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Chapter 586: Visit

“Captain Lu, was that your wife” A comrade sitting next to him asked curiously after Lu Xingzhi ended his phone call.

“I can see she cares a lot about you.”

There was obviously envy in his tone.

After all, many soldiers in the platoon were still bachelors.

There were also quite a few married men in the platoon but their wives were not with them but back home instead.

Truthfully, the relationship between these husbands and wives was cordial at best, as the long-distance was not helpful in nurturing a loving relationship.

Yet, any man would want a tender and loving wife, someone who cared for them deeply.

Lu Xingzhi acknowledged with a soft “Hm”.

But he sat there cross-legged and curled his lips into a smile, obviously feeling pleased with himself.

She was his wife, if it were not him, who else

If it were not forbidden, she would have personally followed him to the selection process.

The thought of Jiang Yao had Lu Xingzhi feeling giddy as he gently touched the few things given to him by her in his suitcase.

Yes, after the first round of selection was over, he would visit his wife at Nanjiang City.

She would be so happy to see him!

Jiang Yao entered the hospital after hanging up the call.

Wu Zhong did not have any family in Nanjiang City.

A caretaker, arranged by Manager Sun under Jiang Yaos instructions, was tasked to look after him.

He was around the same age as Wu Zhong.

They had endless conversations together as they found themselves to be quite similar in temper and demeanor.

The atmosphere in the room was very pleasant.

Wu Zhong was in the midst of telling the caretaker stories of his years in the military.

They were both very engaged in the conversation and did not notice Jiang Yaos arrival.

“Brother Zhong, how are things going” Jiang Yao stomped her feet on the floor, interrupting the conversation.

She then approached Wu Zhong, whose leg was encased in a plaster cast.

The plaster cast was put on to prevent Wu Zhong from moving his leg around.

It was also a cover to delay the doctors at the hospital from giving him a follow-up check.

Jiang Yao checked his conditions using the Medical System when she entered the room.

Even though the surgery happened only a few days ago, Wu Zhongs recovery was amazing.

Barring any accidents, the plaster cast could be taken off in a few days time.

After that, he could be discharged from the hospital and recuperate in his own quarters.

“Youre here” Wu Zhong sat up straight and smiled apologetically.

“I was busy talking and didnt realize you came.

Dont worry, Im doing quite well here.

This brother right here talks to me every day.

Plus, Chen Zhibin visits me whenever he gets out of work.”

As for his leg, he was not too worried about it.

He was already crippled from the start, if it turned out bad, it would not be worse than before.

Moreover, Wu Zhong knew that Jiang Yao would never agree to perform the surgery if she had doubts about the outcome.

When the surgery was first mentioned, Jiang Yao only said she would give it a try.

But ever since she returned, her stance became firm.

She was very confident because she must have gone somewhere and improved her skills, Wu Zhong thought.

If that was the case, he trusted her.

After the surgery, Wu Zhong had never felt better.

All he did every day was to eat and sleep.

He talked to people around him whenever he was awake.

Since he worked as a security guard here at the hospital, his co-workers would come to visit him from time to time.

Plus, he had a caretaker to look after him, thus he never felt alone.

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