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Chapter 749: A major mistake

Lu Xingzhi and Gu Haoyu both agreed to let Jiang Yao go with them.

Although Lu Yuqing was puzzled, she didnt say much.

She stuffed the fruit biscuits on the table into their hands and said, “Take advantage of the time to eat something to fill your stomach.

Im afraid that you might not have time to eat when you get there.”

“Thank you, Sister.”Jiang Yao put the biscuit into her bag, then took the apple to wash and dry it before handing it to Lu Xingzhi, asking him to eat some too.

Even though he was full of worries and didnt have much appetite right now, it was his biological sister and daughter-in-laws intention.

Lu Xingzhi also took it and swallowed it like chewing wax.

The two of them went to the roof and waited for a while before a military helicopter stopped on the roof of the hotel.

Only when they boarded the helicopter did Jiang Yao realize that it was not old master Chen who was already sitting inside, but Chen Feibais parents.

After Lu Xingzhi went up, he first helped Jiang Yao sit down.

Then, he greeted Chen Feibais parents and asked, “Is old master already here”

Chen Feibais father, Chen Shanhe, nodded.

“The old man and my elder brother and sister-in-law happened to be near Province A, so they rushed over.

Xiao Ying and I rushed over from the capital.”

The Xiao Ying that Chen Shanhe referred to was his wife, which was also Chen Feibais mother.

She was a woman who dressed meticulously and did not even have messy hair.

However, her current expression was clearly flustered.

Nanjiang city was still some distance away from province A.

Although the two provinces were in the south, there were still a few provinces between them.

The helicopter landed on an empty space in the Provincial Hospital of Province A.

Lu Xingzhi first jumped out of the helicopter and pulled Chen Feibais mother down.

Then, he carried Jiang Yao in his arms and waited for Chen Shanhe to come down, the four of them hurriedly went downstairs with the people that old master Chen had arranged to wait here.

At this time, Chen Feibai was still in surgery.

Everyone was waiting outside the operating theater.

Old Master Chen, Chen Feitangs family of three, the chief, and a few soldiers that Jiang Yao had met before.., one of them was the person who had pulled her to stop the fight in a hurry the last time.

He seemed to remember that his name was Jin Mingdong.

“Dad, how long has the surgery been What did the Doctor Say”Chen Shanhe asked.

His voice was stiff.

If he had not endured it, perhaps his voice would have trembled when he spoke.

A few days ago, when Chen Feibai was washed away by the flood and his whereabouts were unknown, everyone thought that he was doomed.

Later, he was lucky.

He only suffered minor injuries and was saved.

Chen Shanhe and his wife Rong Ying thought that it was probably Chen Feibais life-and-death disaster.

If he survived the disaster, he would definitely have good fortune.

However, they did not expect that such a thing would happen again in just a few days.

Each and every one of them was scarier than the last.

Each and every one of them was more serious than the last.

“It has been more than three hours and we are still not out of danger.”Old Master Chens tone was very heavy.

He only had one grandson, and now, there was such a big problem.

“What is a big mistake”Lu Xingzhi walked over and asked.

His face was terrifyingly gloomy, and his tone was extremely heavy.

“Who can tell me what happened”

“A big forest fire was caused by improper use of fire.”The bureau chief saw that no one answered, so he continued, he replied, “At that time, the GPS showed that only Chen Feitang and Chen Feibai were in that area.

After the accident, they sent people to put out the fire, only to find Chen Feibai lying there on the verge of death from the fire.”

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