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Chapter 732: Evidence

Jiang Yao curled her lips.

“Since no one is willing to give it a try, Ill put it away.”

After putting away her things, Jiang Yao gently kicked her luggage in front of YN Fangs people.

“Search carefully for the things you want! Now that Ive explained the so-called zombie number one virus, its my turn to interrogate them!”

The More Jiang Yao spoke, the more she became intoxicated.

This was a group of rare idiots!

Jiang Yao carefully thought about her and Lu Xingzhis worries on the plane just now.

It was completely unnecessary!

Because YN Fangs people didnt have sufficient evidence and werent well-prepared, they were rendered speechless by her rebuttal with just a few words.

“Your countrys Rahl led more than 20 people and robbed me with robbery and knives.

Since your official people know about this, if you dont give me an explanation, very well, then Ill also apply for our countrys relevant departments to intervene!”After saying that, jiang Yao lowered her head and tidied up her clothes.

“I will wait for your country to give me the result of this matter.

Now, since you dont want to ask me, then I will leave.

After taking a flight for the whole night, I have to go back and rest.”

“Miss Jiang Yao, may I ask where is your husband who is traveling with you”When the people from YN side saw that Jiang Yao was going to leave, they quickly reacted.

Rahl said that Jiang Yao was going with a husband and wife, so why did he only see Jiang Yao at this time.

“My husband who is traveling with me”Jiang Yaos hand that was carrying the suitcase slightly retracted, “This time, I am traveling with one of the businessmen in Nanjiang City.

When I came back, I came back alone.

My husband is a soldier.

How can he travel with me Are the people from YN all like this Once you say it, you will say it.

You will do whatever you want.

You will speak freely You Dont even need to speak with evidence”

“I refuse to answer such an extremely stupid question.”Jiang Yao snorted.

Then, she looked at Captain Chen and reported her cell phone number, “Im going back to rest now.

If you have any questions about this matter, feel free to call me at any time.

I might stay in the capital for half a day before returning to Nanjiang City.

After all, Im still a student and have to attend class.”

“Alright, Ill have to trouble Miss Jiang.”Captain Chen felt that he was completely useless.

It seemed that he had only stopped YN Fangs people from taking Jiang Yao away in the beginning.

All of her suspicions.., were all cleared by her glib tongue.

Captain Chen watched as Jiang Yao left in large strides.

The corners of his lips curled up slightly as he thought to himself, no wonder the Liang family had to protect such a girl.

She was truly a rare and extraordinary woman.

“Alright, What Virus No.

1 Im sure you all know whats going on, right “If you have the time to stay in our country, why dont you hurry back and deal with the matter of your countrys Laha or Harrah kidnapping our citizens! “Theyre really amazing.

So it turns out that people from your country can easily rob foreign businessmen with guns.”

Captain Chen looked at the other party with disdain.

With a wave of his hand, he led his team back to report.

On the way back, the team members looked confused.

“Captain, were actually here today to listen to that little girl talk to the people from the YN government, right Seeing that little girl talk to the other party with the worddespisewritten on her face, I feel inexplicably happy!”

“Sigh, thats right.

At the beginning, their people looked like they wanted to interrogate us, and I was shocked.

I wondered if our team had encountered a difficult mission!”

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