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Chapter 745: Salary of a Bodyguard

Lu Xingzhi knew about these two people by accident.

Before they went abroad to join the mercenary group, they were also soldiers of the country.

Later, because of some matters, they retired from the army.

After that, they went abroad to join the mercenary group to seek a way to make a living.

“Can I ask how much the salary of these two people is”Jiang Yao asked curiously.

The value of a buyout from the mercenary group was five million.

This price shocked her.

Jiang Yao had a feeling that she was living in the economic life ten years later.

Even before she died, her life had never been more than a million.

Moreover, it was not the era of rapid economic development ten years later.

At this time, Father Lus salary was only 130 yuan a month.

Including bonuses and subsidies, it was less than 150 yuan a month.

On the other hand, Ah Lu and Dakes net worth was five million yuan.

If father Lu was just an ordinary teacher, he would not be able to earn this amount of money in his lifetime.

Putting Father Lu aside, just take Jiang Yao for example.

Even if she were to work in a big hospital ten years later, even if she was not squatting in a small hill, she would not be able to earn five million yuan in her lifetime.

“They get an annual salary of five hundred thousand yuan per person a year.”Lu Xingzhi patted Jiang Yaos head.

“When your company is officially established, are you afraid that you wont be able to pay their salary”

“Five hundred thousand…”Jiang Yao was still so angry that she pinched Lu Xingzhis arm.

“You Prodigal! You Prodigal! It seems that I have to use all my strength to order Lu he around in the future! Order him around to make up for the loss!”

“Mm, not bad.

Youre starting to have the mentality of a capitalist.”Lu Xingzhi chuckled softly, successfully amused by her money-grubber look.

Jiang Yao was just saying.

Looking at her attitude toward manager Sun, Lu Xingzhi was not worried that his wife would do something petty.

“Ill be returning to the team the day after tomorrow morning.

Second Brother will take care of the Zhu familys follow-up matters.

Ill go look for director ye tomorrow.”As Lu Xingzhi was speaking, the hotel delivery man knocked on the door.

He first went out to bring the dinner in, then, he urged Jiang Yao to eat at the table outside before continuing to say to Jiang Yao, “From now on, as the boss of a company, you have to have some pomp and circumstance.

You still have to have what you should have.”

So, speaking of which, Lu Xingzhi still had a lot of things to do tomorrow.

Recently, whenever Lu Xingzhi was free, he would teach her many ways to deal with people.

He spoke seriously, and Jiang Yao learned even more seriously.

Compared to Lu Xingzhi, Jiang Yao realized her own shortcomings.

She really had too much to learn.

“As a boss, there are many things that you just need to instruct and let others do.

The people in the opposite business, whether they are rivals or partners, even if you are younger than any of them, there is no age difference in the business world.

You can respect them, but you dont need to be humble and give in to them.”

“I understand that.”Jiang Yao chuckled.

“Ive known that ever since I took over the sacred flag hospital.”

Seeing this, Lu Xingzhi did not continue talking about this point.

Instead, he talked about her skills.

Last time, he was too pressed for time, so he did not have time to finish.

Taking advantage of the time now, he wished that he could stuff everything in his heart into her brain.

“Yes, Lu he can be here.

In front of outsiders, you can just maintain your image as a weak female boss.

In the business world, you can be tough, but in other aspects, you can be a weak little woman.”

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