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Chapter 475: Regrets

Lu Xingzhi knew better than to pursue Jiang Yao for answers.

He was a very observant person and by noticing Jiang Yaos expression, he knew the answer was not as positive as he wanted it to be.

As they just returned, there was not much food at home.

After cleaning the house, they went to the canteen together for dinner.

Coincidentally, Colonel Lin and Mrs.

Lin were there too.


Lin waved at them and motioned for them to have their meals together.

“Ill go get us food; you go wait over there.” Lu Xingzhi pushed Jiang Yao toward Mrs.

Lim and waited in line.

“Hard at work” Mrs.

Lin asked cheerily.

“Things are very dusty back at our place after our prolonged absence.”

“Do you need any help, Mrs.

Lin” Jiang Yao had Lu Xingzhi to help around with the cleaning.

Since Colonel Lin was not able to help yet, she offered her assistance.

“Dont worry, Mrs.

Lin can manage it, she got it under control,” Colonel Lin replied.


Lin thought the same too.

Instead, she asked Jiang Yao if she wanted to do some grocery shopping at the farmers market the next morning.

Eating out at the canteen every day was not preferred as there was a patient at home now.

As Lu Xingzhi came back with their food, Jiang Yao told Mrs.

Lin that she just had her own drivers license.

They could go shopping using Lu Xingzhis car, making it a more convenient option than asking for rides from the soldiers in the platoon.

“I heard from Zhou Junmin that Sergeant Ge was transferred back to his local hospital a few days ago” Lu Xingzhi looked at Colonel Lin.

“Did you know”

“I did.” Colonel Lins got a little dejected talking about Sergeant Ge.

“His mother stayed at Jin City for two days and said she needed to go back home to take care of her grandchildren, and that there was a lot of farming work to be done, before leaving just like that.

Apparently, Sergeant Ge refused to adopt his brothers son and was reprimanded by his mother.

She kept complaining about how Sergeant Ge ruined his career and did not give that man any peace at all.

Hes under the care of the nurses over there.”

“And they say mothers love their child unconditionally,” Jiang Yao exclaimed.

“Its such a pity.

Sergeant Ge did very well during the mission before National Day.

If not for Sun Cuimei, he would have been promoted next year.” Mrs.

Lin shook her head.

A wonderful man and a capable soldier; his future completely destroyed by his wife.

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