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Chapter 519: Plenty of Requests

He sat here having to suffer the glares and stares of people around him.

Even the officer sitting in front turned his head back and looked at him with a frown on his face.

As the army doctor for the platoon himself, it was a display of no confidence by the platoon on his capabilities by not giving him the role of the training instructor.

Even then, he would still have to support the training instructor as the army doctor himself.

Yet, he was unhappy that someone undeserving got the position and outright rejected Jiang Yaos request.

He dared to do it because he assumed Jiang Yao, as a young and timid lady, would not do anything.

At most, she would probably complain to Lu Xingzhi.

If Lu Xingzhi came for him, he would probably have to think of a way to deal with it.

But that was a problem for another time.

However! He did not expect Jiang Yao to prepare her equipment and to also recriminate him in front of everyone in the platoon.

He was caught wrong-footed with no opportunity to explain himself.

Lin Shunhe was very sure that he would be invited to talk with the higher-ups after tonights training program.

Seeing the woman presenting on-stage on how to perform CPR, Lin Shunhes fixated his focus in anticipation of Jiang Yao making a mistake.

His anger and jealousy completely overwhelmed his rationality.

Yet the speaker on stage was very calm and collected.

She did not betray any sense of nervousness and spoke steadily.

“First, the responder has to locate the compression point on the patient.

Starting from the lowest bone on both sides of the ribcage, move your fingers upward till they meet each other…”

“This can be found anywhere in textbooks and manuals, anyone can memorize it and do it just as well.

Doctor Jiang, why dont you demonstrate it on an actual human body rather than the manikin.

Pick someone from among us to be your patient, that would be a much more realistic presentation.”

Lin Shunhe spitted out the words through gritted teeth.

He then acted as he did it for the good of everyone present.

“I mean, everyone has a different body type, its easier for us to understand the concept if you could just demonstrate it on an actual human body.”

The very act of interrupting Jiang Yao was very rude, but Lin Shunhe did not seem to think that way.

He sat there excitedly, having finally found a way for Jiang Yao to embarrass herself.

So what if she memorized the theoretical knowledge, she would fail the practical demonstration.

When he used to learn it at medical school, he would make so many mistakes due to inexperience and nervousness.

He spent hours and hours practicing to finally get the hang of it.

It did not matter that Lu Xingzhis wife was pretty, pleasant, and delightful, a child was still a child and there was only so much a first-year medical student could do.

She would lose her nerves demonstrating on an actual human body!

Jiang Yao raised her eyebrows and stood up slowly.

“You are asking for quite a lot, Doctor Lin.”

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