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Chapter 74: Mrs.

Jiangs Nagging

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“Jiang Yao, Im not hungry right now, is it okay if you be by yourself I need to be alone,” Lu Yuqing said as tears flowed down her cheeks.

“Im okay, but are you sure you dont need me to keep you company” Jiang Yao was genuinely worried.

It would be devastating for those involved when it came to the realization of such matters, especially for Lu Yuqing, who was always so ambitious and committed.

Lu Yuqing shook her head with her downcast eyes.

Jiang Yao bit her lip and didnt say anything.

Since Lu Yuqing wanted to be alone, it wouldnt be any help to be with her either.

After Lu Yuqing left, Jiang Yao stayed back to have a cup of coffee before leaving.

She bought some food and groceries in the county, then took the bus and returned to her house.

Her parents were caught by surprise when she suddenly came home.

They hurriedly rushed to her and helped her unload the bags in her hands.

They frowned as they saw the marks left on their daughters hands after carrying so many heavy bags and chided her.

“You silly girl, Im glad youre home, but why did you buy so many things You can just buy whatever you like though, what did you buy so much for Look at your hands,” her mother murmured grumpily as she carried the bags from Jiang Yaos hands.

She placed the bags on the table, then turned around, took Jiang Yaos hands into hers, and gently stroked them.

“Dont do this again, okay A girls hands should be tender and delicate.

Youre going to be a doctor soon, dont ruin yourself like this.”

“Mom, why do you describe doctors as if they live in a wonderland and dont need to work Let me tell you, I dont need delicate hands to be a doctor, but I have to be physically strong, with strong arms too.

Thats so when I perform surgery, I can hold my scalpel steadily and Im able to sustain my stamina and energy into performing surgery for long hours.”

“Yes, youre absolutely right, my darling.” Mrs.

Jiang nodded and smiled warmly.

She looked at her daughter and imagined her as a great doctor in the future.

“Yaoyao, do you still remember the old uncle living in the front village Hes a typical patriarchal old man.

Since you were a child, youve excelled academically that we couldnt help but brag about your achievements.

I bet he got jealous, so he joked that its a waste to send girls to school because they would eventually be married into another family.

Hmph! Now, everyone knows that not only do you have a great husband, but you also study well.

When you become a doctor, dont treat those people who have badmouthed you.

If they come to you, prescribe them with the most bitter and expensive medicine.”

There were many busybodies in the village who disagreed with the Jiang family for continuing to support Jiang Yaos study.

Most girls in the village dropped out of school after the completion of the compulsory five-year primary school education.

Some fortunate few were lucky enough to further their studies to secondary school level.

The Jiang familys motto was to support any of their children who excelled in their studies and were able to further their studies, regardless of the financial constraint.

Jiang Yaos education level would be higher than her brothers after graduating from college.

Everyone babbled about how the Jiang family was crazy to sabotage Jiang Yaos marriage for the sake of allowing her to continue studying, but surprisingly, she married the son of the wealthy Lu family at the tender age of eighteen.

Now, everyone in the village was envious that Jiang Yao was a child full of blessings.

She was born into a happy family with her loving parents and brothers.

She married the son of the wealthiest family in the county.

Rumor had it that not only her husband was treating her very well, but her husbands family had even offered to financially support her studies up to college.

Jiang Yao giggled at her mothers remarks and said, “Okay, Mom, Ill take your advice.

Theyd better not come to see me, but if they do, Ill prescribe the most bitter medicine for them as an act of revenge.

Serves them right for meddling in our familys affairs.”


Jiang quickly shook her head.

“Im just kidding.

Listen, you must be a good doctor, dont bully your patients.

Do you understand”

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