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Chapter 601: So What If I Dont Know Him

“I know!” Jiang Yao scratched her head anxiously and took out her cell phone wanting to call for help!

No reception in the area! Damn it!

Jiang Yao could not help but cursed out loud.

She threw her cell phone back into the car and quickly retrieved the items in the rear seat.

She came prepared.

Other than some food and daily necessities, she also bought ropes and an inflatable kayak.

Calling for help was just in case she needed more aid.

Although, now it seemed like she was on her own.

“Moe! Get the air pump and fill the kayak with air! Hurry up!” Jiang Yao shoved Moe the items before taking two ropes and tying them into a dead knot on the cars front wheels.

She felt extremely grateful at the moment that Lu Xingzhi taught her, back in the platoon, how to tie this unique dead knot.

She was actually able to use it!

After tying the knot, Jiang Yao went around and collected the biggest rocks she could move.

Putting them around the cars wheels, she did it to prevent the car from being swept away by the strong river current.

Jiang Yao was not the frail lady she once was.

It took her no effort at all when she carried a thirty-plus kilogram rock from the side of the road.

This was one of the benefits of having Physical Strength and Force Value.

“Jiang Yao, are you going into the water You fool of a human, are you nuts!” Moe retracted his claws after pumping the kayak with air.

He was infuriated when he saw Jiang Yao tying the ropes onto the kayak and on herself.

“There is no phone reception here, I have to do it! I cant let him be swept away by the water! If that happens, all my efforts are wasted! My only objective doing what I did last night was to rescue him! He is now right in front of me, if I dont rescue him, what should I do then”

“Insane! You are out of your mind! Youve never seen him before! Hes not Lu Xingzhi either, what has his death got to do with you Why should you put your life on the line to save him”

Moe wanted to puncture her kayak with his claws and drag her back into the car!

This lady was out of her mind!

Moe did not understand why Jiang Yao wanted to rescue someone she did not know.

“Yes, Moe, you are right! But let me tell you this, he is a soldier who has touched me.

Its fine if I didnt know of the incident, but now that I am aware, I have got to do something! I dont feel alright if I dont try my best in saving him.

He is not an evil person, I cant let him die in front of my own eyes!”

Jiang Yao growled in a hoarse voice, “He is a soldier, just like Lu Xingzhi! They are our countrys protector, shielding the people from harm.

We shouldnt give up on him and let him die of such a pathetic death! I found him and I have got to try and save him! I like to think that someone else would do what I did today if Lu Xingzhi was stuck in the same predicament!”

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