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Chapter 487: Busybody

“Do you know how important the training program is for these soldiers Their lives depend on the knowledge they gain, why did Lu Xingzhi put you in charge instead”

Jiang Yao was even more startled.

This was what Chen Feitang wanted to talk about

“Chen Feitang, people have been saying that youve always had feelings for Lu Xingzhi.

I think its funny how little you actually know him, and yet you say you like him Isnt it ironic” She turned her back against Chen Feitang and started walking away.

There was no need to explain.

In Chen Feitangs mind, Lu Xingzhi was a soldier without any regard for his comrades life.

Why did Jiang Yao have to put effort into talking with her

“Jiang Yao!” At a loss for words, Chen Feitang called out, “I like Lu Xingzhi! What can you do Im not giving up! I will never give up!”

“So Lu Xingzhi is my husband, his name is printed next to mine on our marriage affidavit!” Jiang Yao raised her eyebrows.

“I cant expect other women not to like Lu Xingzhi, but I am happy to know that he only has eyes for me.

As for you, I dont even care how you feel.”

Jiang Yao tried to wiggle her hand free from Chen Feitangs grasp.

Unfortunately, no matter how much she struggled, Chen Feitangs tight grip was not easy to get free from.

“Leave her alone, Chen Feitang.”

Lu Xingzhis deep voice boomed suddenly, anyone with an inkling of his personality would know that he was infuriated.

“Chen Feitang, whats all this meddling about Trying to disturb the peace and quiet of the Jin City platoon” Lu Xingzhi walked over and pinched Chen Feitangs hand until she let go of Jiang Yao in pain.

“If youre not happy with my actions, feel free to report me to the higher-ups.”

He grabbed Jiang Yaos hand and entered the house along with her.

“You silly girl.

Its so cold out here, why arent you indoors Even a three-year-old knows not to talk to strangers, what about you”


Hearing it from the man of her dreams, Chen Feitangs face turned as white as a sheet of paper.

Jiang Yao gave Lu Xingzhi a hard stare before motioning for him to continue his discussion with the elders, while she sat on the couch talking to Chen Xuyao.

Chen Feitang did not enter the Liang familys house.

She left a short while later, to Jiang Yaos satisfaction.

The next morning, Jindo City was tossed into turmoil by a notice published in all major newspapers.

The Zhou family was not Jindo Citys elites, but a published declaration of severance, particularly of a father and son pair, still had everyones attention on the Zhou family.

The fact that Zhou Weiqi was an illegitimate son was also well-known.

People that knew the Zhou family personally actually gave them a call to get more information.

However, the consensus was that Mrs.

Zhou and Zhou Changkang were very capable in being able to kick Zhou Weiqi the illegitimate son out, making him ineligible to inherit any of the Zhou familys wealth.

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