a sterile gown and entered the ward.

Then, she watched as he exchanged a few words with Chen Feibai\'s parents before Chen Feibai\'s parents left the ward, lu Xingzhi was left alone to speak to Chen Feibai.

Jiang Yao stood outside and could not hear the voices inside.

She simply sat on a chair beside Chen Feibai\'s parents and waited.

It was only at this moment that Chen Shanhe finally took a good look at Jiang Yao.

This was the girl who had saved his son\'s life previously, but he had never had the time to personally thank her.

Little girl, your name is Jiang Yao, right You Are Xingzhi\'s wifeChen Shanhe called out to Jiang Yao, Don\'t take Feibai\'s words to heart.

He is actually grateful to you.

It is because he is feeling bad that he said those words about hating you.

No matter what, you have saved Feibai, so you are our family\'s benefactor.

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