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Chapter 642: Why are You So Happy

Huang Chengjing knew better.

Back when she gave him a helping hand in picking stones, she was waiting for today, the punishment for Zhu Qianlan.

Moreover, Zhu Qianlans departure would be greatly welcomed by him.

After all, he was tired of dealing with women like her.

Jiang Yao gave Huang Chengjing a big thumbs-up after hearing his reply.

Zhu Qianlan probably did not expect Huang Chengjings refusal to help, Jiang Yao thought, the lady was probably regretful that she offended her.

After all, Jiang Yao and Huang Chengjing were the only people at the trade fair who chose not to open the stones they bought on the spot.

Without Huang Chengjings help, Zhu Qianlans only hope rested on Jiang Yao.

However, she managed to anger Jiang Yao before even meeting Huang Chengjing.

That said, Zhu Qianlan would never come to Jiang Yao for help now.

“Oh, I almost forgot.” Jiang Yao smacked her forehead and looked in Lu Yuqings direction with a smirk and said, “My husband asks you to leave my sister alone.”

Huang Chengjing was not surprised at all.

He saw it from Lu Xingzhis expression, a clear message to leave his sister alone.

“Yuqing is an independent person and knows how to think for herself.” Huang Chengjing did not think Lu Yuqing to be the sort of person who would adhere to peoples opinions.

That she went to Nanjiang City alone meant that she was an independent character.

As long as he could impress Lu Yuqing, there was nothing Lu Xingzhi could do.

“How optimistic.” Jiang Yao snickered.

“Good luck.”

Jiang Yao thought Huang Chengjing was being a little too hopeful.

Even though Lu Yuqing was an independent person, she placed the utmost importance on her family.

If Lu Xingzhi adamantly opposed the relationship, coupled with Lu Yuqings current mindset that being alone was not a bad thing at all, it would be extremely difficult for Huang Chengjing to get what he wanted.

Anyhow, Jiang Yao did not want to get herself involved in it.

She would not be helping either side on their quests for love.

Lu Xingzhi returned after lunch with an extremely thrilled face.

Jiang Yao thought Lu Xingzhi was being a little over-the-top happy.

It was just a few hours ago that he was quarrelling with his superiors, after all.

“Why are you so happy” Lu Yuqing thought it was amusing as it was not every day she got to see Lu Xingzhi with that expression.

“The search and rescue team is leaving Rong County tomorrow.” Lu Xingzhi picked up a bottle of water and gulped down half of its content before continuing, “I get a five-day break.”

Lu Yuqing nodded and stole a glance at Jiang Yao.

That was why.

“Didnt you say you have to go for the selection process again” asked Jiang Yao.

“The selection at Ying County is ending early.

The folks that remain, and are top three in results gets to enter the third-round selection.

The rest is not eliminated but proceeds to the second-round selection.

As for the eliminated people, they will be returning to their respective bases.”

Lu Xingzhi smiled.

He was pleased with himself.

“I am proceeding straight to the third-round selection as the number one participant.”

To say the selection process at Ying County was gruelling was an understatement.

Nobody slept well at all during the days and nights in the mountains.

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