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Chapter 515: Your Choice

“So, do you wish for your grandfather to die or to live” Jiang Yao asked with a smile on her face.

“If I am not mistaken, he probably has half a year to a year left in him.”

“You…” Du Chen was shocked.

“Thats why youre the Divine Doctor.”

Jiang Yao realized she might have spoken too much.

“Liver cirrhosis is not diagnosable by eye.

Its just something Ive heard of,” she explained.

“You have a point there.” Du Chen smiled.

As the Divine Doctor, Mrs.

Lu would definitely have connections in the hospital.

Knowing the conditions of Old Man Du was a reasonable thing to expect.

As for her question, Du Chen was forthright with his answer.

“I dont want him to die too early as my arrangements are still far from complete.”

“If I give you two choices now, either to cure your disability or to extend your grandfathers life by two years, which one will you choose”

Jiang Yao smiled devilishly.

Even though she thought that the question was quite perverted, yet it did feel amazing to be able to do whatever she wanted.

As she looked at Lu Xingzhi, she noticed that he was staring at her, his expression reminded her of a rumbling volcano just moments before eruption.

Puzzled, Jiang Yao was just in a short conversation with Du Chen and did not know what Old Man Du said to anger Lu Xingzhi.


Lu, I choose the latter,” Du Chen replied suddenly.

He then saw Lu Xingzhi approaching swiftly .

“Are you done” Jiang Yao smiled at Lu Xingzhi.

“Lets go home then!”

Lu Xingzhi looked at Jiang Yao and then turned his attention toward Du Chen.

Du Chen instinctively wheeled himself backward under Lu Xingzhis scorching gaze.

“Lu Xingzhi! Dont burn your bridges! Dont think you wouldnt be in my shoes begging for favor in the future!” Old Man Du growled as the chauffeur pushed him over.

“Even if I do, I would never beg for favors from the Dus and the Zhous.” Lu Xingzhi ignored Old Man Dus threats.

“Dont come to me anymore! I am never changing my stance on Du Rongzhen.”

He moved out of the way and entered the passenger seat.

“Lets go”

Jiang Yao heard his tone and felt a shiver down her spine and immediately started the car.

She then looked at Old Man Du and Du Chen, who were just steps away.

Jiang Yao, after a brief thought, told Old Man Du, “You have a wonderful grandson here.

I gave Du Chen two choices just now: to cure his leg or to extend your life.

He told me his answer.

In the next few days, Ill obtain some medication from the Divine Doctor for you.”

She stepped on the throttle and sped off into the platoon.

Du Chen was absolutely shocked, until Old Man Du asked, “Is Mrs.

Lu for real”

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