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Chapter 561: A Piece Of The Pie

After hearing that Jiang Yao, as a young, out-of-town lady, was able to obtain Shengqi Hospitals shares, many assumed she was an illegitimate child of the Qi family.

However, after Huang Chengjings explanation that the Qi family was the one that gave up their shares, he was sure that the crowd would dismiss their assumptions.

After all, it was impossible for the Qi family to surrender their shares to an illegitimate child.

The key was in the word “surrender”—an extremely harsh phrase, used by Huang Chengjing.

They could only assume that Jiang Yao came from an unknown yet powerful background, even the Qi family had to bow to her wishes.

Seeing the general manager of Hairun Group, Huang Chengjing regarding Jiang Yao with such high reverence only strengthened their belief.

That had an immediate effect on how the guests conducted themselves in front of Jiang Yao; everyone became friendly and courteous.

There were a few curious souls who wanted to know Jiang Yaos true identity.

However, with both Huang Chengjing and Jiang Yao keeping a tight lip, there was nothing much the inquisitive individuals could do.

Following Huang Chengjing around the banquet hall, Jiang Yao was introduced to most, if not all, of the guests present at the gala.

She memorized the names and the faces of everyone she met.

Some people could be acquainted with, while the others were best to steer clear of.


Huang, thank you so much for tonight.” Jiang Yao formally expressed her gratitude to Huang Chengjing for bringing her into the upper society of Nanjiang City.

“Dont worry about it, its my pleasure.

Its nothing compared to what you did for the Huang family.” Huang Chengjing handed Jiang Yao a full glass of fruit juice.

Knowing that she did not drink, he made sure that she was not served any alcohol.

After the small talk, Huang Chengjing was in no hurry to leave and instead stood talking to Jiang Yao.

“Pardon me for asking this, Mr.

Huang, but I assume the jewelry business to be an extremely lucrative one.

You wouldnt have put all your efforts in if it werent the case, right” Jiang Yao asked casually.

“Id say its a very volatile business.” Huang Chengjing pointed to a lady standing nearby.

“Do you see the accessory she is wearing She was the first customer of Golden Phoenix.

Our first sale when we were still preparing to open shop.

The raw stone was purchased by an insider from a stone betting fair for the price of one hundred thousand dollars and resold on the spot for four hundred and seventeen thousand dollars.

Cheng Jinyan and I bought it from the buyer for eight hundred thousand dollars.

After processing it into an exclusive piece of jewelry, we sold it for two million and six hundred thousand dollars.

You tell me, is it a lucrative industry”

Seeing Jiang Yaos jaw drop, Huang Chengjing chuckled.

“This happens only when we have a wonderful customer and a piece of exceptional stone.

But dont forget that the most ordinary piece of emerald can increase its value by a few times just by processing it into a piece of jewelry.

With such a huge country and a booming population, there is no lack of market and consumers here.

What do you think about the profitability of the jewelry business now”

To say Jiang Yao was stupefied was an understatement.

Immediately, a thought crossed her mind.

Since it was so profitable, she should get herself involved in the business.

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