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Chapter 483: You Have No Right

Zhou Weiqi abruptly raised his head and looked toward Mr.

Zhou, his gaze vacant and empty.

He then stood there with a cold grin on his face.

“I know you dont care for the name of Zhou; you can still have your mothers surname.

However, dont forget the promise you made to her; severing ties with us means that you are dishonoring her.

You have no right in taking her name; if shes still alive, would she let you have it”


Zhous statement erupted out of the blue, shaking Zhou Weiqi to his core.

“Outrageous!” Jiang Yao could not help but remarked.

How dare he mention Zhou Weiqis mother, the one person he cared for the most! What a shameless man!

“What else can you do other than deceiving naïve little girls” Chen Xuyao almost threw a flying punch at Mr.


“Yes, I made the promise, but you have no right in mentioning my mother! The one dishonoring her is not me, its you!” Zhou Weiqi growled through gritted teeth.

“How dare you, after what youve done to her! You swindled her devotion for you, duped her into a relationship and what was the outcome She was denounced by everyone and lived the rest of her life in depression! You have a family, and yet you still went after my mother! All her suffering and pain were caused by you, you dont have the right to even talk about her!”

With a loud bang, Zhou Weiqi kicked the table with his foot.

The marble coffee table was heavy and stood still but the loud sound was heard and sent shockwaves into everyone elses heart.

“Do you think I f*cking care about the Zhou family! You deserve none of us! Whats so great about the Zhou family Why do I even care if Im a part of it How shameless you must be to actually question me and my fidelity toward my mother!”

Everyone had their own limits, and Zhou Weiqis limit was his mother.

He could stand insults and provocation hurled his way, but he could not allow Mr.

Zhou to disrespect his mother like that.

If Zhou Weiqi had any reservations about leaving the Zhou family, he had none now.

What was there to hesitate about

Everything his mother did only extended her suffering onto him, why did he have to live with such humiliation

“I dont care if you decide to publish the declaration or not, I am telling you this today! I do not see you as a father anymore! Whatever happens to you is none of my business! We have no reason to see each other ever again!” Zhou Weiqi blurted out.

“Its up to you if you want to publish it.

If you do it, you may earn some favors from the Du family, if you dont, I am only going to cheer on the sidelines when my buddies decide to bring wrath upon you!”

Lu Xingzhi stood up suddenly and gently placed his hand on Zhou Weiqis shoulder.

He spoke very gently, “Weiqi, my parents will not mind a new family member, you can take the name of Lu Weiqi from now on.”

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