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My dear wife, Ive been writing to you constantly all these years even though Ive only received two replies from you in the past seven years.

You sent those two letters to me when you were in college.

Nevertheless, I was at the top of the world when I got your letters.

I still keep them in my private stash, and I often take them out to be read again and again.

My dear wife, Im off now.

In the future, you dont have to be afraid of me for stalking you anymore.

In the past years, you went south, and so did.

You went north, and so did I.

From now on, you can go wherever you like.

Im sorry that youve had to hide in the mountains because of me.

My dear wife, I dont know how old you will be when you receive this letter.

If you are still young, go and find a good guy you like and marry him.

Dont worry, I will give you my blessing in heaven.

I will also look after you and keep an eye on him.

If he ever makes you sad or bullies you, come to my grave and ask for my help, I will avenge you even if I become a ghost!

If you are old and we have children, then let our children take care of you.

If we are childless, find a good man to look after you, or you can just go back home.

Your brothers love you very much, they will take good care of you and Ill also be more at ease.

My dear wife, honestly, when I think of dying, the first thing that Im most afraid of is not being able to see you again.

I dont know if I can be considered a coward, I just cant bear to be apart from you.

My dear wife, what can I do I like you so so much! For the sake of my death, can you let me play rascal one last time, please If reincarnation is real, would you still be my wife in the next life Can we live together in the next life I dont want to be so far apart ever again, the letters take ages to be delivered.

No matter what, live well, take good care of yourself, have fun, and enjoy every moment you have.

Yours sincerely, your husband who loves you deeply, Lu Xingzhi.

After reading the letters, an endless flow of tears dripped from Jiang Yaos eyes.

Large teardrops splashed on the letter and the back of her hands.

She felt a tremendously sharp pain in her heart that was crushing every bit of her soul.

All the emotions and memories circulated all over her body that she collapsed on the verge of great despair.

“Lu Xingzhi, Im so so sorry! I didnt know I was so important to you! I didnt know you liked me so much! Ive always thought that you, like me, were a victim of an arranged marriage.

I always thought that being husband and wife in this marriage was the shackles that trapped us together and the restrain that we were so eager to get rid of!”

She had much disdain for her parents who arranged her marriage regardless of her feelings and she was repulsed by the arranged marriage, but it didnt include Lu Xingzhi!

The lineyour husband who loves you deeply, Lu Xingzhi was like a knife piercing her heart.

Jiang Yao, you foolish girl, did you realize what you have lost What you didnt cherish and let waste

It was his sincere and endless love, care, and concern!

She always saw Lu Xingzhi as a taciturn, dull, and reserved man.

She had only seen him once before their wedding.

She protested and resisted her parents in her own way.

She wanted to show them what kind of so-called happiness they said it would bring her after the marriage.

She was absolutely wrong! She couldnt be more wrong than she already was!

She had always wondered when her prince charming would come to her.

A man who would love her with all his heart, cherish her, and pamper her.

She failed to realize that her prince charming was already by her side.

It was her ignorance and arrogance that pushed him away.

Lu Xingzhi had written this testament four years ago.

Jiang Yao was crying a river.

He made her realize her true feelings but in such a painful and dreadful way.

She had always thought that it was merely a loveless arranged marriage, but it turned out that the marriage happened under his perseverance and determination.

The only loveless person in this marriage was herself.

If there was indeed reincarnation, she was willing to try to respond to his love, to repay his unconditional love for the past ten years.

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