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Chapter 665: Research Team

Jiang Yao took the information from Gu Haoyu and opened it casually.

The information that Gu Haoyu gave her was a thick stack.

It was a team, but it was really a team.

In the information, there were all the resumes of the team members, there was also the information of the project that the team had been researching and had been forced to stop researching before it was disbanded.

It could be said that these people really trusted Gu Haoyu to hand them all over.

“These are all nationals who studied abroad and then stayed to work abroad.

Later on, they had some conflicts with their research institute.

After that, they withdrew from that research institute together and took away the research that they held in their hands and that other people didnt like.

Thats whats on the information.”

Gu Haoyu pointed at the data on the table and continued, “These research was not valued in their research institute.

When they took it away, the person-in-charge of the research institute only treated it as they took away some useless things.

There were many young people in their team.

Most of them were in their thirties or had just graduated.

They were not valued in the research institute.”

Jiang Yao didnt have the energy to listen to what Gu Haoyu said at all.

She focused all her attention on the research projects that had been interrupted.

The more she looked at them, the more frightened she became.

“Are these things considered useless by the people of the Research Institute”Jiang Yao pointed at one of the research projects in her hand with a surprised look.

“Then, they took these research projects away and quit the research institute”

Jiang Yao only had one thought at the moment.

was the person in charge of the research institute stupid

“Racial discrimination.

Many people over there look down on people from our countries.

They think that our IQ is generally lower than theirs.”Gu haoyu laughed mockingly, “A bunch of idiots who cant even remember the multiplication formula.

They actually look down on our IQ.”

Jiang Yao was extremely shocked!

Just the research project she was currently working on was a vaccine.

This vaccine was finally developed two years before she was reborn.

Then, it shocked the entire medical world, and even the entire world.

Jiang Yao really didnt expect that such a research project and team that would surprise everyone in the future would be forced to be suspended now

“Ill sign this research team!”! “Including all the research projects in progress, all of them will be included in Changkang research team.

Help me tell them that Changkang can find the best resources for them, prepare the most advanced equipment for them, and give them sufficient funds.

Changkang welcomes them to join!”

Jiang Yao was really a little excited.

“Second brother, you found a surprise for me! No, I should say, you found a surprise for our country!”

At that time, this research had been developed by people from abroad.

Thinking about it, this team must have stayed abroad to find follow-up funding to continue the research.

It was also possible.., it was this team that had no choice but to sell the research that had been terminated.

If these people signed with Changkang Corporation and let them return to their motherland to work, in the future, this shocking research would belong to their own country.

It would be able to bear their countrys name.

And after this vaccine was successfully developed, it would bring huge benefits to the research institute!

When Jiang Yao thought of this, she couldnt help but feel excited and excited!

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