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Chapter 66: Brother Xingzhi, Please Spare My Life

“Oh yes, you mentioned earlier that you wanted to give me a new phone.

Its very generous of you, thanks,” Lu Xingzhi said while picking up his chopsticks and began eating.

He didnt take the one with Zhou Weiqi now though.

Instead, after a moment of silence, he said slowly, “Give me a new one tonight.

When Jiang Yao starts school, arrange someone to send her one.”

The chopsticks in Zhou Weiqis hand fell to the floor with a bang.

“My ears are working just fine, arent they” Zhou Weiqi howled with a sobbing face.

“Xingzhi, Xingzhi, spare my life please! Its just nonsense, can you pretend I never said it, please”

Upon Lu Xingzhis indifference, Zhou Weiqi curled his arms around Lu Xingzhi and mumbled, “Xingzhi, Xingzhi, my good brother Xingzhi, you and our Brother Yueze are as rich as Midas, how can you exploit me like this”

Liang Yueze glanced at Zhou Weiqi in amusement.

He chuckled and blurted out, “You got served.”

In the meantime, Luo Lauren started laughing hysterically.

“I bet Weiqis brain is turning into stone right about now.”

“Ugh! Heartless woman,” Zhou Weiqi rolled his eyes at Luo Lauren.

He snorted after Lu Xingzhi flung his arms away.

“Okay, fine, one is my brother while the other is my brothers wife.

Ill give you the phones even if I have to eat with the church mice!”

After that, Zhou Weiqi smiled slyly.

“Xingzhi, if I give you the phones, can I eat here for free forever”

“Have you ever paid” Lu Xingzhi arched his eyebrows and said in a rather high-pitched tone, “I didnt even know.”

“Haha! Haha!” Luo Lauren laughed out loud.

“Weiqi, youre the best example of dining and dashing! Isnt talking about money a slap on your own face”

On the surface, Longteng Restaurant belonged to Liang Yueze, but they all knew that Lu Xingzhi had some shares in most of Liang Yuezes businesses, including this restaurant.

Liang Yueze was a businessman and the owner of various industries in the country.

As Lu Xingzhi was in the National Guard, he never stepped forward in terms of businesses.

Only this close group of friends knew the inside story.

In this room, everyone except for Lu Xingzhi were from wealthy and prominent families of dignitaries in Jindo.

Any of these influential families were able to shake the economy in Jindo by a simple snap of the fingers.

Although the Lu family were a wealthy family in the south, it wasnt comparable when it came to a big city the scale of Jindo.

Despite that, Lu Xingzhi became close friends with these wealthy people.

There was five of them in this group of close-knit buddies.

In terms of seniority, Lu Xingzhi was conveniently in the middle, being third eldest in the group.

Liang Yueze was the eldest, followed by a mysterious man at the moment.

Zhou Weiqi was the second youngest and Chen Xuyao was the youngest.

Because of Lu Xingzhis friendship with these people, no one in Jindo dared to offend him.

Everyone who bumped into him would respectfully greet him as Master Lu.

Among them, Liang Yueze, the eldest in the brotherhood, was a famous and successful business magnate in Jindo.

His business empire had diversified into a wide array of industries and his companies had investments in many countries.

Beneath his success stories, not many knew about Liang Yuezes hardships in the early days of his entrepreneurship.

Similarly now, not many knew that Lu Xingzhi had shares in many of his businesses.

Chen Xuyao was right.

Liang Yueze and Lu Xingzhi shared similar personality traits and characteristics.

They were both reserved and taciturn, but no one could ignore their existences.

They were as intimidating as a pair of wild leopards napping in the wild.

Even with their eyes closed, smart and alert people could sense the dangerous and terrifying aura emitting from them and would tread around them cautiously.

After being teased by Luo Lauren, Zhou Weiqi didnt flutter in rage at all.

“Were brothers and since money is such a sensitive topic, it may hurt our friendship.

Am I right, Big Brother”

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