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Chapter 51: A Kidnapping

Jiang Yao glared at Lu Xingzhi and gritted her teeth.

“D*mn you!” It was the only curse she could manage to blurt out.

“So what” Lu Xingzhi raised his eyebrows mischievously.

He saw right through her answer by her pursed lips.

He growled, sounding alarming.

“You asked for it.”

After a year of endurance and missing moments, he thought he would have the time of his life slowly savoring her sweetness and tenderness as they got together.

Unfortunately, Jiang Yao didnt work with him together, so he could only redeem whatever he could get at one go.

Lu Xingzhi walked the talk.

Jiang Yao was tormented passionately throughout the night.

As the sky was painted with the dawn light, he finally stopped his torment and let her sleep as they cuddled.

When the alarm rang, Jiang Yao felt as if she had just closed her eyes and fallen asleep.

She shoved the man next to her and asked him to switch off the alarm.

She wanted to continue her slumber.

However, she realized the abnormality once she moved.

“Are you awake” Lu Xingzhi didnt withdraw himself from her all night.

When it was time to get up, he scanned her up and down with his insatiable desire.

Then, he left her warm body longingly and gently pinched the naked womans waist.

“Get up and take a shower, then get changed.

Youre sending me to the airport.”

“Over my dead body!” Jiang Yao flared up.

She didnt expect him to be so beastly.

He walked the talk indeed, he did it all the way til seven in the morning!

She was so sleepy that she closed her eyes as she talked.

She fell asleep instantly after she finished talking.

Lu Xingzhi realized that he was too excited about it, but he wanted to spend more time with Jiang Yao.

Therefore, although she was extremely exhausted, he carried her up from the bed, showered her, and dressed her.

Then, he let her lie on the bed and went downstairs alone for breakfast.

When his parents saw Lu Xingzhi came down alone, they knew that Jiang Yao was not going to see him off at the airport.

Although they were accustomed to it, they shrugged in dismay.

They talked for a moment over breakfast before both parents went to work.

After his parents left, Lu Xingzhi went upstairs again and carried the woman who was sleeping like a log.

He carried her down the stairs and into the car.

The driver gaped in shock at the unbelievable sight, but seeing Young Master Lus indifferent expression, he didnt dare question him.

Looking at the man who sat in the back seat with his eyes closed while hugging his soundly sleeping wife, the driver got into the car silently and started driving.

As a competent driver, he practiced the professional motto of the job:see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

Jiang Yao woke up while theyre on the way to the airport.

She was stunned in a daze when she opened her eyes.

She rubbed her eyes, thinking that she was still dreaming, until Lu Xingzhis voice echoed into her ears and she looked up at him clumsily.

“Are you finally awake Youre on the way to send me to the airport now.

We should reach the airport in 20 minutes,” Lu Xingzhi said in an obviously delighted and cheerful tone.

Jiang Yao didnt even have the strength to roll her eyes at him.

She massaged her forehead and muttered in her heart,I dont even want to see you off! This is clearly a kidnapping! This monster!

Jiang Yao wondered if she had been too lenient to him for the past two days.

Initially, he was discreetly treading the fine line and testing the waters bit by bit.

Now, his progression developed by leaps and bounds that she was caught off guard.

For the remaining twenty minutes, Jiang Yao slept in Lu Xingzhis arms until their car reached the airport.

Lu Xingzhi woke her up.

“Were here, lets go.” Lu Xingzhi cuddled his wife out of the car, ignoring the curious glances from the onlookers.

He then turned and said to the driver, “Wait here, were going to buy some breakfast.

Send her back later.”

The driver nodded profusely, realizing that he would be an annoying third wheeler if he followed them.

Then, Lu Xingzhi held her hand and walked into the airport with a contented smile.

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