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Chapter 544: Its Been A While, Master

He condensed all of his feelings into that one sentence.

He did not tell her that the moment he arrived home, he called out for her, searching for her presence.

Reality hit a few seconds later, only then he realized that he had just returned from sending her off.

When lunchtime arrived, he would instinctively open the fridge and ask what Jiang Yao wanted to eat for lunch.

Not getting any response, he went to the bedroom only to realize that he did it again.

And then he went to the cafeteria and had a quick simple meal instead.

He did not like to cook.

However, he liked seeing Jiang Yao happily eating the meals he prepared, that was why he put in a lot of effort in learning how to cook.

Every time it happened, his heart was filled with despair.

His wife had returned to Nanjiang City.

He got used to her presence very quickly.

Yet, it would take days for him to get used to her absence.

Like a drug, she put him under a trance, an addicting trance, one he could never break free from.

One wrapped in a blanket, the other standing at the balcony taking in the breeze, the couple talked for almost an hour on the phone before hanging up reluctantly.

It felt amazing, he missed her just as much as she missed him.

However, she understood the feeling of anguish, that she could not see the person she missed the most.

It was midnight and the girls in the apartment were fast asleep.

Jiang Yao put down her phone and slowly shut her eyelids.

She finally had some time to enter the Medical System tonight.

“Its been a while, Master!” The System Admin was wearing a black suit.

Perhaps it had been a long time since they communicated, it was actually getting teary-eyed.

“Can you do me a favor and check my eyes I think theres something wrong with them.” Jiang Yao recounted her telescopic vision experiences and the incident at Purple Orchid Garden.

“I think theres something wrong with my ears too, I can hear things that are far away.”

For instance, she was able to hear the conversation between Mrs.

Zhou and Zhou Ning the day Lu Xingzhi was discharged from the hospital.

“Its probably the reward that came after the side effects.” The System Admin excitedly revealed Jiang Yaos stats in the Medical System.

“Since you forcefully took over the surgeries that were out of your ranking, your stats have improved.

They stopped increasing after the third surgery though.”

Jiang Yao took a glimpse.

Her Hearing and Vision abilities had increased to thirty-five, from the initial negative numbers.

Even her Memory was now at five.

Only her Appearance stayed negative.

“Since these abilities have increased in their stats, your actual vision and hearing have improved as well.

It is normal for you to hear things far away.

Even the x-ray vision you had was a common side effect.”

Jiang Yao could not believe what she was hearing.

Back then, all she wanted was to save Lu Xingzhi, despite the System Admins repeated warnings.

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