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Chapter 492: Go Back to Where You Came From

Zhou Weiqi did not expect the reply.

He was a little startled and resumed his cooking; his cheerful whistling replaced by a heavy silence.

Chen Xuyao chuckled, “Weiqi seems to think that hell have a few more months to have fun and go after the girl he likes.”

Before he could add more to Zhou Weiqis misery, Lu Xingzhis cell phone rang.

Liang Yueze called.

He wanted to know about the happenings at the hospital; as both Mr.

and Mrs.

Du, along with Mrs.

Zhou and Zhou Ning were right outside their house wanting to see Lu Xingzhi and apologize for what happened in the afternoon.

“Ask them to go back to where they came from, I dont care for their apologies,” Lu Xingzhi said.

His eyes were fixated on Jiang Yaos hand as he was speaking.

She was sitting right next to him and was in a conversation with Chen Xuyao regarding architectural designs.

“I got it.” Liang Yueze understood that Lu Xingzhi did not want to see these people at all.

Hanging up the call, Lu Xingzhi casually tossed his cell phone onto the bed.

Moments after they left the hospital, Lu Xingzhi received a call from Du Shihua; he was not in the mood and turned his cell phone off.

He did not expect the Du family to actually look for the Liang family.

It seemed to be the most logical outcome though, as they did not know where Lu Xingzhi lived.

The only way to reach him was through Liang Yueze.

“Brother Liang” Chen Xuyao casually asked.

“Is he coming over with Ruoran”

“Nah, theyre busy tonight.” Lu Xingzhi repeated what was told to him over the phone.

Chen Xuyao was delighted.

“I wonder which wise person inspired the Dus to apologize again”

He turned his attention back to the conversation with Jiang Yao after Lu Xingzhi ignored his remark.

The Liang family did things quickly.

Zhou Weiqis resignation letter was rejected.

Instead, he received a letter of transfer to work in the public relations department of the Jin City City Council.

He was shocked to receive the news, only to return to his senses amidst his co-workers congratulations and well-wishes.

Lu Xingzhi initially planned to return to the platoon with Jiang Yao early in the morning.

After receiving the update from Zhou Weiqi, he took a turn and arrived at Zhou Weiqis workplace.

“Isnt that Mr.

Zhou and the Dus” Jiang Yao saw the people from afar just as Lu Xingzhi was looking for a parking space for his car.

“Wait in the car, Ill go first,” Lu Xingzhi said.

He opened the door and strutted over toward the visitors.

They did not enter Zhou Weiqis workplace for the entire Jindo City knew that they had nothing to do with Zhou Weiqi anymore.


Zhou did not want to be here at all in the first place.

He was forced to come by Du Shihua!

“Master Lu!”

Zhou Ning saw Lu Xingzhi first.

Perhaps still traumatized by what happened the other day—kneeling down and begging for forgiveness in humiliating fashion, she instinctively searched for Jiang Yao while shielding herself behind Mrs.


“Master Lu, it was our mistake yesterday at the hospital.

Please help us and tell the Divine Doctor that we are genuinely sorry for what we did.

Du Chens fate is now in her hands, only she can mend his leg!” Mrs.

Du suddenly fell on her knees in front of Lu Xingzhi and started pleading.

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