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Chapter 547: To Quit or Not To Quit

Moes attitude toward Jiang Yao improved when he was happy.

After Jiang Yao helped him put on the diamond ring, he patted her back with his paws, asking for compliments.

Jiang Yao glanced at the cat and said, “Ugly.”

There was nothing wrong with the diamond ring but the way the ring was worn on Moes neck as a necklace instead.

Seeing Moes angry glare, Jiang Yao grinned.

“Ill get you a necklace next time.”

Moes anger subsided hearing Jiang Yaos promise.

He returned to his bowl and continued where he left off.

While eating, he could be seen pawing at his diamond ring ever so often, obviously pleased to possess it.

“Jiang Yao, do you want my notes, since youve been away for a month Or you can go see the professor and see if he is willing to give you a few extra lessons to help you catch up.”

Even though the Wen family was very well-off, Wen Xuehui was a complete amateur when it came to diamond rings.

She turned her attention toward Jiang Yaos academics.

“January the 7th is our finals.

Its only two months until then, if we fail the examination, its not gonna look good at all for us students in a specialization.”

“Right! Howre your studies going, Jiang Yao” Zhou Xiaoxia nodded in agreement.

“You are the face of the freshmen class students, and as the prettiest first-year student here, it sure wont look good if you fail.”

“Relax, I will be fine.” Jiang Yao smiled.

As a professional doctor, there was no chance at all she would forget what she had learned.

She was not worried at all about the upcoming finals.

The second day after Jiang Yaos departure, Jin City, far away from the heat in the South, welcomed their coldest day of the year yet.

Lu Xingzhi only had a thin layer of training attire on.

He was sweating profusely after the mornings training.

He saw Colonel Lin on his way to the office.

Colonel Lin stopped him in his tracks and said, “Ah, I need to see you, come to my office.”

Lu Xingzhi wiped the sweat off his face with a towel and followed Colonel Lin into the latters office.

“Do you remember the special forces unit we previously discussed” Colonel Lin made known his intention from the get-go.

“Our superiors saw the formation of the unit as a thing of utmost importance.

The documents were sent out.

Wanting to form the unit before next year, the selection was pushed forward to next week.

The location is set in an old-growth forest at Province C.

This is the document regarding the details of the selection.”

Colonel Lin handed a document folder to Lu Xingzhi.

“Have a look and consider if you want to quit.

I dont think you can make it with your current condition.”

He did not expect the selection date to be brought forward so quickly.

He initially thought that Lu Xingzhi might get at least a month of rest and recovery before the selection.

The disappointment was real for Colonel Lin, who would not be able to go for the selection with his current condition.

After all, the platoon would not allow him to go with crutches and he wanted to make sure that his leg had healed completely before getting into the grind of things again.

Perhaps he would have another chance even if he lost this opportunity to join the special forces unit.

Lu Xingzhi flipped through the document with an apathetic expression as he frowned ever so slightly.

“So this selection focuses on our individual ability”

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